In recent months, the site has gone through several changes in its opinion on images. There has been new replacement system, more enforcement of the licensing of images, and massive amounts of resized images. I'm indifferent for most of the changes proposed, and was in favor of several. Unfortunately, there is a Usage requirement that I believe is entirely unjustified.

"Users may use up to three copyrighted images on their user pages"

I see no need for this being part of our policy. If we already have the image in use on a canon or fanon, I see absolutely no reason for users to have images limited on their pages if the image is already used.

Possible arguments in favor of this policy, though I can't seem to find one that makes sense, may say that allowing images on userpages is a copyright violation. This is not true, since since the image is already used.

I believe that this line should be expunged from our site's policy.

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