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A wiki cannot be successful without having a strong community that works together positively. Wikis that become more negative over time, or fail to provide a positive impression on new users, gradually decline. Many wikis do not understand fundamental principle, but Avatar Wiki does and is better for it. The user talk pages of new users are often filled quickly with personalised welcomes from a large number of users supplementing the automatic message.

Even so, The Ba Sing Se Times believes that Avatar Wiki can do better, especially in the area of article and blog comments. Every one of us is entitled to our own opinions and a right to be frustrated with questions being asked over again (or plain stupidity). However, you should be aware that anything you say can be read by anyone on the Internet, and can damage the reputation of the site. Thus, regardless of your beliefs, comments that contain slurs, or appear to put down someone else, especially an anonymous user, must be avoided. Remember: no success without kindness.

48px-1635895.png Undiscovered fanon & new group
Rassilon of Old

Cold-blooded, written by the same genious mind that writes When Air Nomads Walked the Earth, The Ultimate Waterbender (Ultimate), is another background, or perspective story, which follows the infamous and complex Waterbender, Hama. The first chapter, "Underlying Darkness" acts as the prologue to the series, and without giving away too much, is a small recollection of Katara's actions in The Puppetmaster.

Taking a darker aproach to the series, Ultimate explores an area of writing she has yet to adapt into When Air Nomads Walked the Earth. The darker tone represents Hama's complicated and sinister past in an effective manner, and also is an excellent plot device for creating suspense, and a slight mood of looming terror.

As always, Ultimate has done a fantastic job with her writing skills, which have also improved over the time she has been an Avatar fan fiction author. I wish her all the best and I look forward to more chapters and possibly even more fanon series from her.


The Fanonbenders User Group
In accordance to the discussion on fanon pages quality, the Fanonbenders user group was created to uphold the slowly diminishing quality of the fanon namespace. The three current Fanonbenders, myself, The Bos and Carloso will be editing every fanon page we see that may need any changes, including;

  • image resizing
  • page formatting
  • coding errors
  • spelling/grammatical mistakes
  • re-writing paragraphs
  • etc.

So expect changes, however small they may be, to any and/or all of your pages if they contain a small error or require cleaning up. One reason why the user group was created is to combat 'dumping' fanon into the user space. So if you see a low quality fanon, don't move it, let us know about it, and we will fix it up in any way we can, or alternatively, you can request your help with your own fanon. Remember one thing — we don't write your fanon, we format it.

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Did you know that every registered user can customise many elements of their experience on the site? Here's three tricks that you might like to use.

Highlighting yourself wiki-wide

What? Change the color/weight of links to your user page across the wiki for yourself. Also change the colour of your own comments.
Where? Special:Mypage/wikia.css
Code? See this page

Changing the font used wiki-wide

What? Change the font of all text around the wiki to something you like (i.e. from Helvetica or Arial, the Wikia defaults for Mac and Windows respectively).
Where? Special:Mypage/wikia.css
Code? See this page

Adding a "clock" set to UTC time

What? Add an element above the "Wiki Activity" and "Random Page" button that shows the current time in Universal Time Co-ordinated, which is the time Avatar Wiki is set to. Useful for quick time conversions, and finding out how long ago a talk page comment was posted.
Where? Special:Mypage/wikia.js
Code? See this page

Are there any other hacks that you've always wanted? Let us know in the comments!

48px-3403431.png Why Korzin will not happen

I have been noticing various nonies coming on to this Wiki, and within comments for the Korra, Tenzin, and "TLA: Legend of Korra" pages, comments supporting the speculated ship of Korzin; Korra + Tenzin.

I am quite sick of it. Why? Because it will not happen.

Reasoning: Korra is 16, and Tenzin is likely to be a middle-aged man.

How do I figure this with Tenzin?

Consider menopause. According to Wikipedia, it usually occurs in a women's late 40s to early 50s. So, Katara is likely going to give birth to Tenzin by 50. Given Katara's age, that would set us with a date around 135-136 ASC. The youngest our new Airbending master can be is 33-34 years old.

So, even under the latest possible circumstances, Korzin will still not be possible, as you would be dealing with a 17-18 year age difference. There is no way someone in their mid-teens is getting with a mid-30s-year-old. I doubt Brian and Mike are going to set it up this way, either.

Furthermore, I'm talking latest possible scenario. Katara and Aang will likely be married within 5-10 years, and they likely won't wait some 25-30 years to conceive a child. My guess is that Tenzin will be born sometime within 10 years after Aang and Katara marry. That gives you a latest possible date of 120 ASC, given those estimates, which would make Tenzin around 50. Thus, Korzin becomes even less likely.

