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The End of Earth

The Bos July 16, 2010 User blog:The Bos

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As Vaznock just pointed out to me, Avatar: Guardian's
File:Head of the Dai Li 2.png
Book 2 finale is slowly approaching. I have now settled on a release date, August 17th, the same day that I published the first chapter. Like that day, I will publish 2 chapters on the same day, as the Book 2 finale is 2 parts. These are the two longest, and I believe highest quality chapters I have ever written.

Now, these chapters, will contain some massive backstories, closing story arcs, as well as a few different references to the original series. An adviser from Aang's past will arrive to take charge, and will be sure to put an end to a certain threat. The location of Kuei for the past year will come out as well, though he will have been found in a previous chapter (stay tuned for that one)...

Anyway, after Book 2, I will likely take a break for writing purposes (and also for a good ol' vacation, conveniently happening about a week after the publication), so just figured I'd put that up now. So, good night, and Big balls

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