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The 888th Avatar

The new system for requests for adminship is currently being used for the first time. We are now approaching the end of the week of nominations, questions and answers, and voting is set to begin soon. While this new process is a departure from traditional means of granting adminship on most large wikis, it is probably necessary and the fairest method on a wiki where there are a large number of capable users but the total size of the community cannot accommodate so many admins. So far, the evidence is that is working well, with thoughtful and intelligent questions and answers from community members and the three current candidates.

That said, we should remember that despite the competitive nature of the new process and the high level of respect that appears to be afforded to administrators on Avatar Wiki, the true meaning of adminship should remain unchanged. Though gaining adminship can be a powerful acknowledgement of dedication, adminship in itself is "not a big deal". Users should be respected based on their personal attributes and quality of edits, not on the user rights they hold or held. The Ba Sing Se Times asks that this be kept in mind when voting discussion begins tomorrow for requests for adminship.

48px-1635895.png Undiscovered fanon & updates
Rassilon of Old

This week I'm going to be reviewing Nathan Miranda's new fanon, Those Bored Eyes (Mai's Story). Like Eyes of Katara and Feet of Toph, Those Bored Eyes is a background story, and as some know, I'm not a fan of these types of fanon, but TBE has been written extremely well considering Nathan Miranda is a first time Author.

Quite obviously, the series follows Mai after her introduction to the series and fills in the many gaps in between episodes, and even in between scenes occasionally. I so far have only read two chapters, but I will no doubt continue to read. The tone of voice Nathan employs is effectively representative of Mai's personality and feelings. I found upon reading, that the syntactical dialogue used seemed almost British, which I found as an odd twist, but strangely enough, works rather well in terms of a narrative voice.

I would recommend this fanon to anyone who enjoys Eyes of Katara, or any other background story like it. As such, my rating is accorded to the originality, language used, and descriptive language.


Since my promotion to Fanon Administrator, and I would like to thank the entire Avatar Wiki Community for supporting me, I have been working on all of the possible things that could be possibly done to improve the current state of the Fanon Portal, and instead of having fornightly updates on each issue of the Ba Sing Se Times, I have started a new blog which will house all information on current updates, their progress, and upcoming updates to the portal.

Some of you will have noticed the new Fanon Advertising page I set up with the collaboration of several other users on IRC today, which marks the first improvement to the fanon portal, with many more to come.

So stay tuned to my blog to see the latest news and updates to the Fanon Portal.

48px-3403140.png Interview: Rassilon of Old

1. What, in your opinion, sets you apart from other users to become Fanon administrator?
Well I don't think I am any different from any other users, other than personality wise. But I suppose one asset I have is the ability to remain calm in times of conflict. I check in almost every day, and whenever I am asked, help other users however I can, whether asked or not. I sometimes even find myself responding to questions on other peoples talk pages. :P But I suppose I am dedicated, self-motivated, fairly reliable, and considerate of others.

2. What do you think most urgently needs to be done on the Wiki?
The film and fanon namespaces need URGENT attention. Hopefully by know, you will know that I have nominated Hasdi for adminship, and I plea that he REALLY deserves it. He tirelessly edits the film namespace, without any recognition. Only very recently has he become a rollback, by my nomination. We have an administration staff for the mainspace, and fanonspace, but what about the filmspace? Nada, nothing. Not even administrators edit there much, in fact, I haven't ever seen them edit there. Either we get a set of film admins, or we give Hasdi adminship so he can properly monitor that namespace, because god knows he needs all the help he can get.

3. What do you think of some of the newer users on the Wiki, and what do you do to help them out?
New users are always great to have, and I am quite excited when I meet a promising user who makes good quality edits. I usually just send a hello to their talk page to start with, and a link to my talk page should they have any questions. Sometimes they ask, sometimes they don't, but it is always interesting to see how that user then becomes involved in the community. The first user I really helped a lot was Moon Beam, or the then Toph Lover. I helped her out with templates for her fanon, and various other little coding issues and page moves etc. Just basic stuff, but now, as you can see, Moon Beam is an experienced and well-aquainted member of the Wiki!

