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48px-1025281.png From the editor: Fun facts
The 888th Avatar

I often do some research into the health of Avatar Wiki. We are going well — we're one of the top 25 Wikia wikis for community activity, our search ranking remains at an all-time high and our traffic remains steady despite the lack of Korra updates — but I thought I would share a few fun facts. Did you know that, this month...

  • 16 people made over 100 edits? (Guess who?)
  • From the US, 34% of all visitors are in the 18-34 age demographic? (Vulmen is definitely not alone!)
  • From the US, there are 300% more Asians here than on average?
  • There are about as many Australian readers as Russian?
  • We are four times more popular than the "other" Avatar Wiki? (Remember that movie with the blue people?)
  • The girls are outnumbered... but not by much. (53%-47%)
  • More people from the US armed forces visited than from Wyoming? (Don't they watch TV there?)

48px-1635895.png User groups
Rassilon of Old

Recently on Avatar Wiki, it was decided that user groups be created to continue the motivation of constructive editing on Avatar Wiki's mainspace articles, after the majority of editing has been diverted to fanon, comments, and talk page messages. These user groups have been active for just under a week now, and they need members to help each group's specific project! The current user groups are;

Feel free to join the user groups that are open for membership request, and help Avatar Wiki become the greatest Avatar: The Last Airbender and The Last Airbender: Legend of Korra resource ever!

48px-3287055.png Avatar Without?
Moon Beam

Avatar without Aang? That would be silly. And when you think about it that question makes no sense because Aang is the avatar! But without Aang there'd be a different avatar but then I guess i'd be asking the same question so let's leave this one Un-Answered.

Katara is (as much as it pains me to say) the heart of the show. Katara is a heart and she is just lovely to everyone. I can only remember one time when she was truly horrible and that was in book 3... Fire... So what do you expect? If there wa no Katara though... The Show wouldn't be possible. Katara was the one who found aang. If she hadn't the fire nation would have. And if that was the story, I'd want my money back.

Without Sokka... All of his jokes, gone? I guess you really only laugh at them though because he says it starts laughing and looks around and realises everybody's staring at him. Fool. But a cool fool. If Sokka wasn't there then there would have been no point in Suki being there. Well there would have but she'd be very boring. Sokka the meat lover... Momo would have less importance too, but really only when he first came. Also if Sokka wasn't there there'd be no Piandao... Which Means bye bye Instead of Piandao there would be a different character... It just doesn't fit.

Don't even ask such a question. If Toph wasn't there what would be my username?!?! Katara Lover?!?! No way buddy! But seriously, without Toph who would the Melon Lord be? Maybe MOPH! No I'm kidding. But i'm serious. If there was no Toph, maybe instead Aang travelled to The Hidden Leaf Village and made Rock Lee his teacher! Rock Lee is just as cool as Toph! Toph has a cool humor, Rock Lee has cool eyes.

What a peaceful world. Seriously, whenever you think something couldn't get any worse she just has to show up and almost kill everyone. But it would be mor boring. I almost bit my entire nails off in the finales! They were so intense! From one end you see blue fire and the other you see orange! It actually looked quite pretty (if you were a girl...)

I'd have a head ache free life! Seriously!? How many changes did he go through, and I'm talking about his hair! It went from bald and a pony tail, to full head of hair in a pony tail, to a nub on the top If his head, to a rice hat, to almost bald, then to shaggy and finally his Royal hair! I'm kidding, I wasn't meaning his hair. It was more about how he went from bad to good to bad to good to bad to good to bad to good to bad to good. SHEESH! Make up your mind!

So really if any characters were missing the whole show would basically suck. It definately would not be on my very exclusive top 10! Actually it probably would because all the shows I watch suck anyway.

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48px-1025281.png You as a wiki editor
The 888th Avatar

Recently, Sky asked our fanon writers and the level of confidence they had in their own skill. I'd like to ask similar questions to all readers, but related to the "canon side" of the wiki.

Have you ever not done something (like write a new article) because you believed that you were too incapable, or someone else could do it much better?

Have you ever stared around at the wiki, and begin to wonder "what can I actually change around here"?

To get some thoughts going, I thought I'd share my own answer, which applies to both questions — yes. On the matter of whether I believed myself capable: when I began here, I knew English (and that I had to sign my posts with ~~~~), but little else. How to make templates? Foreign concept. How to use stuff like HTML and CSS to make the wiki prettier? Had never done that before. I was completely overwhelmed, and my confidence wasn't at its highest. But I improved over time, through the warm support I received from the community at the time, and through my own dedication to one of my mantras, "do the research".

