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48px-3390396.png Guest editorial: Creating articles

In the past three months, many new articles are being created, to bring us closer to being the ultimate resource about Avatar in existence. However, some pages are utterly unneeded. Many of the pages created have individual articles in the no-longer-updated official site. If we don't have pages for all the characters and information in the official Avatar website, we can surely never call ourselves the best Avatar resource in existence. Sometimes, however, article creation goes way over the line. The Corn Man article is about a very minor character who appeared for barely 6-9 seconds in the episode. Why do we keep a page for such a minor character? Avatar Wiki's deletion policy clearly lists "Articles about minute details, e.g. "Zuko's Firebending" or "Unnamed House in Ba Sing Se" in the "What Not to Create" heading.

Another one of an utterly unneeded page is Iroh's Sandal. While I voted it to be kept in the deletion discussion, I only voted for the information to be kept rather than the page itself. Why did I do it? Because, we don't have articles for Sokka's sarcasm, and so on. I agree, the sandal did play an important role and part in saving Iroh the first time and finding the Order of the White Lotus the second time, but a page for a footwear?

48px-1040506.png Avatar: suspense and hand-outs
Dcasawang1 and Sirius13

As we all may know, the premiere date of The Last Airbender: Legend of Korra has probably been pushed back to 2013... However, this has not confirmed by Bryke or Nick, and some websites still state it will happen in 2012, rather than 2013. And as we also all know, very few (or none at all) are happy about it.

We all also have different ways of coping with the bad news: Some bash their heads against the wall and proclaim, "Why must I wait?!" Others, being sane rational beings, simply think, "Meh, just another year." But, of course, there are also those that believe in mythology and scream, not unlike a screeching dodo, "What?! But the world will end before then!" Symptoms of 'Korra-itis' aside, we can only wonder WHY this delay has happened.

Some theories have appeared concerning this. Some think a Book 4 is being created, others think it was delayed because of the comic, and some guess it's because Bryke is making a second season. The fact that Nickelodeon is still home to several, er, "underappreciated" series that seem to be given priority has been considered as well.

The ones who are waiting for The Promise - Part 1 are mostly people who are still rather sad that the end of the first series came, and many don't understand how Bryke could "not finish" it, and how they could kill Ursa. (And, no, Zutara didn't happen either after the finale.) The ones who blame the comic start to smear it, noticing all kinds of possible errors and making straange speculations just by looking at the cover.

Finally, the ones who wait for the second season already have speculated all the series chapters, they have found out and deduced the conflict's solution, all kinds of shippings, and even Amon's identity. Well, they believe they have anyway, so who needs LoK, since the plot is oh so predictable?

What should we do, then? Just wait for more news? Don't get TOO mad yet, because it's something not 100% confirmed. The series is going to be aired eventually; the world is not going to end in 2012 (presumably). Book 4 has not even been mentioned, however, we hope that the comics give us some answers that ATLA didn't, and, of course, tell us how the end of the War was properly controlled and planned by Team Avatar, bearing in mind all the obvious possible conflicts that could emerge.

48px-3511228.png Demotivated

Editor's note: Watching this episode through while reading this column is recommended.

Chapter 1: The Avatar State
A commentary and review (and some demotivation) of Book 2: Earth, Chapter 1: The Avatar State.

Hi there! Welcome aboard the second season of Demotivated. It’s been a wild ride with all of you, and let’s see if we can’t make this season better than the last.

Note: Since this is my first demote in over two months, bear with me please. =] My skills are a little, eh, rusty? Hey, Rusty! Go talk to Bluestar! Nobody likes you!

Previously on Avatar: Sokka’s heart broke. =[ Hahn’s . . . whole body broke. =D Yue died for the moon. =[ Zhao died by the ocean! =D Aang and Katara had a miss-kiss. =[ Aang and La had a Koizilla! =D

Koh the Face Stealer! =] ]= =D D= =P P= =B B= =3 3= Insert more smilies here!

Get it? Because Koh steals faces . . . ? [knee slap]

Note: In this demote, watch out for TAD points. The recipient of the most TAD points will receive a super secret, super special, super stupid prize! Unless otherwise stated, you can’t use Google, and it’s the first post to state the reference that gets the points.

Modified posts are not allowed. If I see a ‘history’ button on your post, you’re disqualified.

