The merger of Avatar Wiki and Avatar Fanon Wiki will go ahead and will occur on the 26th of June. The construction phase of the merger will be complete by the 27th of June. This new feature will in summary introduce a new namespace and skin specifically for fanon. Once the merger is complete, users can write fan fiction on that new namespace, and the best way to know if you're allowed to write fanon where you are writing it is to simply check the skin, which is black on fanon and orange on canon.

However, in the meantime, there are a few technical things that need to be resolved. Large scale editing on the fanon wiki has stopped, but there are still a few things that need to be cleaned up for the merger process to be simplified for those involved. Fanon users need to:

  • Check over all of the images you've uploaded to Avatar Fanon, and mark those with duplicates on Avatar Wiki with the template "MergeImage". We cannot guarantee perfection in something as big as a merge, and although we will make the greatest efforts possible, if you don't take care of the images you use on your fanon articles, we cannot guarantee that the images won't disappear.
  • Check over all the templates you've created. Check the names of the templates and compare this to the templates in use on Avatar Wiki. You must change the names of the template if there is a template that has the same name on Avatar Wiki.
  • Move over your user page and user talk pages, or at least just your user talk page. If you have a talk page here, make an archive out of your Avatar Fanon one.

Following these steps will ensure the smoothest merge possible. We hope you will enjoy this new feature on Avatar Wiki from June 27. Thanks!

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