Alright. I have just came up with an idea and pitched it to Vulmen. He thinks it's interesting but I want to hear from everyone else. Ok, so, as you know a lot of people on this site are really creative, correct? Well, what if we turn there creativity into a fighting tornament! Heres the way it would work:

This will be a tornament with.....I was thinking about 12 contestants but thats not confirmed. Anyway, what we are going to do is contestants make there own fanon characters and battle others with them. After the tornament, I guess we could do just random matches. (Everyone can make a character and then challenge others.) The characters will be benders. (Or non-benders, does not matter.) Each combatant makes there own version of the battle (by writing there own story, of course), and the winner is the one with the most votes. The way they set up the voting system is again, undecided, maybe a page where people vote..? An example would be we each have our own pages with there own version of the story on them. The one with the best spelling, grammer, and story will probably be the winner. (Just saying, if you're story lacks, grammar, spelling, or storyline, they might not vote for you.) And you MAY OR MAY NOT have a character page with your fanon character on there.

Note: Canon characters may or may not be allowed but I think that you should not be allowed to be Aang, Korra, or any other Avatar, seeing as they know all elements and have Avatar state. It seems kinda unfair you know. IF this gets accepted, I will enter as a contestant, and hand over the rights to the tornament to the...Well, I guess I'll keep it.

1) NO CHANGING OF THE OTHERS PAGE. If caught, you will be expelled from the tornament and will never be allowed to compete unless forgiven.

2) No god modding or making your character invincible.

3) No gloating. I'm serious here folks...we don't need a war started here.

4) No advertising. (Ex. VOTE FOR ME OR YOU SUCK.)

Please give me constuctive critasizm please. And think about this.

NOTE: The undecided stuff I need your help Please?

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