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48px-1025281.png From the editor:
The 888th Avatar

We are a wiki. Wikis operate on the assumption that a resource will be more wonderfully detailed and accurate than any other if there are more people with the ability to edit it. They are, by their fundamental nature, places that can only function through continued collaboration by a stable community, and Avatar Wiki is no exception to the rule. The continued success of the site is conditional on our ability and willingness to unite and work together.

Unfortunately, the stability of the community, the foundation of Avatar Wiki, has recently been attacked and severely undermined.

Our continued constructive collaboration is dependent on whether we can attain mutual respect between all community members. We are all different. We are all unique individuals, but on top of this we also come from different countries and from different cultural backgrounds. These differences can only be bridged by respecting them — even if there is disagreement as to whether these beliefs are correct or even valid — and moving on. If we are unable to put aside these differences and work towards a greater goal, than we cannot hope to accomplish anything other than useless squabble.

This is not a matter of political correctness. It is not a matter of whether it is better to be more kind or more blunt. It is not a matter of how fearlessly we should speak "the truth". It is a matter of survival, and matters of survival are non-negotiable.

We would sincerely hope for all Avatar fans to be able to be part of this site. But if you find that you cannot respect the community, then you are not welcome on Avatar Wiki.

48px-3403431.png Editing trend

Greetings, mein Avatar Wiki volk.

I have noticed lately something rather un-nerving in editing trends. Now, we all love to do our part to make all the articles on this Wiki readable, and we like to make our edits constructive. That is certainly not the issue I am seeing in editing habits as of late.

What I have been seeing that I find odd is the /quantity/ of edits. I understand what editors are trying to do...but I notice that users are making five, seven, ten, sometimes even more, edits to one page in a short period of time. I don't feel like this is needed and has hints of badge editing. Although this is not as significant in the time since I proposed this column to 888th, I would like to implore this to the community as a whole:

Only 1 - 2, maybe three edits, are really needed to do work on a whole page. If you are totally overhauling a massive page, perhaps more edits are needed, yes. But one edit for pages is good, maybe a second to make any fixes. Three really should be the maximum. There is just no need to have 7 - 10+ edits for small to moderate pages.

Keep in mind to use preview mode. This will help ensure that your changes are in place and are accurate with regards to spelling, grammar, coding, etc.

I hope you will all take this to heart with your editing habits. Yes, trying to overhaul a whole page in one edit could be time-consuming and tedious, but at the end of the day, it will make us look more like an efficient wiki with an emphasis on quality over quantity.

Guten tag!


Sorry. It was just too cool to resist...
Make the War Room a daily habit.
You never know what might come up.
48px-3511228.png Demotivated

Editor's note: Watching this episode through while reading this column is recommended.

Chapter 2: The Cave of Two Lovers
A commentary and review (and some demotivation) of Book 2: Earth, Chapter 1: The Avatar State.

Previously on Avatar: Aang goes berserker mode. Zuko ships with some random girl who never appeared again—not that it stopped the shippers. No one cares about the death/destruction. Yay!

Figure 1

And now it’s time to demote the . . . third most Kataangy Kataang episode of all time, and fortunately—or lack thereof—we’ve got Monkeyfeathers here, due to popular demand. Hm . . . I’m probably going to have to take a vote about him. I don’t know if everyone likes him.

You can’t get rid of me. I’m like . . . part of you . . . muahaha! Muahahahahah!

No, that’d be Li’l Voice. Get out of here.

Are you replacing me?

I would never . . . unless the community decided so, of course.


[moves on]

So I’d like you to, if you haven’t already done so, take a look at the above poster—specifically, at Katara’s expression. That totally looks like the way a prostitute mother would look at her child. I’m serious about the strikeout there, Monkeyfeathers. Stop staring at me like that.