A lot of this is speculation, but as you can see, even given the latest possible circumstances, the age gap between Korra and Tenzin will be too great to allow for a romance. If Korra was something like, 30, then a 17-year age difference might not be such a big hurdle, but given that she's 16, it's too big for anything to come together.

So, hopefully, this will be able to stop the Korzin speculation. In my opinion, we're already going to experience an ugly LOK ship war given the love triangle. We don't need crackships coming into it.

48px-3287055.png Fanon Extra: Death
Moon Beam

Liu: The young boy continously complained about how we were talking, and not fighting. He eventually made the conversation end, because it was so awkward. After minutes of staring he shouted; "Fine! I'll start!" He then ran towards me and pulled out the sword that was in his uniform. He used it to stab me, in the heart. I fell to the floor as blood poured out of me. All I felt was pain. They boy killed me. Yao screamed and ran toward me, he fell to the floor and cried on my chest. He was extremely devistated. He threw thousands of ice shards towards the boy. But he was saved by one of his allies. After, Yao ordered for the guards to send them to prison. And then--

Yao: The boy complained that we were talking too much. He wanted action. After many complaints we all went quiet and glared at him. He screamed out that he would start the fight. He ran to Liu and stabbed her with a sword he had in his uniform. She fell to the floor and blood rushed out of her. My heart sank. I ran towards her and cried on her chest. I was furious at the boy. I ordered the guards to lock them in prison. As they were sent out I laid on Liu's chest, I knew she was dead. It was time to persuade Tenzin.

Narrator: Jamie continues to complain about the lack of fighting. Once he had made their conversation end, he said he would make the first move. He ran up to Liu and stabbed her with a sword that he got from the uniform he had stolen. Liu fell to the floor, blood leaked out of her. Yao screamed and ran to Liu. He was so mad. He threw hundreds of ice shards towards Jamie. The guards surrounded the four friends and took then away.

Death is not something easy to write about. Especially when it's a favourite character that is dying. I suspect we all saw it coming, with my hints. Aang and Katara do not know and will not know until a later chapter.

In honour of Liu, enjoy this:

Lu Ten

Leaves from the vine.
Falling so slow.
Like fragile tiny shells,
drifting in the foam

Little soldier boy
come marching home
brave soldier boy
comes marching home.

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48px-3511228.png Demotivated

Editor's note: Watching this episode through while reading this column is recommended.

Chapter 11: The Great Divide
A commentary and review (and some demotivation) of Book 1: Water, Chapter 11: The Great Divide.

Previously in Avatar: Boy meets girl. Girl loves boy. Girl makes hat for boy. Boy . . . boy turns out to be terrorist.

Note: I wrote this during finals—that’s right! Next week’s summer for me, so expect a whole slew of updates—so excuse me if it’s not funny. =] I was bone-tired from all the studying, etc.

Figure 1

With the wit of a half-starved Saber Toothed Moose Lion, our good pals Bryan and Mike decided to sit down one day and look at their schedule.

“Lettuce rest,” said Bryan. “I’m feeling beat.”

“You must be all write, my friend,” answered Mike, “for we’re stuck in a pen. We need another episode.”

“Another episode? But what? I have—I have no idea what to do!”

Mike just shook his head. “Maybe . . . maybe we should have a lesson with a moral?”

Bryan gagged. “A—a what?”

“You know. You watch the episode and learn a lesson.”

Bryan raised his hands. “Okay, okay . . . but make sure it isn’t cliché . . .”

Figure 2

. . . as the famous episode on compromises that every kid’s show must have. If that’s not a law somewhere, I’m a monkey’s uncle. Which makes me Uncle Scar.

Hey, did you hear that the one where the government vows to take away its ridiculous phrasing?

Okay! Moving right along.

We see that it is, quite literally, the usual compromise episode. Just . . . flat. Boom. There right. Nothing exciting or anything.

So we begin by showing Katara—proof that a month has passed since 109! She’s PMSing again—and Sokka—who is also inexplicably PMSing—arguing about tents and twigs.

You read that correctly.

The first five minutes of the show is spent arguing about tents and twigs.

In case you can’t count—and I’m sure there are at least a few former presidents among us—that’s a little less than one fourth of the episode.


Desperation [des-per-a-tion]. n. A state of [fan] despair, typically one that results in rash or extreme behavior [on the part of the creators of the show].


