Hello, AW and Fanon fans! It's The Bos, counting down his 9 fav fanon chapters of 2009! I am rating these chapters personally, and if I forgot anything, it's because I haven't read it recently. I will also put a few comments on why I liked them so much, for your reading pleasure! And now, without further ado, the list:

9. Battle for the South - Pt. 2 (The Phoenix Chronicles) - A nice finish to the beginning arc of the PhC, and also a nice use of the Avatar State. (This may have subtly influenced me to end Book 1 of Guardian at the South Pole too...)

8. Return of the Dragon (Wanted) - Although it is really short, this chapter had a pretty big impact, at least for me. Iroh is my fav character, and the idea of having him fight against Lu Ming was suggested to Twilitlink by me, leading to one of my favorite battles in Wanted. All in all, excellent chapter.

7. Counterstrike (Guardian) - One of my own chapters, this one took me a while to write. I think I used the backspace button more on this chapter than on the rest of them put together. The chapter has gotten a lot of praise, and I think it is the last chapter released by any series this year. Please read and review, just for the sake of me getting some feedback...

6. Breaking Barriers (Wanted) - Amazing chapter with typical battles for Wanted, kept me on the edge of my seat while imagining the wonderful battle.

5. Sokka's Training (Guardian) - I've gotten a lot of positive feedback on this one, even having it win a FA. I was really pleased with its turnout (Since I was completely unestablished on the Wiki at that point...)

4. Pursuit (Wanted) - An excellent combination of action with just a hint of humor made this chapter really good for me.

3. Prelude (Avatar: The Spirit War) - Amazing chapter... just really all I can say here. One of my favorite reads on the entire wiki (And probably the saddest)

2. Ghosts (Enemies and Traitors) - This chapter had the action plus contained what seemed to me to be the bond between battle hardened soldiers.

And last, but the farthest from least...

1. The Greatest Earthbender (Avatar: The Spirit War) - This was an epic chapter, the longest I've ever read. I even remember seeing it come up in the Recent Changes page as plus 75,000 bytes; I couldn't believe it! I literally sat and read the entire thing, and was blown away. I would recommend if you are going to read any fanon chapter on the entire wiki, read this one: it's worth it!

Well AW, that's it for this blog. Let's all hope for even more chapters of this level to be released in 2010!

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