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48px-1025281.png From the editor: Avatar Wiki enters 2012
The 888th Avatar

It has been just over a year, but it seems only yesterday when The Ba Sing Se Times was restarted. In that time, 2011 has come and gone for Avatar Wiki, and it's been a great year. In spite of the long wait for Legend of Korra, the popularity of this wiki is stable; in fact, upon the release of official information and trailers for Korra on July 24, wiki traffic hit a historical high, with over 1.7 million page views for that week alone. We remain one of the most popular sites dedicated to Avatar on the Internet.

It's safe for us to have high hopes for Avatar Wiki in 2012. But that's not to say that we're perfect. The Ba Sing Se Times applauds the current efforts to revolutionize fanon policy, but that's far from the only issue confronting the wiki. What we have never been able to overcome is our below-average conversion of readers into committed contributors to the site, with passers-by visiting the once or twice a month accounting for a staggering 78% of people accessing Avatar Wiki. Clearly, we need to tap our full potential by finding ways to attract a diverse and capable pool of dedicated fans. What we must do now is formulate workable proposals to this end, to ensure that we are the best we can be for the release of Korra.

48px-3390396.png What a year it was!

What a great year it was! Many great users joined, starting from me :P, many great new changes happened on the wiki. We two new admins, fanon admins, and almost double as many rollback users as last year. We had the User Awards, the many contests, etc., so many things I can't list'em. From the time I started editing seriously, in April, I've really enjoyed here. I just can't afford to not be here, even for a day! I remember May when so many people were activen both in the wiki and IRC. Even if the activity has died out, the enjoyment hasn't died out.

As for me, I don't have a memorable day to share, for everyday is a memorable day with a teeny bit of exceptions, of course. :P But, I really enjoyed co-hosting the User Awards, with the now-inactive Rass. Oh, and I also enjoyed hosting the What if contests – the second was a flop, but never mind. But one thing I'll never forget is my prank blog; I so loved seeing the comments after I revealed it was a prank! XD

I have more than thousand goals for the next year I aim to complete. I couldn't possibly list'em all, but one of my main aims is to host a grand "what if" contest, probably in April or May. The first two I hosted were not very nice, and the second was full, total, flop. I also look forward to hosting the second User Awards, along with Rassidy©, again. Oh, yeah, being the overlord of this wiki is my top aim. To add just a line, I also hope to edit along with MightyBrit, and hope he becomes well.

That's it, I guess, folks. Hope you have a great New Year. :) *waves*

48px-3049924.png Suspect ALL the dates!

In the rare case that you’ve been hibernating for the past week, just happen to read this particular article while overlooking the Hot Spots, here’s the summary: WE HAZ KORRA RELEASE DATE!

Confetti blew! Shyamalan boos! But wait, is this for realz? Are we actually being bestowed with a release date for the most anticipated cartoon series in the history of epic cartoons? Probably. I'd say 50-50. Before continuing on, I'm well aware that not everyone is buying this date either.

“Y U NO believe Belgium MTV network?”

I adore English more than Dutch, thus I lack the confidence to place my zealous anticipation on anything other than English... Just kidding. :D But seriously, being a US-based series and having the Belgium MTV site announce the date baffles me. Despite being part of Viacom, the company we despise with a passion in recent months for the lack of everything imaginable (a date), the manner of which it is presented is highly suspicious.

There, jumbled along with Life with Boys (irrelevant), TMNT (irrelevant) and Korra (spotlight!) in one paragraph are programs scheduled for a release in 2012, with LoK set in fall described in less than 15 words. I believe more should be elaborated on this Legend of Korra, the successor for the most successful Nickelodeon series, considering the fact that many would scream/squeal in delight if there was a paragraph on Korra. New series? Meh. New spin-off? Interesting. New spin-off of A:TLA? Mother of God! Thus capturing the attention of more fans in its wake. A series with a solid fanbase/audience should not be included with those of fresh material, as uniqueness will draw in more attention/interest and more viewers. Speakeasy managed to dedicate an entire article for Korra, twice. I believe Viacom/Nick could, and should, do the same. There’s no point in letting the current fanbase suffer just to promote fresh series with relatively little to no chance of outranking others.

Of all the dates we’ve excited/cringe/ponder over this year, why should this announcement be any different? Is it because of their affiliation with Viacom? The same could be said to Dark Horse and Nickelodeon. Perhaps we’re in acceptance because of an earlier, less controversial release date is given instead of one that will make fans spit fire. Then there's the probability of them giving the wrong date! No. I’m not saying it’s completely fake, just that we should perhaps suspend our excitement here; learn the truth before we bury it under a load of fangasms.

Did you know they spelled Legends of Korra with an "s"? (Nitpicking ftw!)

48px-Avatar6.jpg Avatar jokes

Happy New Year everybody! Bahjy1 here, and I have a truck loaded with Avatar jokes in the yard. Want to unload the jokes on you ? OK.

I collected the best Avatar jokes out there and put them together here. Some may seem weird, but some are extremely funny. And there is a joke for you Kataangers. All of these jokes are question/answer jokes.

Let's start :

1. What is Zuko's favorite candy?
Fireballs. 2. What kind of diet is Sokka on?
A seafood diet. He sees food, he eats it!

3. Why couldn't Aang learn Earthbending at the start?
It was too Toph.

from the fanon portal
48px-3565124.png 2011 Review of the Year!

Hello, this is BlackMonkey, ready to celebrate the holidays with the rest of the wiki. If there's one vibe that's been flowing through our network lately, I'd say it's "Wow, what a year on this wiki". I completely agree. This time last year I didn't even know about this awesome place, and now I'm signed up, have rollback rights, and a successful fanon.