No, her expression is like Nala’s during the infamous shot in Can You Feel the Love Tonight? from The Lion King. All of you Lion Kings fans will surely know about what I speak, and if not, well, I can’t say it here lest I be banned from the Wiki. ;3



But I can say it, neh? Katara wants Aang in—

Okay that’s enough! On to the next, demote, which is hopefully clean—

Figure 2

—or not.

If you don’t know what hentai is . . . all animé is hentai.

Look at the shape of that tentacle for a second. Just look at that thing.

[grabs computer]

And you, Monkeyfeathers, don’t even approach me.

Now, since my mind is so far down the gutter at this point that the only thing stopping me from writing a trashy fanfic is that I write fanon, not fanfiction—and also the fact that I would never reduce myself to wasting time on something like that . . . I don’t have no objections—I just want to point out something awesome.

Please open your eyes [hands reader a pair of toothpicks] and glance at the water distortion. Now that, right there, is talent.

As far as I’m aware, it wasn’t done by computer. That distortion is drawn, y’all, and you know it’s serious when I use a word that isn’t in the English slaanguage—or any other.

Figure 3

Really, Shoe? Really?

Hey, I can faangirl however I want! Get out of here! Get! Shoo!

. . . okay . . . huh . . .

Yeah, that’s what I thought. [raises arms] Come at me bro.

I’m fine, Shoe.

Don’t start that up again.

So these guys right here are the chocolate chip pistachio hippies of Avatar. No, not the vanilla-strawberry’d heavily tattooed Dalai minting Lama but the mangoing Don’t Fall in Love with the Traveling mrakking Girl up there. Have you cookies and cream seen them? I’m surprised they weren’t chocolate protesting the rocky road War like a bunch of ba—

. . . I’d like to buy the world some tea in perfect harmony?

Figure 4

You know it’s going to be a long episode when you hear:

“We’re just people-people.”

“Aren’t we all?”

If you happen to read, allow to say four words: Men in Black Swan.

If you don’t . . . congratulations! You’re still sane, unlike me!

Of what material are Sokka and Katara’s undergarments/swimwear made? Don’t think it looks like fur or something, as I thought fur and sea prunes were all they had down there. And fish. But that doesn’t exactly look like fish either.

[looks around]

So . . . what gives? The monkeyfeathers are those?

And why was Sokka floating on the leaf at the beginning of the episode—almost forgot to mention—because come on. Please tell me what kind of tree grows giant leaves that float and can take the weight of a fifteen-year-old male. Go ahead, Show me.

I’m waiting.

[waits forever]

[sits next to a black hole]

[travels to the future a couple million years]


[sees no answers at all]

Yeah, that’s what I thought.

Yeah, that’s what I thought.

So Sokka drowned on his nonexistent leaf, and the rest of the nomads died in the titular Cave of Two Lovers! We so cool, we so cool.

And then the nomads were never able to make it to their recording session, and the world wasn’t killed by their recording of We are the World.

And by the way, deceased Sokka, if you’re so fixated on getting to Omashu as swiftly as possible, why are you lounging around on a nonexistent leaf?!

Figure 5

See, there’s this point in time when you have to say to yourself: “Should I make some delicious tea that could kill me or go to a nearby Earth Kingdom store and just buy some? Hmmm . . .” and then you go ahead and make the delicious tea. In the meantime, your nephew has set out to fish on a giant spear and managed to catch what seems to be Nemo. Speaking of which, in 314, Zuko “sets out on a fishing trip”; good thing Iroh wasn’t there to tell the rest of Team Avatar just how successful said trips tend to be. Back to 202. So, Iroh—[tosses a purse]—here, go buy yourself something nice. And by the way, what kind of tea aficionado can recognize the White Jade yet not remember: White on pink, safe to drink. Pink on white, dead by night. Iroh, you’re so smart sometimes. That’s like not knowing the difference between Black-Capped Chickadee and a Carolina—never mind.

Figure 6

Meanwhile, back to the nomads.