4. You give a lot to the Wiki (evidenced by the nature of your contributions). What does the Wiki mean to you?
Well thanks for that little compliment there! Tough question though... To me, Avatar Wiki is somewhere where I can sort of 'do my own thing', and also use as somewhere to share my ideas and written works. I'm not really sure how to answer this. Good question, but tough! :P

5. What will be your first "order of business" as a Fanon administrator?
Well, my first order of business as a member of fanon administration staff if I am successful in my nomination would be cleaning up the fanon portal, by both use of the Fanonbenders user group and by a tagging procedure. In the next week, the Fanonbenders will be a more open user group, and less exclusive and useless as it is at the moment. Also, once all of the nominations for administration and bureaucracy have finished, I would like to talk to the entire active community about changes to un-updated fanon policies which need to be modified in order to fix loop holes in the system, and possible new policies to ensure that the fanon portal remains clean and tidy. The Common Series Project is also underway with my small team of authors, and after the first series is completed and we have a proper grasp on how the series needs to be managed, the project will be open for more users to write for the series. Also, the possibility of introducing more community assignments to clean the Wiki in a fun way would be interesting to try out, and I am constantly on the look out for various ways to modify the fanon portal to have a separate theme, a prospect deemed incredibly hard by a lot of people, but yet the search goes on!

6. Out of curiosity, what is your opinion on shipping, in general?
I never actually knew what it was until months after I first started reading the wiki, which was back in 2007. I think the extent to which it was taken was a bit lot extreme, but hey, people have their opinions, no matter how strongly minded they May be. I never got into the shipping wars, I actually haven't seen anything likely to them on the wiki. But I was always in support of Katara and Aang, though I always thought Sokka and Ty Lee would be a really good couple oddly enough! I do like Suki, but there's a part of me that cringes when ever they share a special moment. I also wanted Toph to have a little crush, or develop 'puppy love' for a minor character, an episode I always thought would be in Book 3: Fire, but alas, there was none. Disappointing really, as it is a dynamic of Toph that was never really explored... (Actually, whilst we are on the topic of shipping, I'd like to share this with everyone. [1] Cracks me up all the time. :.D)

7. What most do you want to see in Korra?
I actually don't care about knowing what happened to Team Avatar, I mean, their story is finished. Some closure about Zuko's mum would be pleasing, but that's it really. What I'd love to see is brand new characters, in new locations, exploring the world or new environments. Learning more about the Spirit World would be really exciting, to compare canon with the speculation of fanon.

48px-3390396.png Avatar Answers Site

Many of the new users will not know about this but there is a site (wiki) for answers of Avatar. Link: Click here. It is like Yahoo Answers but it is only for Avatar. Its link can also be found in the “Interaction” part of the “Drop down navigation box” at the top. The site is in a very bad shape and needs all your help in answering the questions and making it as good as this wiki. Some tips in doing it:

  1. Try not to be rude in answering the questions.
  2. Categorize the questions. Example: This question will be categorized as “Katara” and “Pakku” as the question is related to them.
  3. Report spam questions like “Who am I?” and “What is /?” and report inappropriate language. In addition, also warn the user who did that.
  4. Always take a look at the un-answered questions to find questions that you can answer.

I am currently trying to answer as many questions as possible and make that wiki better. I would love to have some more users doing the same.

48px-3403431.png Review of 1.12: The Storm

Having a new-found interest in the relationships and their developments in this show, plus character development in general, I decided to watch The Storm two weeks ago.

As most of you fellow Avatar fans know, the episode began with Aang having a nightmare, abandoning his friends as he went towards a storm. He refuses to talk about it. When the Gaang makes it to a pier, Aang is called out by a fisherman for turning his back on the world. Distraught, Aang runs away.

Zuko, meanwhile, was in yet another bad mood, refusing to change course away from an incoming storm.

This led to some interesting backstory in this episode, all in the middle of a raging storm.

After Katara comes up to the cave where Aang is hiding, we finally get to see where he came from. This was a great backstory, him just unsure of his destiny, and now finding himself deserted among his own people. All he was left with was Gyatso, and soon he lost him as well. He also reveals how upset he is for turning his back on the world. However, he found himself able to pour this all out to Katara, finally leading the two to a deeper connection than in the preceding 11 episodes.

