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48px-1025281.png Wanted: Deputy editor
The 888th Avatar

Unfortunately, Rassilon of Old has recently resigned the position of deputy editor of The Ba Sing Se Times. As probably the main person working behind the scenes on compiling this newsletter for the past several issues, I would like to thank him for his significant contributions in this regard, and I wish him the very best for his increased focus on study moving forward. The loss of Rass for The Ba Sing Se Times truly is immense.

Because of this, The Ba Sing Se Times is currently looking for a new deputy editor. The deputy editor has previously been required to compile all articles for the newsletter fortnightly offsite, write at least one column, choose the "random poll" and fill out the discussion and user rights reports. It is expected that a new deputy editor would be able to fulfill these functions as well, but the exact separation of tasks is fully negotiable.

Unfortunately, if no suitable candidate(s) are found, the newsletter will need to be suspended for the next four weeks and one issue will be skipped, as I have other engagements that are impossible to avoid. Depending on demand, it is possible – and preferable – for there to be more than one deputy editor. If you are interested, just express it below in the comments.

48px-1635895.png From the deputy editor:
Rassilon of Old

Recent discussions and thoughts brought up on IRC in the past month or two has brought something to my attention, the lack of work being made to the Fanon Portal by the Fanon administrators. Carloso has been fairly inactive of late, and I have been plagued with school work, now that I'm in my final year of High School, and AvatarRokusGhost has been tinkering away on his own Fanon - which I can't blame him for, I mean, it's a pretty fantastic Fanon, to say the least.

It has also come to my attention, that there is more and more that needs to be done on my own wiki, the Young Justice Wiki, as the series continues and begins to near its season finale. I'm also having a difficult time balancing my school and study time with my free time plus my wiki time, which has no doubt been noticed by myself, as my marks are affected. It isn't that bad, but 80% isn't 90%, which I am capable of achieving, should I apply myself more.

It is due to this, that I have decided to resign as Fanon administrator. I have absolutely loved the time I have spent with all of you; both on the wiki, and on IRC. I feel that the point in life I am at know seems like a natural transitional period, and it is time to step off the Fanon administrator podium, otherwise I'd never leave! I am very proud of everything I have achieved both with my fellow Fanon administrators, and with all of the Avatar Wiki Community. This resignation means a few things...

The Fanon Awards have been the topic of hot conversation in recent weeks, and no doubt my inactivity has been to the frustration of several users. With my resignation, I also leave the Fanon Awards to the responsibility of AvatarRokusGhost, Carloso, and my replacement, who no doubt will do an excellent job in their positions as both Fanon administrators, and as members of the Fanon Awards Council. I am certain that the Award Council will be successful in reviving the Awards.

Although I am leaving the Fanon Awards Council, there's one set of awards I won't be abandoning... the Avatar Wiki User Awards! I'll be back next year to present the wiki's second official Avatar Wiki User Awards, alongside Natsu, if he chooses to stick around. ;)

In the meantime, I have spoken to The 888th Avatar, and he has agreed to open the nominations for a new Fanon administrator next week, so I can brush up my other projects, such as the Fanon Advertising system, which will be put live around next week, as there have been no objections to the system in the forum discussion I created a week or two ago. If you have any complaints about the advertising system, voice your opinion as soon as possible!

White Lotus will go ahead as planned, and the Common Series Project - which too, will continue - writers should have an email in their inbox by now (Lovelyb0nes should have a message elsewhere) with instructions as to how we shall communicate and plan the series.

So farewell all, as this will also be my last Ba Sing Se Times column as Deputy Editor and Fanon Editorialist. I'd like to thank everyone, again, for making my time on the wiki so enjoyable, and I have loved every minute of it. I'd like to say good luck to everyone in your Fanon, good luck to the Admins as they continue to do the excellent job they do on the wiki, good luck to my fellow Fanon admins as they tirelessly clean and continue to organize the Fanon Portal, good luck to Hasdi, Buttongoo and KaneC, with your work on the Film namespace and your future filming career, I look forward to your Avatar adaptions, and lastly, good luck to my replacement, who I am sure will continue the work on the Fanon Portal with dedication, passion, and the hard work that they will undoubtedly put in to the Portal.

So to all, goodbye, farewell, good luck, and see you when Korra comes out. Now, time to go. :)

General Iroh
The Ba Sing Se Times needs YOU.
Have an interesting opinion about the wiki?
A fanfic that desperately needs readers?
A review of a fanfic you'd like to publish?
Just write a column,
and send it in to the editor.

