Well, I just thought about starting a blog about any new movies that can expand on the stories of Avatar: The Last Airbender and The Legend of Korra. Leave any comments if you have any good ideas for a potentially good movie, whether it will be animated or real-time.

This is just a fan blog, so feel free to speak your mind.

My Ideas

Here are some of my ideas. I don't know if their any good, but if they are, I'll probably update my blog from time to time.

  • The makers of Avatar should make an animated movie called, The Rise of the Fallen World, which is divided into several stories. This is a story leading up to the events of The Legend of Korra.

First Story: The Fall

  • The first story is set thousands of years before The Last Airbender and The Legend of Korra. This story is told in the form of scattered "memories," which are discovered by Aang in the Spirit World.
  • It tells of the history of the Energybenders, a race of benders that existed long before the Four Nations took form. It is set during a time when people used to bend the energy within themselves, instead of the four elements. But as time went on, the power of the Energybenders grew weaker while the emerging Four Nations (Earth Kingdom, Fire Nation , nomadic Airbenders , and Water Tribes) grew stronger. It wasn't long before war erupted between the Energybenders and the Four Nations, a war which lasted 5 years. The war ended when the Fire Nation began hunting down the Energybenders until, eventually, only a handful remained. The remaining Energybenders came to be known as "the Fallen World."

​Second Story: Rise of the Fallen World

  • The second story takes place about 7 years after the events of The Last Airbender. It is almost similar to the first story, but there are quite a few differences. In the wake of the Hundred Year War, the power of the Four Nations has grown weaker. While foiling a plot to assassinate the members of the Council (the future Republic City Council), Aang faces a mysterious man, who is revealed to be one of the last Energybenders. Aang and the Energybender fight, but his opponent has perfected Energybending to the point when he can easily deflect and absorb Aang's attacks with his bare hands, while using the energy absorbed to make his attacks stronger. Aang was effortlessly defeated.
  • As Aang and the Team Avatar sets out to piece together the story of the Energybenders, he discovers a plot to destroy the Four Nations. While in the Spirit World, Aang is attempting to learn energybending to the point of using it to attack. He learns that no bender, not even the Avatar, has ever mastered energybending, because it was so dangerous to the user.
  • After finding more "scattered memories," Aang has managed to unlock the secret to energybending: achieving "perfect harmony" with his spirit form, and his real self. 
  • The Four Nation Council begins hearing rumors of an underground army of Energybenders at Ba Sing Se. They dispatch Suki and the Kyoshi warriors to investigate. But they fall into a trap set by a former Kyoshi warrior known as "the Exile." 

Third Story: The Spirit's Vengeance

  • The third story is about the mysterious Energybender, a man named Odin. Aang discovers via "scattered memories" that thousands of years ago, Odin has wreaked chaos upon the Four Nations to avenge the war against the Energybenders. When no single bender could challenge Odin, Avatar Wan and four of his best students decided to battle Odin for the fate of the world. Odin easily dispatches Wan's students, until only Wan and Odin were left standing. After an evenly-matched fight, Wan sacrifices himself to destroy Odin. Odin's spirit form continued to linger in the Spirit World. Aang later discovers that as centuries went by, Odin has managed to master Energybending and use it to escape back into the real world. 

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