For Zuko, we see what he has gone through, which started with a war meeting three years ago, when he spoke out of turn. We learn of his failed duel with his father, Ozai, that resulted in his scar. All spoken in a magnficent tale by Iroh. All Zuko has left to hope for is the Avatar, to regain his honor (There's that word again....).

Suddenly, all that was told comes into play, when we find out that Sokka and the fisherman are caught in the storm. With Katara, Aang pulls off a magnificent rescue, only for all to be caught in a massive wave. Aang engages his Avatar State, bringing them all up to safety.

Elsewhere, Zuko's ship hits a rought spot in the storm, and the Helmsman is left dangling. After meditation, Zuko realizes how wrong he was to put the crew's safety below finding the Avatar. He works to rescue him. He then passes on a chance to get Aang, instead deferring to find safety. In this sequence, we see the first use of lightning redirection, as performed by Iroh. More importantly though, we see some big Zuko development.

Afterwards, the fisherman forgives Aang, saying if "[Aang] weren't there, he wouldn't be either." Aang realizes how much he is needed now, which leads to Katara assuring him his nightmares are over.

Overall, a magnificent episode. This is key to developments of Aang, Zuko, and Kataang. In my opinion, this is the first real "Kataang" episode, as this is where they establish their first deep connection. Katara sees Aang as well...Aang. Aang finally is able to have someone to trust and open up to, relieving his regrets. Also, he is now able to see he is just as needed now as he was 100 years ago, and that the past can't be changed. As for Zuko, we see that there is some good in this banished Prince, after coming off as simply an honor-and-Avatar-obsessed jerk for the first episodes.

Score: 10/10...well done, Bryke!

48px-3341588.png Review: Suki

Suki... a spectacular Kyoshi Warrior, fighting alongside her friends for victory of the war. She is a determined to risk her life to save the world. Growing up in a small village of Kyoshi, Suki became the leader of the Kyoshi Warriors. The Kyoshi Warriors is a group of brave and confident warrior girls around the ages of thirteen through fifteen (Suki being the oldest at fifteen). The girls train long and hard to become skillful warriors under the leadership of Suki. One day, Suki and her warriors discovered three individuals messing with the Unagi (a giant water beast living in the water around Kyoshi Island) on the island of Kyoshi. The Kyoshi Warriors ambushed these three, and they discovered that they were Avatar, Aang, and his other friends Sokka and Katara. Without knowing, Sokka monitored Suki and her warrior’s training session. Sokka presented himself in front of Suki claiming that there training was a “dance lesson” and that he was the best warrior in his water tribe. Sokka tries to show her some of his moves, but unfortunately, Suki knocks him over with her warrior skills.

Sokka is at first baffled by being beaten by a girl, but then reluctantly decides that she is an excellent warrior. He seeks her out for her to teach him her skills. Suki and Sokka grow closer to each other as Suki teaches him. When Zuko and his followers attack Kyoshi Island, Suki and her warriors (plus Sokka) bravely confront them. Although they try their hardest, the Kyoshi Warriors were failing to get rid of the Fire Nation. The Avatar, Sokka, and Katara planned to quickly escape the island so Zuko would not find them. Before they left, Sokka apologized to Suki for treating her like a girl instead of a warrior. She lightly kisses him on the cheek saying “I am a warrior, but I am also a girl too.”

Suki returns episodes later, bravely assisting the gaang across the treacherous “Serpant’s Pass.” During this dangerous journey, Sokka expresses his strong concern for Suki. She does not know why he is greatly overprotective. Sokka explains that he is is overprotective because he does not want to lose Suki like he lost Yue in the North Pole.

On the end of their journey, the two share a deep kiss. Suki then goes leaves the gaang to go back and help her fellow Kyoshi Warriors. We see more of Suki’s warrior skills in "Appa’s Lost Days" when she discovers a lost Appa, but is captured by Azula. Also, in "The Boiling Rock, Part 2", Suki is rescued by Sokka in the Fire Nation jail she was taken to. During the episode, Suki swiftly captures the warden, and battles with Ty Lee. In the end, Sokka became her jail saving hero.

Suki plays a significant role in the last four episodes of Avatar:The Last Airbender. If it was not for her, the war would probably not have ended. She helped stop the airships from destroying the Earth Kingdom with flames. In Conclusion, Suki is a skillful, bold, and brilliant character. With her astonishing warrior skills, she can kick Fire Nation butt (and Sokka's) any day.

