Through the efforts of Kuzura, admin of the Russian Avatar Wiki, I'm pleased to announce that Avatar Wiki will have the opportunity to ask Janet Varney a few fan questions. The answers will be also be exclusively published on Avatar Wiki. Janet Varney is the voice actor for Korra in the upcoming Legend of Korra series, and is "grateful and honored to be a part of the Avatar family!"

How this will work

  1. Come up with a question you would like to ask, but make sure it doesn't ask for information such as plot spoilers and other things that the cast and crew can't discuss before the series is aired. Put your question in a comment on this blog post. If you have more than one (1) question, put your questions in separate comments.
  2. Support the questions that have already been asked that you like by typing {{support}} in a reply comment to the question.
  3. Once a question has five (5) supports, it will be added to the list of questions in the section below by an administrator.
  4. At 21:00 UTC on May 6 (5PM US EST, 2PM Pacific), polls will be opened on this page, and the most popular two questions will be chosen to be passed on by 09:00 UTC on May 7 (5AM US EST, 2AM Pacific). (There will also be one question apiece from the Russian, German and Dutch wikis. If our chosen questions have already been asked from those wikis, the next most popular will be chosen.)

So far, we have one question we will definitely ask (and therefore doesn't need to be asked again): "Have you watched Avatar: The Last Airbender? Which character would you voice from the first series?" This question, together with questions from four Avatar Wikis, will make a total of six (6) questions.

I look forward to seeing some of those questions you've been dying to ask!

List of questions to vote on

Polling has now closed. The final results were:

  • 39 votes — To what extent are Team Avatar involved in the series? (How frequent are the flashbacks?)
  • 16 votes — How diverse (in terms of culture, personality etc.) will the characters be, especially compared to Team Avatar from the original show?
  • 10 votes — From what I read on the synopsis of Korra's character I understand that she's a person who's quite a bit headstrong. Does she have any vulnerabilities or weaknesses from your point of view?
  • 9 votes — Is life after death finally explained (for the cases of Team Avatar, as they have passed)?

As there were no responses from the German wiki, the top three questions will be passed on.

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