Figure 1

I can imagine the creators sitting down together and looking at each other, preferably over a morning hot cup of tea or morning hot foxy lady.

Yes, there was a reference in there if you read Kataang fanon and love ruining little kids’ lives.

M: “So, you know, in the first season, we totally had Aang have nightmares . . .”

B: “Uh-huh.”

M: “In 112. So, I was thinking for season tw—”

B: “Wait, what about 101? You know, first episode?”

from the fanon portal
48px-1635895.png From the deputy editor:
Rassilon of Old

I'm back! My rather, well, active-inactive period has ended, with exam week finishing on a high, hopefully! In my time gone, I've been trying to cram some writing in all the free spaces I have between school and studying. So removing eating, sleeping, and breathing, I made space to work on my new fan-fiction project, White Lotus. Since I don't have an updates page for it, and I probably won't until the series begins, I'll be having small updates in my Ba Sing Se Times collumn.

White Lotus updates


  • Serial in overview notes.
  • Chapter 101 in writing process.
  • Chapters 102 - 103 are in outline.
  • Chapters 104 - 110 dot-pointed.

In last issue's poll, we asked what you thought of the new fanon advertising system, with two-thirds of you responding positively to the system, but with one-third of you replying negatively. To those who replied negatively, I would love to get some feedback from you that I can use to build on the system, as a bunch of numbers regarding preference is useless. So please, give me some feedback on what you don't like, why you don't like it, and what can be done to improve it.

Now, in previous issues, I have proposed and mentioned a 'Categorizing Guide' for the Fanon Portal, so newer users, and even some older users, know exactly what to do when they create or add categories for their fanon. I've been working on this idea since then, and I've established a basic draft of the policy, as well as my first heading, "When to create categories". See below for the draft.

When to create categories

All users are entitles to create as many categories for their fanon as they wish, as long as it is done so in moderation. Every category you create must have a proper purpose, otherwise it will subsequently be deleted by a Fanon Administrator. You may create categories such as;

  • a category for your fanon series
  • a category for your series' chapters
  • a category for locations in your fanon
  • a category for characters in your fanon
  • a category for templates used in your fanon
  • a category for images used in your fanon
  • a category for events in your fanon

If you are unsure as to what other categories may or may not be created, contact a Fanon Administrator for more information.

So, from that draft, what do you think? I know it is a very basic outline so far, but is there anything else YOU would have added to it? I'll be working on that throughout the week, and hopefully have the policy ready for consideration in the War Room by next week.

Also in the works is the restructuring of the Fanonbenders, and you'll see me doing quite a bit of work on that in the coming weeks. That's all from me for now, my Undiscovered Fanon series will continue next issue along with an interview, have a great week!

48px-2247564.png Fanon review & Alone updates

This review is brought to you by the Fanon Review Squad

Today's Ba Sing Se Times review is The First Avatar, by H-Man Havoc.

Overview: The Avatar is the most powerful bender in existence and has regulated world order for millennia under countless reincarnations. What if one could discover what life was like when the very first Avatar came into existence? This fanon attempts to recreate that scenario, going back in time to 20,000 BSC; the year that the Avatar initially came into existence from the depths of the Spirit World. The story centers around a young, somewhat inexperienced Airbender named Tenzu, who has a shady past and was recently exiled from his home at the Northern Air Temple for something he unintentionally did. Accompanied by his best friend and mentor, Monk Shinjin, Tenzu's goal is to rehabilitate his image and realize an unknown destiny that may never arrive.

Script: From the perspective of the Air Nomads we never had in the series, H-Man does a good job of writing their philosophy and bending training. 8.9/10

Story: Quite creative. His first prologue was like a story within the story. 9.2/10

Keeps You Reading: Honestly, it could use a little creative edge that makes you want to continue. 8.7/10

Creativity: The first chapter about the creation of the world and the start of bending was brilliantly done. 9.4/10

Action: Move for move is described down to the finest detail. 9.5/10

Character Development: I can tell that this is only the beginning of Tenzu’s experience in the story. Can you say Aang? 9.1/10

General Writing: 9.3/10

Overall: 9.1/10

Next Review: And Everything in Between

Book 3? Really?

Trust me, I don’t believe it either.

First off, I’ve been working on a guest chapter for A:TLAR for a while now, and it will be done by the end of the week! So be sure to check that out, I hope you like it!