48px-3390396.png Review: Iroh

After reading Vulmen’s and Anr’s character reviews, I felt the need to write a review for my favourite character. So, here I am with an ultimate, super, hyper, mega Iroh review!

General Iroh

So, where do I start? Iroh, one of the greatest generals in the Fire Nation history, the only person who was able to breach the outer wall of Ba Sing Se and the sole person who came very close to capturing it is not just a character, but he is a “ultimate-character”. Even after he withdrew the seige, for which he ‘’cannot’’ be blamed, he never lost his awesomeness.

Iroh is very funny, some of his funniest moments include the part when he threw the tea Zuko gave him in “Bitter Work” and when he flirts with Ticket Lady in “The Drill”. But he can be very serious when he needs to be. Examples of it are in Ba Sing Se’s Liberation and when he was angry at Zhao for killing Tui.

Iroh is also very wise. His quotes are filled with wisdom. My favourite ones are: ‘’"Life is like this dark tunnel. You may not always see the light at the end of the tunnel, but if you keep moving, you will come to a better place"’’ and ’’"You must never give in to despair. Allow yourself to slip down that road, and you surrender to your lowest instincts. In the darkest times, hope is something you give yourself. That is the meaning of inner strength."’’ These show how wise he is.

The best tea-maker in Ba Sing Se’s firebending can never be matched. He is the sole known firebender who knows Lightning generation, Lightning redirection and normal firebending. The man thing is that he was the creator of lightning redirection. Imagine how hard it was to make a technique by himself.

He is also the only person I have even seen, in TV or real life, helping a thief. Can you imagine anyone helping a thief? Iroh never left his nephew to die even though he betrayed him and didn’t treat him properly several times. These points are enough to show how kind and compassionate he is.

As a conclusion, Iroh was a very good character and the main reason I like firebending and A:TLA. As I said before, without him the series would ‘’not’’ be as amazing as it is now as more than half of the funny moments and wisdom come from him. I would not be grading him as you all know I will give him a A+. This was just to tell you guys how much I like Iroh.

48px-3287055.png Postponed
Moon Beam

So this month I was supposed to write about Alone. But... I haven't read it yet. And as a matter of fact, I'm still at the same place I was, about a month ago. The reason for this, is not stupid, it's actually quite interesting. I've been really intrigued with this book. And if you've been on IRC with me in the past weeks; you'd know what one. But if you weren't, I'm talking about The Hunger Games trilogy. I'm obsessed with this series. And to be honest... I haven't been writing much either. So as the title reads, "Postponed", it's mainly everything... my next chapter (which currently stands at one line), the Alone predictions, and even my homework (my teachers aren't too happy about this, as I'm usually the first to hand it in). I'll get back to everything, once my addiction to reading this amazing series finishes (and when the movie comes out... I just don't know).

What I want to know, is am I losing my love of Avatar? I'm not editing that much lately, because I'm on the Hunger Games wiki. I don't want to 'not' like Avatar anymore, because I love the series so much. But do I like The Hunger Games more now? I know that it's hard to really compare the two, because one is a book, and the other is a television series. I found similarities in the two, that would make it more popular. One is the cliffhangers! At the end of every Avatar episode there's something that makes you need to see the next. And in The Hunger Games, there's something again, at the end of every chapter and book where you have to read continuously. Then there's the shipping. In Avatar, there's Kataang, Maiko, Sukka, Yukka, Zutara, and much more, that just keeps the fans motivated. And in The Hunger Games, there's shippings where you're caught between two people, one loves you, yet you're trying to kill them, and the other you may never see again, but you know they're watching you. Then there's the minor ones, but they're all really irrelevant because those people die anyway.

I think I still like Avatar, but I may be starting to like this book more. But I assure you, they'll probably become equal on my 'Absolute Favorites of All Time' once I finish reading the trilogy.

And this concludes my rant for this fortnight. I'll be back next time, with a completed chapter, completed prediction, and... my homework...

48px-2050906.png New! Tickle Me Sokka!
Olórin The White

Buy your new Tickle Me Sokka today! Includes over 100 phrases and actions!

