Well Avatar Wikians, the new skin is approaching. For those of you who have yet to use this layout, let me tell you... It's a LOT to get used to! And, as things like this go, there will be a change that will effect the way the Fanon portal operates.

Many of the more experienced Fanon users leave reviews on the Talk page of the Fanon articles. This allows for quick referencing of information, and allows for larger discussions/reviews than do comments. The new skin, however, leaves out the talk page. It isn't even linked to, so it's difficult to find. Since the community does a lot of its reviewing on talk pages, I used the {{f}} template to create {{ft}} template, linking users to the talk page of articles with the text reading "Review".

Now, I'm not saying that we should mandate this, but it is simply there as a convenience, as many users (myself included) prefer reviewing on talk pages, and on Vacuum, we had a mini-discussion about the lack of talk pages. So, I offer this, a small template, as a small relief for the community. Go ahead and leave comments or ideas about the new template.

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