Bolin realizes
Juji's fine. He comes back to life in the end when the doomsday device shifts the polarity of the Earth. Oops. Spoiler. Sorry.

Warning! This page contains spoilers for My Own Savior.

Background: My Own Savior is essentially the story of Tengu, who is awesome.
Tengu v1

Meet Tengu

Now, the chapters.

The Pursuit of Peace - Where do I begin... In this chapter, we finally see Tengu slightly at peace. He has dropped off the Lotus' radar since he is believed to be dead. He even manages to find himself a wife in the same town where Aang happened to be at that time... That of course doesn't go his way. The assassins kill all of his family, his wife's cousin, and his pregnant wife. Not only that, she's half eaten. Tengu gets pissed, kills the one assassin remaining, and goes to finish what he needs to. Now, this chapter gets gory. Tengu kills 4 assassins and only takes 4 steps. This is why this character is loved. He kills not only his wife's killer, but also his former rival. He even cuts the guy's face off! Take that Koh! He then goes to Ba Sing Se, where he begins to spiral downward. Next Chapter! Now this chapter shows the depth of why any perfect assassin would want to turn to being a simple monk. The amazing part of this chapter, is Tengu's shift from cold to emotion, and his immediate shift back to cold. His struggles have taught him to survive, and he continues through his life.

Stengah - Now we see Tengu getting himself wasted. All the time. Regular alcoholic with the ability to kill anyone he wants while sober. His old master finds him, and shows him enough mercy not to kill him on the spot. He is taken to an inn, and helped by some Air Nomads. They leave him a note offering refuge. He decides to quit drinking, and he surprisingly manages to. He then kills off a bunch of gang members who are harassing local businessmen, only to pay a bartender back. He then leaves for the Northern Air Temple, where he will begin his new life. This chapter shows what Tengu really wants: to be at peace. He tries suicide, but he knows it isn't for him. He thinks that Lu Ming is right, that he is an Air Nomad at heart. He goes to find himself peace.

And finally, my personal favorite...

The Northern Air Temple, Part 1: Arrival - Here, we see Tengu's arrival into the Northern Air Temple (hence the title). Also, we see him being immersed into Air Nomad life. It adds to the fate of the Mechanist, who clearly wasn't fit for the Monk lifestyle. There is a beautiful description of the new Northern Temple, with gifts from the other nations. When Tengu finally arrives, Tengu is finally at peace. He is reminded of his home, as well as his old friends: Lu Ten and Iroh. He is brought before the Council, made up of the wisest of the New Nomads. During the questioning, Tengu actually breaks down into tears. This raw emotion is what convinces the newly arrived Avatar Aang to welcome him to the New Nomads.

Now that I'm done, I would like to say that I am convinced that any of these chapters could make Featured Article, and when someone picks one that they will nominate, I will fully support it. I would also like to add my feelings of anticipation for the next chapter in the series, Rebirth! Now, if you haven't read the series yet, here's the links to the rest of the chapters, so: Get reading!

My Own Savior Chapters
Colonial Childhood - The Tailor of Gaoling - Jailbird - Ember Island - The Contract - Corporal Lu Ten - General Iroh - The Wall, Part 1: Daedalus - The Wall, Part 2: Icarus - The Wall, Part 3: Apollo - The Wall, Part 4: Minos - The Lady Of Death - The Last Airbender - The Pursuit of Peace - Stengah - The Northern Air Temple, Part 1: Arrival - The Northern Air Temple, Part 2: Rebirth - Pride - Prejudice - Freedom
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