  1. "There will be no potty breaks!"
  2. "Helloooooooooooo."
  3. "I don't trust you."
  4. "Go Water Tribe!"
  5. "Look at the circle birds!"

Warning: Do not let Tickle Me Sokka plan an Invasion. If unwashed, smell of rotting meat may occur. Tickle Me Sokka may attack if Fire Nation individuals approach. Do not let small children near Tickle Me Sokka, or you may notice they will become well-trained in combat.

Copyright 2011 Nickelodeon and Meat and Sarcasm Co.

Avatar Rhythm

Break the cycle. Break the rhythm.
The Avatar Rhythm

48px-3511228.png Demotivated

Editor's note: Watching this episode through while reading this column is recommended.

Chapter 15: Bato of the Water Tribe
A commentary and review (and some demotivation) of Book 1: Water, Chapter 15: Bato of the Water Tribe.

Previously in Avatar: Unrequited love, which is now a pandemic in some countries. Aang blushing. Flower innuendo. Oh, oh, and Zuko. Lots and lots of Zuko. So much Zuko, in fact . . .

Figure 1

You know, I’m convinced. Aang and the Gaang are so lucky, I bet you that he finds a four-leaf clover every time he takes a step.

No, seriously.

In the entire world, there is only one person like Bato.

And they just manage to find him.

Don’t make me pull out the calculator. That’s ridiculous.

“Did you guys lose something?”

“No, we found something!”


Perverse dialogue.

Figure 2


Monkeyfeathers asked for this one, both the poster and the rant.

You know cabbage what? I’m not going to carrot at you, but seriously? We get so much zucchini fanservice for girls in this show it’s ridiculous. I don’t even turnip know what I like in it. Isn’t the radish demographic like 80-20% in favor of girls or something? Yeah. I wonder why. Mr. Hotty Hotman is shirtless in some of the episodes, and, pumpkin, we have No-Kung-Fu-Action Jesus spend [half of, corrected by TAD] book fire with no shirt.

But wait, Monkeyfeathers, most people don’t like—

And you just shut the broccoli up. You don’t think I saw you drooling over some cauliflower Aang [censored].”

Okay, first of all, it was not . . . that . . . because they were official screenshots. And I wasn’t drooling. I was admiring.




Yeah, okay. Point is, more fanservice for men. Korra’s a potato male anyway. C’mon. We need more Ty Lee!

Figure 3

So, Bato.

Chris Hansen would like a word with you.

“So . . . you take long walks on the beach alone and walk up to strange campfires. You then invite children into your . . . pad.


“Come here, Bato. You’ve just been . . . Hansenated.”

[cricket cricket]

“Man, tough crowd.”

Meanwhile, at Arkham Asylum:

Bato: “But I am Bato of the Water Tribe! That’s me!”

Insane Person: “Oh yeah? Who told you that?”

Bato: “Ku Fung Action Jesus!”

From the other room: “I did not!”

Figure 4

Okay, one word.


One of the best books in existence.

Redwall Abbey . . .

A moment of silence for the end of Redwall.

. . .

. . .

. . .

Okay, back on track. So . . . an abbey? What? What religion do they practice in Avatar anyway, other than shirtless-Zukoism—I’m afraid I’m atheist in that regard—and/or Kung Fu Action Jesusism? I mean . . . hello. Abbey.


Especially since they do seem to be “nuns”. Vestiges of the Air Nomads? Or, daangit, just some random piece of crap the writing team decided to toss in?

“So, where can we put the pervert Bato where people will know he’s a good person?”

“Uh . . . an abbey full of good, kind nuns?”

“Yeah! That’s it exactly!”

After some high-fives, they presumably went to poop in some shoes, and if you’ve seen the “Aangst” picture about which I’m talking . . .

The Last Airbender. Sucks.

Figure 5

Okay. Imagine walking into a room filled with dead human corpses plastered all the—


Imagine walking into a Yautja’s spaceship just after a hunt.

Oh spirits . . .

Wait, I have to vomit now.


[wipes mouth]

So, yeah. Aang wanders in to oh-my-freaking-spirits-are-there-dead-bodies-everywhere-and-what-the-monkeyfeathers-is-that-dead-cat-smell?!?!