The hippies are showing Aang and the gaang everything about hippie life: Wandering around so that one can continue stealing without being caught; being able to sing and play instruments all day because the drugs they bought were nice and hallucinogenic (Spirits, that’s a giant Momo! Woah, that meteor just decimated everything! Hey . . . is that Zuko? Nice view!); and, oh yeah, taking drugs.

This was when Sokka the Ghost came in and told everyone to get packing, because everyone is mooving out like some docile, drugged cows.

^ Worst pun in the history of TAD puns.

Monkeyfeathers originally had a stop here, but it was so offensive that I had to pull the plug. Sorry, all you gun-toters out there. Please don’t murder.

Figure 8


Smash cut to: Appa in the middle of all this fire and Australia—yes, that’s a reference to something else hot that’s down under, but I’ll leave that to you to decide as to what that may be—but I’ve a question. Why can’t tey just fly around the giant Fire Nation army? I mean, if Appa can fly over the ocean for hours, why can’t they just make a detour instead of being so math-minded they have to go in a daang straight line?

But Shoe, then we wouldn’t have a kiwi pineappleing Kataang episode!

Good point. I’ll take the Kataang episode.

. . . fudge you.”

Figure 9

Allow me to give you a small hint: If you decision is between death and a person, and you chose death . . . are you acquaintance with my sister?

Figure 10

So, Master Arrowhead—

[falls off chair]

[rolls around on floor]

[laughs loudly]

Okay, okay, I’m good.

So, Master Arrowhead


[slams head into back of chair]

[gniffels obnoxiously]

So, Master Arrowhead

[Error: This joke has been removed by the Committee for an Appropriate Wiki.]

So . . . Master Arrowhead realizes that all he needs is love. Quick, someone put on a romantic comedy soundtrack. It’s time for some Zutarians to d-d-die!

This episode is rather a one-two punch for Zutara: It has both hardcore Kataang and Zong. Sorry, Zutarians.

Anyway, some Fire Nation evil-people [or something] arrive, and clearly these are the same people one of whose cousin died of “pentapox” that know the daang song.

A song.

Oh come on.

And they put these guys in charge of tanks? Why, so they could make length jokes? What is this? The USSR as it fled Afghanistan?

No, siriusly.

What is this I don’t even . . .

Figure 11

[Quick note: When I was five, I thought Woodstock was a big birthday celebration for the little yellow bird that tagged around with Snoopy.

. . . wait, it isn’t?]

Back to Avatar!

Naturally, there’ a cave in caused by the above geniuses, each of them with IQs in the thousands and no failing grades whatsoever [of course, this may have been caused by IQ tests out of a hundred thousand points and an ‘ABCDEJ’ grading system], and now they have to get out.


The rational guy, the couple, the hippies . . .

Right, M. Night, please don’t turn this into a full-length romantic comedy. As much as we’d like a romantic comedy on Kataang—

Pwsah! As if!

--shut up Monkeyfeathers as much as we’d like a romantic comedy on Kataang, we don’t want it form you.

Figure 12

Meanwhile, in a totally creepy and possibly illegal scene, a bloated Iroh tries to make moves on Song, who is clearly disinterested.

And Zuko, I’d like to speak to you.

Zuko: “Uh . . . sure. What’s wrong?”

Me: “Did you just think that no one would notice the giant scar covering half of your face?”

Zuko: “Er, well . . . actually . . .”

Me: “Er, well . . . yeah, okay. Does no one know who you are?”

Zuko: “They don’t exactly hang pictures of me everywhere.”

Me: “I think it would spread pretty far that a guy with a giant scar covering half his face is the prince. Remember how you totally blew your cover in 207? Right. Well—why didn’t the news reach Ba Sing Se in all of your wayward travels that took at least a month, not even counting the time spent in 209?”

Zuko: “. . . why are you stalking me?”

Me: “Hey, I’m not a Zuko fangirl. I’m not stalking you.”

