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    When you're watching it, don't compare it to the animated series and don't expect that much. That way, you can enjoy it. I give it a 7 and a half out of a possible 10.

    I haven't seen all of it yet and I'm currently rewatching it but here's all I got so far. Some of them I got from what I've seen so far, some I got from Wikipedia, some from the trailers. I'll update this later once I finish the movie.

    The Good:

    -The action scenes were pretty good. Even if the movie isn't all good, I'm sure you can enjoy the fight scenes.

    -Awesome graphics. 'Nuff said.

    -I like how they changed the Firebenders to control fire, not create it. Though it's sort of less epic.

    -The background and the places were beautiful.

    -The sounds and music was pretty good.

    -I like so…

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