A long time ago - make that more than a year ago - Joeyaa suggested on a thread of our old forums that we create a prestigious, official Avatar Wiki award, the User of the Month, otherwise termed the Avatar Wikian of the Month, or the Featured User.

"Why not reflect on our wonderful and helpful contributors by giving one the experience of being featured on our main page? In the past, this got shot down, and I was part of the ones shutting it down, but I think now with our improved community and diverse experiences we share that it may be useful now. The goal wouldn't be to award the person with the most edits, or to high five the person flooding the Recent Changes with single word additions, but to thank the user that makes frequent daily contributions of a good quality. The key idea would be Quality >>> Quantity and to keep away any foul air around picking users while voting. It'd be the community's decision, and I'd personally encourage the picking of new users that started during said month instead of old Admins or rollbacks, but that isn't a rule. Basically the goal would be to thank new, good users and try to encourage more good users with a strict set of guidelines for candidates."
— Joey, August 2009

Back then, we agreed that it was a good idea and had consensus for its implementation. However, it was not taken up because of the relatively weak activity of the time. Now, I think the time is about right, especially after noting the various queries as to what had happened to this proposal. The community had spoken back then - what remains now is implementation. The below is my proposal for implementation.


The User of the Month will be a user who:

  • Makes edits to Avatar Wiki of the highest quality (not necessarily quantity). This may be through the dedicated improvement of articles (large rewrites done at once rather than numerous small fixes over time), the creation of new content (fanon articles, very creative fan fiction or great blog posts), or through valued contributions to discussion. It should be noted that users who make a large number of very minor changes to boost their edit count are unlikely to be nominated. Remember that people eligible to nominate are all experienced users.
  • Shows maturity and kindness in his or her participation in the community.
  • Has been an Avatar Wikian for at least a week.
  • Is not an administrator or bureaucrat.

The User of the Month will earn a userbox that is a permanent badge. This user will also be featured on the main page. The User of the Month award will only be given out to a user once - after winning the award once, users may not win it again. (Or at least for a year, depending on how we go.)

The User of the Month will be selected by community vote. This is not a discussion, just a vote. Procedure will be:

  1. Users are nominated in the first week of the month on the associated project page by other users who has at least 50 edits and has been active for at least a month. (In other words, any user who is also eligible to nominate for rollback user status, or vote on Requests for Adminship and Requests for Bureaucratship.)
  2. Voting will take place after the first week until the end of the month. Anyone can vote. There are no "oppose" votes, just "support" votes placed under each candidate's name. Administrators and Fanon Administrators votes have the same value as a regular vote.
  3. At the end of the month, the user with the most votes will become the User of the Month.

Please share your thoughts below - I look forward to hearing community feedback.

Draft project page is now up

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