Zuko: “I know how to deal with this . . .” [claps hands]

[Aang pops out]

Me: [squees]

48px-1040506.png Interview: Lady Lostris

1. How has your experience on the Wiki been?

A: That's an easy one: it has been great! Avatar Wiki is the first wiki I've ever been on and I don't regret it for a second. Even as a newby, I immediately felt at home thanks to the friendly people here and once I discovered IRC and got to know some people better and they got to know me, that experience only become better and better.

2. We all know you are a good contributor in the wiki and one of the most active users. What makes you work and edit in the wiki as much as you do?

A: I have been discovered as an Avatar Wiki addict! Now I must flee to the Avatar Wiki Anonymous. Sexily! But what makes me work here? Combination of factors really. My main drive has always been my love for the show. It is an amazing series that deserves to have an amazing wiki like this one and I am proud that I can help this wiki become even more great. At first, that drive was also fuelled by a great deal of boredom, but that soon changed as I got to know people here and now I just come on because I genuinely like it here. I like editing and improving something I love and I like the fact that by doing so, I help out others who are looking for info about Avatar. If something I wrote helps maybe only one person, then that was a successful edit and was worth my time.

3. What do you expect of Korra?

A: I expect to see another amazing adventure in the Avatar World. I hope the new series will continue the path ATLA has taken: a mature series from which you can learn a lot, but still enough humor to keep it light and entertaining. I don't really have a preference for what I would like to see as I must admit that I gave up on thinking about it after reading all those specualtion theories that are flooding some of our LoK-related. I wish the creators will leave the old Team Avatar be. I hope that there will not be too many flashback, because to me the old series is done. Keeping it alive will derive attention away from Korra and will stretch ATLA out too much and stretching out a series is never good. That being said, I would /love/ to see Katara and Aang's wedding (be it a flashback, I don't care, I want to see the wedding!). And I want a good close up of Zuko's happy face as he kisses Mai, because he was overwhelmed by the romance on the wedding of Kataang (what? Me wanting to annoy the Zutarians? The nerve you have to even think that!).

4. How has the Answers Wiki been working lately?

A: Pretty good. It has come a long way from since Natsu and I began cleaning that site up. As with all things, we didn't do that alone of course and we owe a lot of clean up to the hard work of the Answer Gurus. We seriously couldn't have gotten the wiki to where it is now without the help of the gurus. Questions are getting answered to a decent level and there isn't a lot of spamming and vandalism going on, so that's all good. I must admit though that the answers wiki sometimes gives me more than a fair share of facepalms and headdesks, but then there is this heavenly thing called a "delete button". ^^ But the answers wiki can sometimes raise your spirits as well: either by getting a very good question and seeing that is gets an equally decent respons or just by reading a funny question like "What is the name of the Unnamed fire Avatar?". Having read that question 4 times was extremely good for lifting my spirits; good thing that they say "laughing is healthy". :-)

5. How's your fanon going? When do you think we will be able to read it? Can you tell something about it?

A: My fanon is going well, I'm currently working on my second chapter, but I probably won't post anything until I've written my third chapter so that if people actually like my fanon (wouldn't that be something?) they would actually have something to read. Although it seems that my chapters do tend to be quite lenghthy ^^. Only one problem: I've noticed that I am very creative when I am on a train or on a bus. Sadly enough, I'm only on a train/bus twice a week and thus I don't write as much.

That's part of the reason. The other part is that when I'm writing my fanon, I can't edit the wiki or talk on IRC, so I am still trying to figure out how exactly I am going to balance all that. So for those who are waiting to read it: it is all your fault! You shouldn't be so sarned interesting! ;-)

Now, what is it about? My fanon has 3 big influences: First: ATLA (what a shock, right?) Second: Ancient Egypt and third: Wilbur Smith's Egyptian novels, more specifically "River God" and "Warlock". Some already know that River God is my favorite book and I adore Smith's style of writing. (Come to think of it, he should pay me or something as I am widely advertising his book. At least 4 users here have started reading River God) Now, my fanon will be about Lostris Tamose, the Fire Nation's crown princess. Before I continue, I'd like to point out that I am not, but then absolutely NOT writing a fanon about myself. For those who have read River God will notice that the main character there is also called Lostris and she is a noble woman. I just trasnfered that to my fanon. To be honest, I've been a bit lazy when it comes to names as I have taken a lot of names out of Smith's books.

