No, not Fighting fire...

Well, it's that time again folks. After keeping you waiting for...




...much too long, I have finally completed a significant amount of chapters. I am writing this blog to tell you that publication shall resume on Friday, November 5th! Anyway, I've got a lot in store for this book. What you should look for:

  • Fire
  • A few old characters from the Original Series
  • A character from Book 1 that may have been forgotten.
  • Fire
  • Tons of new characters (really, there's a lot)
  • Fire
  • Death
  • ...through Fire
  • And Moar!

And now, to address the old villain that is casually parodied in Avatar: Clash of Worlds 2, the infamous Jiang Rha. He hasn't gotten much screen time, since it wasn't his book to star in. That will change, and Book 3 should have a darker tone (much like every other series on the site...). Anyway, not to leave you all dry, I will leave you with a "trailer" of sorts. Here are lines from several chapters I've already written, I hope you enjoy!

"My friends, today is the day we will secure the freedom of our village once and for all. Those rebelling from the peaceful decrees of Fire Lord Zuko will be purged from the Earth Kingdom. We will have our freedom!" The resulting cheer was powerful, and the benders knew that they would not be put down anymore.

"I could ask you the same. You're all inhabiting the world that should be ruled by the Fire Nation. And so, what would your name be, since mine won't be very important in a few minutes..."

The man sprints north. It's all he knows. South is doom at the hands of savages, east, the same thing. West is an impassable ocean for his current condition, and deviating from his route in any way would essentially spell out his death. He only knew a general idea of where his contact would be. Upon reaching a clearing, the man collapses from exhaustion. "Accursed Avatar..." the man silently mumbles to himself.

Azula's blazing blue fire attack


"I've fought my entire life, what's a few more weeks going to hurt?"

Happy? Sorry I've kept you all waiting, but I can say that I believe it was worth it!

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