Presumably, when they get married, Aang and Katara . . . well, let’s just say that Aang refuses to live anywhere near the poles.

Figure 6

Ah . . . Roald Dahl. Every single time I see this . . .

Let’s have a moment of respect for the man behind masterpieces like Matilda, Boy, and The Giraffe, the Pelly, and Me.

You know what else we should have a moment of respect for?


Poor, poor Katara.

She’s going to have the entire Air Nomad culture under her roof.

And you think modern day’s kid-raising discussions were bad.

Figure 7

Filthy, filthy, filthy. I’m sure that they do not bathe regularly.

Next thing we know, we’re going to have Zuko punching walls and screaming “Vertical filth!” And yes, Ravage, if you get the reference, please stop hitting on Megatron. Thank you.

On an entirely separate note, my mother called Aang Chinese.

[cracks knuckles]

Yeah, that’s what I thought.

Figure 8

So. Tally off!

June ships Zutara, clearly. And Iroh ships Jinko. Oh, oh, and while we’re at it, Sokka ships anything that’ll keep him entertained.

[allows that to sink in]

[waggles eyebrows]

Avatar Pickup Line #3:

Zuko: “So, this crazy lady thinks there’s some attraction between us. [shifty eyes] Want to prove her wrong?”

So many Zutara arguments claim, “See, June said that Katara was his girlfriend, and he didn’t say something to the contrary! It’s shipping!

So many Sukatara arguments claim, “See, Katara and Suki were in one scene, and no one said anything against them being girlfriends! It’s shipping!

Figure 9

So Aang, in his monk wisdom—and I wrote that as wiseness twice—and abandonment, decides to

1. Hide the map to Hakoda.

2. Not destroy it.

3. Rat himself him out.

Hey, Aang, want to play poker with me? We can make the game more interesting . . . how about you throw in a date if I win? Then that’s more interesting!

Figure 10

So June and her shirshu run around everywhere. Okay. Sure.

But wait!

Katara . . . never . . . went . . . to . . . the . . . Herbalist!

In fact, they should have gone to that place where Katara and Sokka lay sick.

Unless, of course, they’re tracking Aang’s scent.

Via Katara’s necklace.

[throws hands up in the air]

Incidentally, Monkeyfeathers wanted to do this one so badly. He really, really did, since he loves insulting Bryke. However, he was unavailable at the proper time. <_<’’ Sorry there.

Figure 11

Hahaha so Tadpole totally had something like written here but I kicked it cause I really rocky road wanted to do that! And moose tracks, if you think I’m gonna let some pipsqueak girl stop me, you so wrong it ain’t not funny.

[grits teeth]

Wait, you . . . ?


Continue on.

Katara never mint chocolate ship visited the vanilla chocolate herbalist lady! That’s just ridiculous. BRYKE, Y U NO GO BY UR OWN napoleon PLOT?! Y?! Y?! And cookie dough at least make the cookies and cream fortuneteller a little scared, no?

Figure 12

They tried to undo the innuendo here by switching Aang’s and Katara’s positions, but now it’s even worse. Vulmen brought this to my attention, so I’m just going to milk this.



Katara, the female, is . . . rubbing a mast.

Okay . . .

And Aang, the male, has his hands on the side of the boat. But . . . what shape do the sides of the boat make?

That’s right.

Either some animator decided to slip this in, or Bryke’s much, much more innocent than we thought.

Figure 13

Har har har, so that’s what Aang would look like with a unibrow, and for some reason that word isn’t in the Microsoft Word dictionary! Instead, they replaced it with “unicorn” AutoCorrect . . . twice.

So that’s what Aang would look like with a unicorn?

You know what?

I can totally imagine that. Sorry.

Unicorns and ice cream and rainbows and butterflies and flowers.

Aang: “I’m in heaven!”

Insert Katara in her swimwear.

Aang: (>^o^<)’’

Katara: “Uh . . . Aang? Aang?! Guys, help me! Aang fainted!”

Me: “I don’t think he fainted . . .”


Psst. Wipe that unicorn off immediately.

So I have a question about the whole ice dodging thing. Okay, I understand the point, but . . . Katara isn’t that good of a Waterbender yet. And I don’t see how the Airbending helped. But whatever. They lived.


And Aang is a retard. Sorry. Fact of life.