About sums that up.

Figure 3

Dude. Slade is Robin’s father. Get over it.

And if you don’t of what I speak, please ask yourself where you’ve been the last few years, because you certainly weren’t watching one of the best shows of all time.

And speaking of fathers.

We never know who Aang’s parents are.

I mean—you must be joking. Did he just not have them? Did he Apparate into the world because Bryke willed it? Come on. We must know something about his parents. He never even mentioned them. All he mentioned was Monk[keyfeathers] Gyatso. It’s starting to sound like Gyatso pulled an Angels and Demons and—

[waggles eyebrows]

Yeah. I went there.

It’s called Waterbending.

Figure 4

Do you know what would just about save this episode?

Don’t. Show. It.

Gee, that only took about five seconds of your precious time, and now look at all of the possibilities. Maybe you can have an episode, hm, about Katara dealing with the repercussions of the last episode? Or, better yet, having some emotion other than anger at the Zhang tribe?


Here we meet the elusive Zhang and Gan Jin, or whatever it is they’re called. They’re here for one episode. One. And they go to Ba Sing Se. And here I was, thinking that, I don’t know, they would return in Ba Sing Se, not to be confused with Na Sing Se, a slang word that is totally unrelated to the show. Well, not totally.

[waggles eyebrows again]


This is like the forgotten lovechild of two famous celebrities. Everyone hated it, and then the creators carefully nudged it under the carpet with a toe.

Figure 5

The Zhang are the dirty ones with lots of sick people. The Gan Jin are the white-looking ones with lots of old people, leading to some of the crassest dialogue I’ve ever seen. I don’t know who should be more offended—the old people watching, the sick people watching, or the creators’ mamas, because that is some serious offensive material right there. I’m surprised the Itteh Bitteh Political Correctness Committeh hasn’t jumped on them.



Now, pay attention carefully to this part. Someone or other eventually told the guide that the canyon crawlers wouldn’t attack if you had food. Wait. Question. You are food. You are meat. Wouldn’t they attack you anyway?!

So this is an entire filler episode about going hungry. Congrats, Bryke. You’ve reached a new level of stupid.

I think the M&M’s Club wants to welcome Mike to the group. Like, right now.

Well, a canyon crawler just randomly pops out of the wall like that devil dog from Hellboy, the one who can undergo mitosis at the drop of a, er, dead body. Guess what? Instead of attacking, I don’t know, the people who brought food, Sammael attacks the redneck dude, who supposedly didn’t bring food anyway. There’s obviously an amazing disconnect between “reality” and “Bryke”.


“It could attract dangerous predators, like myself!”

Figure 6

Yeah, yeah, sure, of course, let the girl go with the clean people and the boy with the dirty. Nope, no sexism there.

Since this is the compromise episode, and we handily have three people, we have one defect to each side, leaving the last to have one cutesy little compromise scene. Also, I think there are leechi nuts in it. I’m not sure.

Well, Katara ends up with oh my spirits by Aang’s right foot holy monkeyfeathers some people who put up the rain tarps! Remember, at the beginning of the episode? Yeah. I’m sure that had nothing to do with this. Yeah. Uh-huh. I’m sure.

Oh, and if you can tell me why I picked the body part I did, you get this lovely banana pecan muffin. It’s quite tasty, I assure you. I also have chocolate dipped strawberries, if you’re interested.

Man, this episode is making me hungry.

See, Katara and Sokka have sooo much in common with the tribes with which they end up—whether or not to put the tarp. That’s sort of like voting for a new [joke removed due to political correctness].

Because this is the compromise episode, we of course have to have the two “different” stories, blah blah blah. Here’s how it works.

Jin Wei and Wei Jin. Wei Jin had some Pokémon, and he was going to battle them over in Viridian City. As he approached, Jin Wei, who didn’t have any Pokémon, said, “Show me your pokemans.” Wei Jin said, “I don’t want to show you my pokemans.” So Jin Wei stole the Pokémon from Jin Wei, leaving him with just Digimon.

So he died of horror.

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  • Image cache updating is currently broken for many. This issue is why users have recently had trouble changing their avatars. Image cache problems have been around for a while, and Wikia is still working to resolve it.

Some further information: "Wikia Labs ... is a tool that allows admins to turn experimental features on and off for their wikis. There are no new features in Wikia Labs yet, but this change will make it possible for us to enable Chat for all wikis in a few weeks. It will also be used to demo the new visual editor reskin soon."

That's right, folks. There will never be a day of peace on Wikia.

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