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    New official Korra trailer

    February 24, 2012 by The Bos

    We've finally got more footage! This contains some information that has already been leaked, but also has plenty of new info. It shows Korra in Republic City, training with Tenzin, wearing an airbender training uniform, and with Chief Bei Fong!

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  • The Bos

    The Last Airbender returns

    February 9, 2012 by The Bos

    Our period of rejoicing ends Wikians. Recently, a leaked trailer for Nick shows of the future implied that the name of the show we all anticipate would be Avatar: The Legend of Korra. Today, a Nickelodeon official said that the name is only to be used internationally and that the name The Last Airbender: Legend of Korra is the name to be used in America.

    We need to update the links to articles as well as rename the page, which will of course disable commenting for a good long while as the thousands of comments move along with the page. This will cause some inconveniences, but it is all for the accuracy of the wiki.

    Also, in response to this news being posted on his site, the leaker has announced an end to leaking new information.

    Farewell, normal …

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  • The Bos

    Gene Yang fills in details

    February 1, 2012 by The Bos

    Gene Yang finally responded to the many questions I asked. While he didn't have answers for everything (details he never thought of or cared to think of), he did provide several answers that will assist in article building. Our email transcendence is as follows.


    Mr. Yang, first may I compliment you on the amazing story your wrote. The ideas of having Kori's family be blended is a great idea for a tie in. As we've been making our articles, we have had plenty of information to work with (thanks again) but the community has found a few questions (only a few) that would be nice to have answered. Would you mind answering them? Some may require something just made up offhand, others you may know very well, others you may have not. Thanks again…

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  • The Bos

    Avatar Wiki's new resource

    January 19, 2012 by The Bos

    With the release of the first issue of "The Promise" in under a week, I emailed Gene Yang with a request for extra information when we need it. And guess what? He agreed!

    So, if we need any information, like a character's name, age, or some background, he'd be able to give it to us!

    He again repeated how much he appreciated the use of Avatar Wiki while writing The Promise, so a round of applause to everyone here for their excellent work!

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  • The Bos

    Well, first off, I have to begin by saying what an honor it is to be elected to be an administrator on . It is truly a blessing and I promise to continue my work on the wiki. That being said, I have a few announcements for an impatient user who said I might be slacking from my fanon production.

    • - Set in the Wantedverse, this series contains some of my best writing yet. It's taken a while, but I'll try and finish up soon.
    • I'll be releasing chapter 4 of tomorrow, July 4th. It involves some deserters; not the most patriotic thing for such a patriotic day... but oh well!
    • Guardian is not quite gone yet. We'll see more of it eventually.

    Anyway, thank everyone who has helped make me a better user; I'm not naming names because it would be too long a …

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