(Let's consider that as my payement for the advertising I've done.) Anyway, the fanon is set in ancient Egypt and follows Lostris' journey through the world as she first loses it all and then needs to fight like hell to maybe get it back. For those who know me, it will come as no surprise that the story has some romance in it, but I try to balance the mushy stuff with action, drama, humor and seriousness.

48px-3390396.png Community Central

You might have heard somewhere about Community Central, the central or the eye of the storm we all are in, and love. What is Community Central? Community Central is a place and a wiki where you can meet up with other Wikia community members to talk about your wiki or any other topic, learn about what is happening on Wikia, and find help from the experienced and knowledgable users. What kind of help would you require? It can be stretching from how to add a link, to complicated CSS and JavaScript. Wikia Staff announce their new features like chat, the new editor, the new profile redesign, and so on. Some Staff regularly post blogs regarding suggestions for users in editing, and many other topics. Weekly, Staff also post blogs regarding the technical tweeks, changes, and/or updates that have been fixed/done throughout the week. The blog comments allow users to discuss about the changes, new features, and suggestions, and voice their own opinions and suggestions to add on to the blog.

Now comes the Admin and Founder Central that concentrates on educating, and/or helping both new and old wiki founders and admins in various topics. This can range from a short tutorial about Wiki Activity and Recent changes, to policy drafts help for newer admins written by our own little Rassidy! :P. The founder and admin central has helped a lot of users who are admins or founders of other wikis, with an example being me. The founder and admin hub also has a forum specifically for its purpose. The forum is divided into four sections: General questions, where general questions can be asked, as the name suggests. Technical help, where questions regarding technical topics like codes, CSS, and/or JavaScript can be asked, as the name suggests. Getting started, where basic questions about managing or creating a wiki can be asked, as the name suggests. And lastly, Watercooler, where you can post forums on any topics that don't fall in the above categories.

After the two main parts of Community Central, now come the Community Forums. Forums in Community Central can be used for several purposes. These forums, like the Admin and Founder hub forums, are also divided into sections, but into two sections rather than four. Support requests, where you can seek help from the Wikia community and General discussion, where you can post general discussions. After covering forums, now come some important links. Some of the useful links are: Technical updates, Staff blogs, new features, tips and tricks, Help. This article was mostly to introduce the users who don't know about Community Central to it. I hope this all helps. Happy editing!

48px-743796.png Gender of Avatars
H-Man Havoc

There have been a few blog posts that attempted to establish a pattern of previous Avatars' genders in order to extrapolate succeeding Avatars' genders, much like how the last one dealt with the gender of Korra's successor, a future Earth Avatar. While it is impossible to predict with certainty the gender of an Avatar based on algorithmic patterns, I believe that a key factor in gender identification could revolve around the aggression levels of the immediate predecessor.

I hypothesize that the higher an Avatar's sustained aggression in certain situations, the more likely the next Avatar would be male. Likewise, the more passive an Avatar is, the more likely the next Avatar would be female.