The feeling that "everything's been done" is not new. I joined the wiki several months after the original series finale. When I came here looking to be able to do something, I confess that I believed the wiki to be complete, and there were less than 800 articles at that time! Of course it wasn't complete, and once I got over this perception, I did start adding more articles to the wiki. My first creation was Cuisine in the World of Avatar, which I followed up with a dozen or so more articles about general concepts in the World of Avatar, and a project I'm quite proud of.

I can't wait to hear some of your thoughts on this. Post in the comments below.

48px-1635895.png Undiscovered fanon(s)
Rassilon of Old

Since I was in Bali last week, I was unable to write an article. So this issue, I will be reviewing two fan fictions that I have been enjoying thoroughly, and that is the works of NightBird and Moon Beam, Birth of a Nation and Fanon:The First Anti-Bender respectively.

Birth of a Nation is a story following Zorin, a rebellious noble girl that is sent abroad by her father due to her anarchist and careless nature. After news that her brother was abducted by the Sages, and that she is to marry a Noble man, she embarks on a journey to Ba Sing Se. Where the rumor that the Avatar is learning the last element he needs to master, lingers.

Although the series itself has not yet been released, my anticipation is rising for the first chapter. I have also read the series' prologue, and let me tell you, I am expecting big things from this series. NightBird and I have gone back a long time, he was the first user I met on Wikia, and ever since we have been growing closer, and I am proud to have the honor of reviewing his fanon. However much I anticipate it, I cannot give it a score, because it has yet to be released, but I will say this...

Highly anticipated

Moon Beam (otherwise known as Toph Lover) has recently started a new fanon, leaving the production and revival of Toph's Story to AvatarLover under the new title of Feet of Toph (a fanon I am yet to read). This new fanon, no doubt sparked by the excitement of the looming The Legend of Korra acts as a prequel of sorts to the anticipated television spin-off series.

Moon Beam's fanon, The First Anti-Bender, is about a non-bender named Jamie, who lives with a family of Earthbenders. He despises the thought of bending, believing it to be inhumane. Adding to this the hatred and worthlessness that his father puts upon him, Jamie is driven to a breaking point, that breaking point being the establishment of the original Anti-Bender, and the beginning of the arising conflict expecting to appear in Legend of Korra. I am thoroughly enjoying this fanon, and for that...


48px-1040506.png Fire Sages

The “Fire Sages” is a new user group dedicated to the quality improvement of canon articles to make them A-class. The group is not only focused in rewriting the article, but also the expansion of it and addition of new information, so they display the quality standards that are needed to have the Crown Prince Headpiece icon.

The group will work by choosing an article each week. During that week, only the selected article is edited and improved by the user group until it is finished. If the article is not finished at the end of the week, the term can be extended for another week if it is necessary, but it has to be edited at the same time than the new chosen article of the week. If the group sees that the article has been successfully improved, then a member can nominate it to be A-class and let the Standards Council take the decision.

Since the group has now seven users, we will start working next week. The first chosen article is Team Avatar. I hope all new user groups do a good job helping the wiki. Remember the reason of implementing the groups, don’t use them for social purposes.

Special mentions

  • Bassmasta2012, now getting heavily involved in our content with new transcripts.
  • The Ultimate Waterbender, who continues to expand our articles and transcripts at an almost scary pace.

Suggest users for this to the editor! This section is for users who have made some significant and creative improvement, have acted as a voice of reason or even have simply been kind to others.

Random poll

What do you use to edit the wiki?

The poll was created at 13:48 on April 30, 2011, and so far 39 people voted.

48px-1025281.png Technical updates
The 888th Avatar

Wikia makes code changes amazingly often, and every time, users are taken by surprise on Avatar Wiki. To avoid confusion in future, I will be outlining in this column each fortnight (help guides will return next issue further above):

  • The latest updates Wikia makes that are important to us
  • Any technical changes (styling, templates, javascript) of note Avatar Wiki administrators make ourselves

The first technical update report continues below.

  • The bar below the page title showing the last editors has been removed by Wikia. Their research claims that removing it increases the frequency of edits by 11%.
  • The button for logging out has moved to the the user menu by Wikia. The user menu is the one with your user name on it.
  • Icons that stuffed up because of the removal of the bar have been reinstated with different code by myself. However, Wikia has indicated it may make further changes to the page header later, which may render my quick fix useless.
  • Several templates (see protection log) have been protected to the autoconfirmed level indefinitely in light of recent mass vandalism by myself. These templates are all templates that either transcluded on dozens of high-visibility pages, or are transcluded on the main page.
  • The wiki community chat is now at #wiki-avatar, not #wikia-avatar. Our access page was updated to reflect this.

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