Here is a sneak preview of Chapter 3 of Book 1:The Collapse of Beliefs of my fanon, Avatar:Darkness & Light. Real actiony scene.

Chapter 3:The Storm

Parius shook Saya awake and pointed. She understood immediatly. Parius got up and started to follow the two agents, while Saya went for the tube. She heard one of the Dai Li shout. It quickly became a gurgle as Parius sliced his neck, and calmly went for the next one. This Dai Li was ready, however, and he through his rock gloves at Parius, hoping to restrain him. Parius only shook his head, as tendrils of darkness wrapped themselves around the agent, and around the gloves he hurled at Parius, crushing them. He quickly screamed, before Parius clenched his fist, and the tendrils shot right through his heart. Saya shook her head as well. No one gets past Parius. What a fool for trying! she thought to herself. Parius was walking over, cleaning off Punisher. "Well, I guess we know how strong the Dai Li are." Saya said, looking at Parius. "I took these two by surprise. There is no telling what will happen when they know we are coming." Parius said, going towards the tube. Saya rolled her eyes, and said "Why do you have to be like that? Why can't you just try to be positive?" "I am merely stating fact. That is as positive as it gets." Parius said, now waiting for her to come to the tube. "Fine." Saya said, getting into the tube, along with Parius. "Thank goodness that this thing is dark." Saya said, looking down. Parius only smiled and said "Yes. Dark. My domain." as they went down the tube.


There you go! Be ready, because Chapter 1 is coming real soon!

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