Ok, so there a few things about the Air Nomad Genocide that I want to disscuss.


1) How did they sneak up on the Air Nomads without being seen? I mean, they didn't have flying bison or anything.

2) How was everything in tact besides a few items? Everything exept a few things was perfectly fine! Example the Air Ball Court.
File:Airball Court Closeup.png

This looks UNTOUCHED. I mean, people can hide there, in a raid, wouldn't you check EVERYWHERE. Even for the Avatar?

3) How could the Airbenders not escape or fight back, or even leave corpse everywhere? I talked with this with Kaizuh and he said maybe they went undergound and got killed there. But flying bison don't like to go undergound, so how did they get the bison to go undergound with them?

4) If Gyatso used lethal force, why didn't the rest of the Airbenders? They could of won!

5) How did they make it to all the temples in time? I mean, if Sozin divided his forces, the Airbenders would wipe them out, even under the comet. (Sozin's comet.) By the time they would get done with one at least one Airbender could of escaped and warned the others or asked them for help.

6) If they attacked from below, wouldn't the fying bison or an Air Nomad see them? There's possibly no space in the back to land or climb into, unless the bison stalls are there. An Air Nomad flys around all day, they should of seen them coming.

Foaming Mouth Guy wants to know too. *_*

So there you have it, questions. Bring up more in the comments, give points, stuff like that. G'day.

The Crystal Bender (talkcontribs) 02:47, November 21, 2010 (UTC)

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