But you guys don't want to hear the day-by-day story of my life on the wiki so far, because that'd be pointless and actually quite boring. Let's narrow it down a little farther.

If there's one moment - one thing that I've accomplished this year that I'm truly proud of, it's founding The Fanon Review Squad. For those who don't know about what the FRS is, it's an organization which will review and critique your fanons upon request. For those who do, please skip the sentence before this. After starting in the end of August we've created 49 total reviews, and will resume work next week. I want to thank all the users who supported the group when it was first made, especially to Millennia2 and Bahjy1, my fellow reviewing partners.

Lets get down to the fun stuff, then. As a fun New Year's gift to the community - the FRS will be hosting a special ceremony and analysis that will be held and posted in a blog next week - the "2011 Review of the Year". Sounds cool, ain't it? You can barely even imagine. We'll tell our thoughts on how we think the fanon portal is going and what we can improve on - and we're going to be giving out special awards, the best fanon our group has seen in each of the categories we review stories in (ex. story, creativity, action) since founding the group four months ago. I hope your excited - I sure am.

Well, that's it, folks. Thanks for supporting the user group, and get ready for an fanonical analysis like none other.

48px-4068251.png Review: Avatar: Legend of Rokan

Hey there, Mageddon725 here, reviewing Avatar: The Legend of Rokan by Firebender896 on behalf of the Fanon Review Squad as a test review.

Avatar: The Legend of Rokan takes place during the events of Avatar: The Last Airbender. It is full of adventure, love, and struggles, as the main character must discover her identity and recover from the pain of her past.

The fanon focuses on a Fire Nation girl named Rokan. Having recently lost her parents and brother in a terrible fire, Rokan has taken on a cover name and personality; a cold, mysterious character who takes the name of Zoai. The Legend of Rokan begins in the outer villages of the Earth Kingdom. Rokan (under the guise of Zoai) is slowly making her way through the Kingdom, for lack of anything better to do. However, she is making enemies quickly. Little can be foreseen of her future; Rokan is hard pressed to make it through a single day without her life being threatened...

I have enjoyed every chapter of this fanon, and with more to come, I shall continue to enjoy it. The story is new and exciting, and the characters feel like living, breathing human beings. Firebender896 is talented writer, and that fact shows.


* Story – 9.3: Incredibly creative, The Legend of Rokan brings something so amazingly different to the table than the standard ‘After the War’ fanons. And best of all, it’s done well.

* Action – 9.1: Well described and frequent, though not overbearing. And hearing a fight scene told from the point of view of a child? Simply amazing.

* Writing – 9.6: Spelling and grammar-wise, this fanon is a gem. But at the same time, it’s so much more. Firebender has the unique talent of making her world appear real. Her descriptions are so spot-on, and I had no problems imagining clothing or scenery.

* Creativity – 9.5: I’m sure no one has brought about a story like this one, set within the Team’s Adventures, but at the same time, LoR stands on its own.

* Believability – 8.7: This is where I felt that it fell a little short, as some conversations felt contrived and a bit too fast.

* Character Development – 9.4: From Zoai to Rokan, you can feel the identity crisis; it is palpable. Her inner struggle and catharsis are treated with an amazing amount of skill.

Average Score: 9.3

Note: All scores are out of ten

Advice for Firebender896: Keep up the good work! Your conversations could be made a tad more believable and fluid, but other than that your fanon is excellent.

Who should read Avatar: The Legend of Rokan? Anyone who is looking for a genius, character-driven story should jump right in. It’s creativity and the simply amazing writing make it a must-read for those who read fanon!

48px-Avatar6.jpg Undiscovered fanon

Merry Christmas everybody!

Here I am again, back to work and at Christmas! I think a good christmas present will be presented today to Taekwond1, the author of the featured fanon The Fall of the Airbenders.

This amazing story talks about Chuan, the Northern Air Temple Airbender. The story centers in about 1 BSC to 0 ASC when Chuan discoveres an alliance between a member of the Northern Air Temple Council of Elders and the Fire Nation.

The story uses much description to give a full clear idea of what happens and who does it, not something like : "Chuan is airbender. He discovered an alliance.", but uses more than one chapter if neded without geting out of the edges of suspense. To be honest, Taekwond1 is an amazing author.

No wonder that this isn't the first time this certain author's story gets featured, he uses an amazing style : Give a full clear idea, avoid boredom in that, mix suspense with action and character development. I like that.

Anyway, I am on a cliffhanger 'till Taekwond1 releases the next chapter, it has so much suspense. Really does keeps me reading. Merry Christmas to you Taekwond1, and to you all my readers!


General Iroh
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48px-4519186.png New fanon!

Hello, Avatar Wiki! So, for my first contribution to the BSST, I'm advertising a new fanon idea based on the Hunger Games. I'm one of the co-creators along with Agent Slash. We have titled it The Blood Bath of Fanons! The idea is that 23 users will sign up and add their favorite character form their fanon as a tribute. Once their are 23 tributes, we will begin writing. It will be sort of like OR's OSP, but with a different plot. We will start out with a prologue (I'm writing it right now). The next chapter will be a filler for each tribute. The next chapter will be a fight. At the end, one of the tributes will be dead. Then a filler chapter. Then a fight. You get it, right? (Hey, I just rhymed!) Before we end each chapter, we will have everyone vote at a blog for who dies. Once the tournament has ended, we will mass that into one big book, which we will call the "First Blood Bath". Then we will begin on the next one. For the new one, though, there will be different rules. It's always changing. If you are a fan of The Hunger Games, I suggest this for you. And that concludes my advertisement. Thanks for reading!

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This report outlines any notable technical changes made by Wikia and by Avatar Wiki admins in the last two weeks.

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