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The Bos September 30, 2009 User blog:The Bos
Hello, AW! I am The Bos, a relatively new user here, and would like to have a moment of your time. The matter at hand is my fanon
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series, Avatar: Guardian. I have been putting a lot of work into it, and would appreciate reviews and suggestions. I have finished around 11 chapters, though not in the order I want them published. One chapter is halfway through book 2 and would make no sense if I was to publish it now. Anyway, since I am in kind of a 'writers block,' I would like for you, that's right, YOU, to put up some suggestions. Maybe an idea for a battle, a new scenario, anything you feel could help make this a better story. I mean anything could help. Anyway, I would also appreciate a bunch of reviews of the chapters, I want to know what the community thinks of the stories overall, and also take a look at the character pages, since that's where I spend the bulk of my writing time. Thanks in advance. --I'm The Bos - Got something to say? - Read Guardian! 00:12, September 30, 2009 (UTC)

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