Baby Aang

Isn't she just cuuuuuuuttttteeeee?

If you didn't already know, Book 2 of Honor Thy Father has begun. And as you all should know, Dragon of The West is one of the most talented writers on this wiki. Anyway, I semi-digress. Book 1 of the series left us with a newborn, Sora. It is Aang's job to sort out what it means to be a parent, and so he's got a ton of struggles ahead of him. After all, he was raised by monks, who don't necessarily give the best parenting training. And despite Dragon's writing prowess, I was asked to write this chapter, so feel free to check out the Love of the Daughter!

Anyway, there is another reason for this blog: the enormity of this project has caused Dragon to take aids under his wing (dragon wings ;D) in order to help manage the massive undertaking. To this end, I wrote my first ever guest chapter. Take in mind, this was written a while back, during my Book 2 of Guardian days. That considered, I still find this specific chapter to be one of my best. In it, you will find corruption, drama, conflict, and even some Shadowbending. Yes, that's right, Shadowbending. You may be asking yourself, Bos, haven't you said frequently that you hate Shadowbending?

The answer to that will be revealed in time, so now, back to the blog.

This chapter will be the first part of a three-parter. I have been instructed to provide a limited amount of info, but I can say that Aang is gonna be missing Katara and Sora, and that his duties keep him from his family.

Also, keep in mind, this chapter is pretty far off, being in the middle of HTF's second book. That being said, I never leave people hanging like this: the chapter being a great distance away with only a brief plot summary to hold you over. So, please enjoy this small snippet of the chapter:

"Those don't seem like Black Lotus tactics..." Aang begins. The Black Lotus always seemed to operate with stealth, rarely using 'battalions'. "Let me just go get someone, he's an expert on their strategy-" Aang is cut off by the general's stubborn demeanor.
"Time is of the essence! Your friend's parent's lives are at stake, you mustn’t leave them at risk!"

Anyway, have fun, and I hope you'll check the chapters when they are put up.

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