Figure 14

Bato: It’s a wolf, separated from the pa—

Katara: You mean platypus wolf.

Bato: No, the script just says wolf.

Sokka: Certainly you mean a skunk wolf.

Katara: Or his armadillo bear.

Sokka: Gopher bear?

Bato: Just . . . wolf.

Me:: This place is weird.

“No wonder she ran away. She’s way too pretty for you.”

Ooh, take that, Zutarians! Zuko was just called ugly.

[eyes widen]

[takes cover]

[watches the mad crowds of Zuko fangirls run to Bryke’s houses]

[listens to the Zuko fangirls scream gibberish in Russian]


It’s always Russian.

It’s either Russian or Middle Eastern.

But usually Russian.

I’m looking at you, Golden Compass.

[watches as the world explodes into fire]

Hey, wait, Zutarians! [holds up a picture of Zuko in 317]

[watches as the Zutarians drop their weapons]

Mm-hm, okay.

Figure 15

Ooh the fight in the Abbey!

Hey, Aang’s back.

And now it’s time to get back to your feature presentation: Appara versus Nylara!

Watch as these two monsters battle it out for domination of Tokyo [again]. Can anything stop them [again]?! Or will Japan be reduced to a pile of rubble [again]?!

But wait! There are Gojira and Mothra [again]! Here to save the day [again]!

And I mean Gojira as in the fifty-foot Japanese monster, not as in the pitiful, uh . . . “band”.

Figure 16

Aang’s fight with Zuko.

In a well.

You know, Avatar is the only show, ever, that causes me to yell at the screen. Well, not “yell”. But you know what I mean. Even though I’ve seen it a hundred times . . . Avatar’s just special like that.

Me: “Dude! Look at that! Oh my . . . he’s like running around inside a well!”

Monkeyfeathers: “Well, Zuko just blasted the top off of—”

Me: “Zuko! You idiot! You can’t circle walk against the circle walkin’ mastah!”

Monkeyfeathers: “What?”

Me: “Ba Gua. It’s off of what Airbending is based. Circle. Walking. Right there!”

Monkeyfeathers: “Uh . . . okay.”

Me: “I’d let Aang walk in circles around me any day . . .”

Monkeyfeathers: O.o* [edges away from me]

Me: [glances at Monkeyfeathers] “Didn’t you say the same thing about Ty Lee?”

Monkeyfeathers: “Yeah . . . but . . . for different reasons.”

Me: [pause] [falls off chair laughing] [gets up] [rewinds to beginning of fight] [drools]

Every time I watch this, I keep thinking: “You have something on your mind. Something I need . . .” in regards to the betrothal necklace.

That’s right!

It’s symbolic!

Aang steals marrying Katara rights from Zuko! Flying kick-a-pow!

Figure 17

“Now, kids, you shouldn’t take drugs.”

“Now I know!”

“And knowing is half the battle!”

Oh, G. I. Joe and Transformers, how I wish those commercials would go away . . .

Figure 18

Avatar Pickup Line #4:

Iroh: “Whoops, didn’t mean to put my hand there! But baby, one look at you and I’m paralyzed like I was hit with shirshu spit!”

Figure 19

Oh my spirits! Aang . . . gives . . . Katara . . . a . . . betrothal necklace!

[starts singing]

And said, Marry me, Katara!

You’ll never have to be alone—

I love you and that's all I really know

I talked to your dad; go pick out a blue dress

Baby just say . . . yes!

[waits for it]

[waits for it]

[waits for it]


[screams at TV]

Say yes, Katara! Say yes! Say yes! Saaaaaaaay—aw monkeyfeathers!


Well, he did get a cheek kiss . . .

[wipes eyes with a tissue]

I hate you, Bryke.

Figure 20

Shortly afterwards, Aang discovered that he was no longer completely a monk.

Fact #1: Last episode, we found out Aang has a crush on Katara.

Fact #2: This episode, Katara kisses Aang’s cheek.

Fact #3: Next episode, Aang hurts her, but she forgives him . . . but nothing happens.

They gave two episodes of Kataang.

And then forgot about it.


Okay . . . I love this episode to death . . . but daangit . . . it’s a 1.

I have a love-hate relationship with this episode.

It’s so . . . sad.

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