Gene Yang finally responded to the many questions I asked. While he didn't have answers for everything (details he never thought of or cared to think of), he did provide several answers that will assist in article building. Our email transcendence is as follows.


Mr. Yang, first may I compliment you on the amazing story your wrote. The ideas of having Kori's family be blended is a great idea for a tie in. As we've been making our articles, we have had plenty of information to work with (thanks again) but the community has found a few questions (only a few) that would be nice to have answered. Would you mind answering them? Some may require something just made up offhand, others you may know very well, others you may have not. Thanks again for your time.

Gene Yang:

Sure. Send 'em over! Glad you liked the story!


Thank you! They are:

  • Do you have names for the Fire Nation soldier who tells the colonials to go back, Fire Nation soldier who is in Yu Dao fighting Aang, Morishita's wife and Toph's Students (though the Amazon preview says we'll see more of them in P2)
  • Could you give ages for: Kori, Morishita, Morishita's wife, Nishi, Toph's students and the Fire Nation soldiers?
  • When Aang is on Appa meditating, he's talking to Roku. It seems when he snaps his necklace to Fire, he contacts Roku. When we first see him, it's on Earth. Was he contacting Kyoshi?
  • Could you identify which Fire Nation dot on Kuei's map is Yu Dao?

Thank you again!

Gene Yang:

You guys are HARDCORE. I'm not gonna be able to answer all your questions, but here's one:

Here's how I imagine Aang's prayer beads working. He meditates through the beads one after the other. When he gets to a medallion with a nation's symbol on it, if his corresponding previous life has some relevant wisdom to impart, he/she will appear.

I can get you the ages of some of those characters (but not all) once I get home -- I'm away from my scripts right now.


Thanks for going through all the effort. Our articles will be better equipped to inform the Avatar fanbase because of your answers.

Gene Yang:

Kori Morishita is 17 years old.

Ho Tun is 16. (I mistakenly put a hyphen in his name when I did the interview with Star.)

Penga, Toph's female student, is 9

The emo goth student calls himself The Dark One, and he's 14.

Well, that was all I've gotten yet, but I'm sure he'll be willing to work with our site in order to keep our articles up to date.

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