Now off to Alone

After a LOT of planning, some pre-writing, and a good bit of rearranging, I am excited to say that Book 3: Storm will premiere on October 1st, 2011!

I can’t tell you how long I’ve been waiting for this. Just a few things included in the book:

  • Three new villains, including a new version of a silent killer from the original series
  • A reappearance from the prisoners at Uluru
  • Tons of flashbacks and character backstories
  • A Teenage romance (It won’t be THAT cheesy, I promise!)
  • My favorite character in her prime :D
  • Plenty of action
  • A shocking new secret
  • Torture
  • Death. Lots of it :P
  • A wedding
  • An explosive finale in New Orleans

Excited yet?

I hope so! Just as a little treat, I’ll include a little preview of a chapter from the Book. So Alone fans, however many or few of you there are, get ready for October 1st!

The door burst open, sending ripples through the blood soaked linoleum floor. Barefoot, the woman walked slowly towards the bed in the corner. The woman was not what Talise had imagined. Her feet and ankles were covered in blood, but other than that she was spotless. She wore a deep red robe, trimmed with gold on the edges. Her jet black hair was straight past her shoulders, not one hair out of place.

Talise cowered against the wall next to the bed, holding her sleeping infant in her arms. As the woman walked closer to the bed, Talise began to cry softly to herself.

“Shh.” the woman whispered. “Don’t want to wake the baby, do we?”

The woman was next to the bed now. She grasped the metal bars of the bed with bare white hands. Her knuckles were knobby and seemed as if ready to burst out of her skin.

“Did you really think you could betray him like this?” she said, her eyes darting to the baby.

Talise began to sob, her arms shaking. The baby stayed asleep, as if nothing were going on.

“How could you? How could you betray Joel?” the woman whispered dangerously.

Talise’s eyes darted to the door, to the bloody handprint left there from the doctor whose blood now covered the floor of the room. Talise cried out, and the baby moved slightly at the disturbance.

“What was I supposed to do? He’s been gone for years! I had to move on!”

“Gone? Oh dear, he was never gone. Not to me.”

The woman jerked her arms towards the floor. The blood, every drop of it, floated towards her waiting hand.

"Give me the child." the woman demanded.

Talise was lost for words. All she could do was cry and tighten her grip on her daughter.

"You betrayed your husband. You don't deserve to care for her. Give her to me." the woman quietly demanded.

Talise shook her head, tears pouring down her face. The woman didn't show any sign that she acknowledged the small mark of defiance. She only raised her hand and jerked, freezing the blood into a large spear. Talise closed her eyes. The child slept on, an innocent lamb to the slaughter.

48px-3565124.png Fanon crossword

Hello everyone! It's my second column for the Ba Sing Se Times - and I have put together a little game here, that culminates fanon knowledge with the old puzzle known as the word search. Here's how you play. Hidden in the mass of letters below, the abbreviations for five fanons can be found. Below the word-search, you can find the quote or slogan for each of those stories, to help. For example, if "The only way to pay for her mistakes is to become what she tried to destroy", the slogan of Daughter of Ashes and Air, is listed below the puzzle, you would try and find "DAA" in the word-search. Figure it out, mix and match, hunt for the answers, and see how you do.

  1. A bird could love a fish, but where would they live?
  2. Be careful when ye fight the monsters, lest ye become one.
  3. Thou Shalt.
  4. Different Origins. Same Adventure.
  5. A young boy just trying to find his place in the world.

General Iroh
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48px-1025281.png Technical updates
The 888th Avatar

This report outlines any notable technical changes made by Wikia and by Avatar Wiki admins in the last two weeks.

  • Community Messages was created by yours truly in order to improve community messaging by doxing the question "Where on the page are the messages when we click the link in the bubble?" once and for all. Community Messages is now in effect the community portal (see this), with the page titled "Community Portal" redirecting here.
  • The floating toolbar we see at the bottom of the page can now be seen while in the editing window as well, a long-overdue update from Wikia.
  • Wiki Features was introduced by Wikia to replace Wikia Labs by giving admins the ability to enable/disable some features that were on by default in addition to the ability to enable/disable features under testing. We do not anticipate making any changes to the Avatar Wiki feature set in the near future through this channel, however.
  • From Wikia: "Unfortunately, the oft-appearing bug of images not refreshing after a re-upload has returned. Our technicians have identified the underlying issue but a fix is not yet in place." I think a collective sigh is in order.

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