I base this theory on the fact that before Aang, the previous 5 Avatars alternated between males and females (3 males, 2 females). We don't know what the Unnamed fire Avatar's temperment was, but given the fact that his successor, Yangchen was female, he was likely a passive Avatar. Yangchen didn't hesitate to use force when necessary, as she explained in 3.19, likely giving rise to Kuruk after her death. Though Kuruk was a showoff (as seen in the Escape from the Spirit World game), he was more passive than aggressive, therefore Kyoshi became his successor. She was ruthless at times and didn't hesitate to kill, like she did to Chin, and developed the Dai Li. After her death, Roku took the mantle. He's tricky since he was virtually split between passive and aggressive. It shifted to the latter at times though, due to his animosity with Sozin as well as giving his full effort to save his people from a volcanic eruption (in vain though). Aang came after, and like a true Airbender, avoided fights in most situations and did not want to hurt anyone or anything except when he had to. Korra is now the Avatar, and judging from the trailer, she shows no hesitation in using her opposing bending art, Firebending, and is always starting fights. I think she also enjoys using Firebending based on the trailer.

So what do you guys think? Does this theory have merit?

48px-1635895.png Commenting: courtesy and conduct
Rassilon of Old

Comments; the Lower Ring of Avatar Wiki, home to some of the scum and vermin of the Avatar Wiki Community. No matter what the Dai Li Agents do to try to stop them, the peasantry always come back.

No but seriously, comments in recent weeks, both on articles and on blogs have been, in my opinion, leaning towards being rather rude, derogatory, and even disrespectful. I'm not naming any users, I'm not saying that I myself am exempt from this, I just thought I'd put out a small message to rethink and review your comments before posting if you are upset or a bit emotional at the time of typing it, to ensure the coherence and overall happiness of the community.

48px-4357864.png Fanon open to all writers
Omashu Rocks

We all like to write, read, and comment on fanons. But what if there was a fanon that we could all work on together? Well, there is! The first ever fanon open to all writers is finally here! Now, any member of the wiki can write for Our Story! So far, there are 10 confirmed contributors to this fanon and our numbers are expected to grow. Join the epic fanon movement today and begin writing for the soon-to-be most successful fanon on the wiki!

General Iroh
The Ba Sing Se Times needs YOU.
Have a great Avatar or Avatar Wiki joke?
An interesting opinion about the wiki?
A fanfic that desperately needs readers?
A review of a fanfic you'd like to publish?
Just write a column,
and send it in to the editor.

from the fanon portal
48px-1635895.png From the deputy editor:
Rassilon of Old

You may have noticed a small deletion from the Fanon Portal I made yesterday, and that was removing the old fanon advertising method, to make room for the new one, which has been tested by many authors over the past month (who all deserve my thanks). You would all have seen them if you are a reader of Avatar: Energy Saga, Mysteries of My Past, or even The First Avatar plus countless more. A few issues ago, we asked you what you thought of the advertising method, and we received generally positive results, but for a few concerns.

However, these concerns were unable to be solved, as although we received numbers and statistics, we really didn't receive any qualitative feedback, any personal opinions and feedback and specific concerns. So I have opened up a new thread in the War Room, Thoughts on new Fanon Advertising method, so I can gather some proper concerns from all users, so as to improve it to suit everyone's liking. So please make a comment on that forum, and once consensus is reached, we can implement the change to the Portal.

Now, onto something else that's been stirring in my mind for some time now, The Common Series Project. Due to the inability to successfully contact one another, the project sort of, dwindled away - depressing, I know - but I continued my own work on it, assisted by MightyBrit - whose self and family have my thoughts at the present time. The Common Series Project will begin again, and I have found an excellent way to communicate with one another, which doesn't involve email.

Anyone here heard of Evernote? Well I certainly have, and I'm loving using it. Basically, what happens is, you download the program, make an account, and you can sync your files over the web incredibly easy. So all Common Series writers, keep your eyes glued to your email inbox (or special location for one particular user) for details on how this will work.

And now for an update on my fanon. Progress has been, well, appalling, in the last few weeks. White Lotus is no nearer to completion than M. Night is to having a successful movie making career again... White Lotus is slowly moving along, but for some reason, I've been building on the series' third season more than the first. Odd, but I'm excited for it. Here are some updates, and have a great week.

