I'll admit, I never thought I'd have to use this feature of the wiki, but it seems my time has come. As some of you may well know, I try to generate as much discussion as possible here on the wiki, usually in the form of forum posts ranging in topics from the Air Nomad Genocide to the creation of theoretical new nations. One such thread (, concerning the personas of users here on the wiki if they were in the Avatar universe, seems to have caught the eye of Bchwood, aka Peter, a programing manager at Wikia. He wishes to create a video featuring the personas in the thread, but it seems he needs more to work with.

So, I am putting a call out to every Avatar fan who comes across this post: if you have not yet put forward a persona and have a good idea, or know someone who might, by all means take a look at the thread posted above and let your imagination run wild. Balanced or overpowered, ancient or modern, admin or regular user, lets make this video as memorable as possible!

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