48px-3390396.png Lack of activity

Have you guys noticed the really noticable lack of activity in the wiki? Yes, answer is yes. But, 'me wonderz Y thar iz lak of aktiwiteh; MI NEEDZ AN ANZHAR!' It's simple, we don't have much to edit other than occasional rewamps and transcripts. *Sigh* We're too flawless, aren't we? I used to think flawlessness was awesome, but now I realise that not being too flawless is good, as you have something to do almost always! Meh... I've been struggling to find something to edit other than minor typos and fixes. But guess what? I'm so unlucky that I don't find anything! :P All the action and edits take place when I'm not online, and I'm not involved in most of'em. That said, the advantage and positive point of it is that we can concentrate on Avatar Answers Wiki (Advertising FTW! :P)! Hey, you do have transcripts alright. But remember to not copy from Lol. And, due to the lack of a lot of editing, we have blog posts, heated arguments and problems :S and discussions taking place.

I strongly believe that our activity will increase by ten-fold when The Last Airbender: Legend of Korra. Whatever you do to reduce the activity, I'll boost the activity by ten-fold! 'U askin Y?' Well, you would better ask the users who were around in '08, as they will know how much page creation and content expansions is going to occur. Oh yeah, we also have the Post-war comics coming up. That will, at the least, bring about a bit of page expansions and page creations. The saddest thing is the supposed postponing of the release of Legend of Korra. I'm stuck between being positive or negative. The postivite thing is... of course... they will get more time to spend on the series, thus making it better. The negative thing... obviously... 'ME iz tir'd 'f weitin'! We last saw an episode of Avatar 3 years back, and I'm really tired of waiting 2 more years for it. I would like to settle with being negative with it, for now. We're all working to prevent the activity from crashing. We've got blogs, and contests, like AvatarRokusGhost's Fanon Trivia, 1stAvatar's well-known Avatar Tournaments.

This period of less activity has also been the activity of many new changes and improvements. Take the title case and sentence case clash or the recent profile image change clashes. Gives us the proof that our wiki can never go without activity. We're so awesome that ever after 3 years after the series' end, we have a booming activity! Why are we so good? Why is it that we are almost flawless? It's because of us who have edited it and made it like this. Our community is, as I have said multiple times before, one of the best ones in Wikia. We have the proof, as even though we don't have much to do, we're still boooming and super cool. Our freenode IRC channel is definitely the epicenter of the earthquake we better know as Avatar Wiki. It's 'ze bezt!' I met... lemme count... *Natsu counts* more than 5 users... yeah, more than 5 users through IRC. How can we keep our community strong without interacting? Nope, no way to do that. I hope that we can keep our activity booming until Legend of Korra and the post-war comics shove in. Happy editing!

48px-3565124.png Patience, young one

A couple weeks ago, I created a blog post entitled A Good Old Fashioned Protest, which, if you did not look at it, basically was a large question about the Fanon Awards, and why the CSP was coming before it. I was careful about what I said, and people reacted reasonably and thanked me for writing it. And I thought I had done a good thing for the community.
But I was wrong.
As I attracted experienced users and fanon admins to my blog post, I also attracted lots of new incredibly impatient users, who have never read anything about the Fanon Awards ever. And after reading about the fanon awards, becoming interested, reading my concerns, being impatient, they decide to do the wiki a huge favor. Make their own unoriginal Fanon Awards.
When we tell them that they have to ask fanon authority beforehand, they tell us their awards are unofficial.
When we tell them they copied ideas from the Fanon Awards, they tell us they added their own awards.
When we tell them they copied ideas from the Featured Fanon System, they tell us their awards are for unknown fanons.
When we tell them that they just got impatient after reading my blog, they tell us they never read my blog.
Yeah, that's right. They never saw my blog. That seems perfectly coincidental that several different unofficial awards are created in less than a week after my Good Old Fashioned Protest.
As we are all waiting for the one, the only, Fanon Awards. We don't need a Fanon Recognition Ceremony, Momo Awards, or Fanon of the Month. We know you want these awards to start. But you don't have to create another copy because you cannot wait for the fanon admins, who are busier than you, to start up an official, long-time, well run ceremony. And if I mentioned a work of yours in this column, please do not feel offended - just stop your awards - because what I said here is true, you know it is true, and you know you are impatient.

Special mentions

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Random poll

How did you find the recent "non-controversial" rewrites and additions to site policies, such as the MoS?

The poll was created at 08:52 on October 24, 2011, and so far 20 people voted.
48px-1025281.png Technical updates
The 888th Avatar

This report outlines any notable technical changes made by Wikia and by Avatar Wiki admins in the last two weeks.

  • Styling for the admin dashboard was removed by yours truly. With Wikia's constant expansion of their dashboard theme to include more and more parts of the page, further additions to the already-extensive dashboard customization were deemed unrealistic.
  • The theme was modified by Wikia due to a global change to the way Theme Designer themes would display. Gradients for elements were removed in favor of shadows around edges, and previously golden-yellow borders were modified to a more prominent grey. The shadows were removed by yours truly, but further changes are probably impractical.
  • User profile mastheads had their size significantly reduced by Wikia. That took way too long.
  • There had been a bug that was occasionally removing HTML and reference tags when users were undoing edits. Wikia reports that this is now fixed.

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