White Lotus updates


  • Serial in overview notes.
  • Chapter 101 in writing process.
  • Chapters 102 - 104 are in outline.
  • Chapters 105 - 110 dot-pointed.


  • Dot pointed key plot points.


  • Serial in overview notes.

Don't forget to visit this forum thread, or I'll find your home and knock loudly on your door until it annoys you immensely!

48px-3565124.png Fanon review: Dancing Shadows

Hello, this is BlackMonkey, signing in to review Dancing Shadows by BlueDagger.

This series chronicles two young assassins, Feng and Wei, as they journey and rise from little-known assassins-for-hire to becoming the greatest assassins in the world. Dancing Shadows takes place from 2 years before the end of the Great War to near the very end, and the Earth Kingdom is in great danger. However, in Feng's career, the next Avatar will rise to power, and the War's tide will begin to turn in the Earth Kingdom's favor. Feng himself will, eventually, become a factor in the War.
I won't try to hide the facts with lame criticisms - let's get to the point. This is my favorite fanon on the wiki. Yup. I said it. Between great action, a thrilling plot, and amazing characters, this is a really, really great story. When it's done, which I hope won't be for a while, it's going to be up there with the epic fanons like Guardian and Wanted. It's a legend waiting to happen.


  • Story - 9.1: Each chapter is really just another kill until you make it to the What Goes Around Comes Around duo. That really elevates the story to another level.
  • Action - 9.7: Brilliant.
  • Writing - 8.8: Great is some parts, others might need a little work. Good overall.
  • Creativity - 9.3: This is something that's never been done. A very creative story.
  • Believability - 9.0: Everything that happens or said could probably happen. Nothing much to say here.
  • Character Development - 9.5: One of my favorite things about this story, whenever a character makes a kill, they think about it afterwards. Feng, Wei, and Nekku can't just stab a guy and leave. They acknowledge the feeling of a blade sliding into one's body. They think, they realize that they just ended one's life. That's the power of writing for you, and BlueDagger has mastered it. Soon one of the assassins in that trio is just going to snap.

Average Score: 9.2
Note: All scores are out of ten

Advice for BlueDagger: Nothing much really. Read over every chapter before you publish it so everything seems possible, and all the speech seems normal. I really think you've mastered writing action and I think Dancing Shadows is going places. From what I can tell by looking at the list of planned chapters, this fanon is going to go on for a while, so just keep writing.

What kind of users should read Dancing Shadows? If you like high action, illegal city life, murder, and the struggles of killing, this fanon is for you. Although you should be comfortable with cursing before starting to read it. There's, well, a lot.

Next Review: Savior

Special mentions

  • Millennia2, for his work putting together the Fanon Review Squad

Recipients may use the {{User special mention}} userbox on their user pages. Suggest users for this to the editor!

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What do you think of the new Wiki Navigation?

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48px-1025281.png Technical updates
The 888th Avatar

This report outlines any notable technical changes made by Wikia and by Avatar Wiki admins in the last two weeks.

  • A new top navigation menu is being introduced by Wikia, and it has been turned on early here by yours truly. With the previous restriction to 28 links removed, we now have more than more than enough links to satisfy our navigational needs.
  • A to Z category listings of articles were implemented across the wiki by Thailog. This aims to add to our navigation functionality by adding another avenue of browsing.
  • The main page underwent some small changes from yours truly to accommodate the primitive Internet Explorer and to incorporate links to A to Z listings. The welcome statement is now across two lines, and the tweet list no longer uses bullets.
  • The colour of the preview button in the editing window was incorrect and has been fixed by yours truly. The javscript replacement of the edit button with "Archived" on old forum threads was also not functioning, which has been fixed.

  • Never heard of The Ba Sing Se Times? Find out more here.
  • You can also receive a delivered edition of this newsletter to your user talk page, particularly useful if you fall behind in staying up to date. Subscribe here.
  • Have something to say about one of the columns? Have a suggestion for the newsletter? Want to contribute? Comment right here on this blog post.

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