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The Bos June 28, 2010 User blog:The Bos

Hello Avatar Wiki! If you've been watching the Recent Changes page like I do, you will have noticed that Guardian has had some more activity. I am almost totally done writing Book 2 of Guardian! I am able to resume publication of the chapters on schedule! Here is a list of the names:

Chapter Thirteen Roads and Pathways Released on: July 2
Chapter Fourteen The Airbending Master Released on: July 9
Chapter Fifteen Evading an Agent Released on: July 16
Chapter Sixteen Return to Gaoling Released on: July 23
Chapter Seventeen The Mansion Released on: July 30
Chapter Eighteen A Master and A Traitor (This is the one I'm not entirely done with) Released on: August 6

Anyway, I hope when I release them, you'll all enjoy them. I personally believe that this is my best work yet.

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