Don't worry, pro-bending's still exciting.

It's been an exciting week. As the television premiere of The Legend of Korra on April 14 draws closer, random bits and pieces have started popping up everywhere. Bits like trailers with violence and kisses, episode titles that give big clues about their content, and reviews that somehow have previously unseen material. Read on for more details...

Trailers: fueling the ship

Four trailers appeared yesterday, and while we've seen much of what's there, there's some interesting stuff as well. And (depending on your opinion) a surprise. You can see them for yourself. Be warned, though, because each scene is shown so fleetingly, it's easy to miss things!

Try pausing the one at the top-right at 21 seconds. Oh look, it's Korra kissing Mako. Good to know you like to be subtle, Mike and Bryan. Perhaps they're making it easy for all the shippers out there this time. Or maybe Ikki interrupting Katara recounting what happened to Zuko's mom isn't even the biggest example of trolling we've seen so far. What do you think?

The one at the top-left also has some interesting new stuff. The Lieutenant is in action, and Mako seems to be the victim. Amon also does something violent-looking to a bender... we don't know what the effect is. Some have said that it looks like energybending.

Episode titles

They haven't said anything, but that doesn't mean the fans stop looking. According to the Copyright Office...

  • The third episode (103) will be called "The Revelation".
  • The fifth episode (105) will be called "The Spirit of Competition".
  • The sixth episode (106) will be called "And The Winner Is..."

Maybe the fifth and sixth episode are devoted to the pro-bending tournament that the Fire Ferrets are in after their victories in the arena in "A Leaf in the Wind"?

See the titles for yourself {{#NewWindowLink:}}.

Review with extras

Kya (waterbender)

Animation Insider did a overwhelmingly positive review of the first episode of the new series. But wait... they did more. They also posted some promotional material for Korra, including something called the "Republic Times" and a character chart.

See them for yourself:

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