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October 30, 2010
  • The Crystal Bender


    I'm back.

    Sorry for going ninja on everybody. I'll promise to start updating it more! The first updates will be character pages, then a new chapter for BOTH Fanon:Return_of_the_Firelord & Fanon:The_False_Savior!!!

    So yeah.



    If I can, I MAY port stories that do no involve A:TLA to this site... maybe through blog posts or sumthin'.


    Anyway, SEE YA

    EDIT: For now, I asked Bos to remove my Fanons. I will rewrite RoTFL and post it when I can get it up and rollin' like I want it to.

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  • The Crystal Bender


    Haiya! Hello! Welcome to my music video (A:TLA related, derp.) picks!

    Ok, first up. Pretty fly for a white guy... yeah.

    I picked this one because it was... special. It wasn't rock or anything. It's something you wouldn't expect. WARNING: Shipping jokes here. Sorry.

    2nd! Blow me Away. ROCK SONG OMG DIDNT SEE THAT COMIN!!!!

    This was AMAZING.

    3rd and last,

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  • The Crystal Bender

    I have been thinking lately: Should I change my look? I have been thinking of changing from Aang to Gyatso.

    Here would be the layout:









    So, give your support!

    Vote for Aang with this: Aang

    Vote for Gyatso with this: Gyatso


    Aang- 1

    Gyatso- …

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  • The Crystal Bender

    Alrighty! So we know each element has it's own style to it. But what if we make different strategies? Maybe we could remake a style from scrap, or modify an old style. Here are the element's and there style.

    Water: The element of change. The moon is the source of power in Waterbending, and the original Waterbenders learned from the moon by observing how the moon pushed and pulled the tides. The Water Tribes are the only people to not learn Bending from an animal. The fighting style of Waterbending is mostly flowing and graceful; acting in concert with their environment. However, Foggy Swamp Style Waterbending is more rigid and straight - probably in concert with the often stagnant nature of the water in their swamp. Waterbenders deal with t…

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  • The Crystal Bender

    Plot: Two Southern Water Tribe teenagers unknowingly discover the long-lost Avatar, and bring him back to their village. The young boy mistakenly alerts a Fire Nation ship of his whereabouts, and causes panic in the village.


    This is the first episode of Avatar: The Last Airbender. Being so this is supposed to be the opening to the series. It does a good job at this. "The Boy In the Iceberg" offers a wonderful view of the Avatar universe from the view of a young Air Nomad Avatar named Aang. The episode is beautifully done when it comes to graphics and dialog, and uses a lot of funny jokes, (mostly by Sokka.) This episode also introduces 3 of the 4 bending elements: Air, Water, and Fire. This episode has the longest and most unique open…

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