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48px-1025281.png From the editor: Thank yous
The 888th Avatar

Earlier today, following changes in policy resulting from a forum discussion, several user rights changes were made, including a total of six removals. These removals included a veteran administrator and fanon administrator. The Ba Sing Se Times would like to take this opportunity to thank these two particular individuals for their hard work on Avatar Wiki over the years.

Energybender began editing Avatar Wiki in August 2008, when the wiki was a very different place. Avatar Wiki is often described as one of the most "organised" wikis, and The Ba Sing Se Times has absolutely no doubt that this reputation was cemented with the efforts our resident perfectionist put into making the wiki as neat as possible. Energy was also a thoughtful and very articulate contributor to all of our discussions, particularly during the tumultuous period in early 2009 which created most of our existing practices and conventions. We hope that is able to return to the wiki in a full editing capacity sometime soon.

SuperFlash101 is one of the most solid article writers Avatar Wiki has had. He created and maintained many of our event articles, and also created the ASC/BSC dating system that we use. His fanon series were some of the most successful of the time. Flash is also fondly remembered by veterans among us as a famously combative user in discussion. Again, we hope to see him return the wiki soon.

48px-2050906.png Korra love triangle?
Olórin The White

In an interview, Bryke stated that Korra will feature a love triangle. Meanwhile, in another interview, they stated that Korra will have a love interest, meaning she will probably be one part of the love triangle (they used the same term "cheesy teenage romance" each time).

So, with this new love triangle, will Shipping Wars begin again? What are your thoughts, will Korra have even worse Shipping Wars with two possible shippings that could go either way? Kataangers and Zutarians used to fight over canon, but with these new shippings, both will have canon material to work with and will have to fight extra hard to get their point across. Meanwhile, Bryke won't tell us they never intended a shipping because they will intend both shippings.

What are your thoughts?

48px-2209134.png I'm going inactive again!

Hey guys! I know that some people here write their “inactivity columns” for the Ba Sing Se Times, so I thought I might take advantage of the idea.

As most of you may know, I just got back from D.C. (which was totally awesome) and I’ve been working on a school project in history for the past few days. It’s a group project.

I won’t be here very often because my mom says that if I don’t get at least a B or a C for that matter, I won’t have my computer for a week or so… however, she realizes that it’s a group project and she wasn’t a big fan of school projects in high school (neither am I) because she would get stuck with some slacker/loser that would make her do the project by herself, or just do poor work. Anyway, it’s sort of okay now because I got paired with some of my friends and they are smart and will actually help me!

On top of that, I’ve also got other activities such as softball, basketball, and my Christian youth group. I am also transferring to a Christian school next year and I’m so excited! I’ve had two tours of two schools and they are so awesome! I can’t wait! I am a little disappointed that my friends won’t be there, but I’ll see them at my youth group, church, softball games, etc.

I’m also learning some computer programming and I’ve made some cool programs and I hope that it will be part of my future! It is so fun and I made some games for me and my cousins to play with the computer created with batch and visual basic!

Yeah… this part of my column didn’t have any avatar content, so here is where it comes in! As I said before, my friends and I (and a few others) are working on a history project for school! Just like on the Avatar Wiki, my friends in “reality” are huge fanatics of Avatar and absolutely adore the show! Most Fridays, we get together just to play video games, watch Avatar episodes, and cool movies! We also have pizza and shoot some hoops, as well as playing pranks on my brother!

All of the 8th grade students at my current school were divided into groups or “teams” to work on a specific project. Our teachers decided to make it competitive so it would be more fun. The team that wins gets a $10 gift card to Target (one for each person) and a small certificate.

Each team gets to name their group and make a cool design for their project board. My friends and I decided to name our team “TA” short for “Team Avatar”. We also drew pictures of Aang and the rest of the Gaang for the design by using drawing templates that we found online.

Not only do I get to work with some of my friends, but I get to bring some of the avatar world into my schoolwork!

Anyway, our team project is going great currently, but we aren’t done so please hope and pray that we get first place!

Just thought I’d let you guys know I won’t be here very often… and if I am… it will most likely be in the morning or late at night. I love you all and I hope to see you very soon… as in a few weeks. Thanks!

48px-1040506.png Interview: Hasdi

1. What do you think about the current discussion about inactivity of admins and bureaucrats?
I think if the number of admins is limited to only five (or six), then adminship needs to be given to the users who has the time to use (but not abuse) its power. The same goes for bureaucrats. However, it may be too much hassle to have the community vote to promote or demote a user, especially users who swing by once or twice a day like myself. :-/ Maybe a wikia this active needs to be structured like a corporation, where a large number of shareholders (i.e. "users") vote for several directors (i.e. "benched admins") who then decide amongst themselves for a few executives (i.e. "admins") . My 2 cents.

2. Do you think that sequels of The Last Airbender (TLA2 and TLA3) should be filmed?
I want to see the sequels, as a tetralogy if possible. However, whether it should be filmed or not is not about what you and I want, what the critics and Razzie people want, what M.Night wants, or what Bryke wants. It's all about what Paramount wants - it's their property and their money so they get to reap what they sow.

3. What would the director need to do to change the “judgement” of many critics and ATLA fans?
For some people I don't think there is anything that can be done - no matter what he does, the sequels will be TWICE as bad and be WRONGER than the first one. It's like a battered spouse staying for another round abuse, hoping things will get "better". I suggest they just skip the sequels and wait for Legend of Korra - they can thank me later.
As for me, I'd like him to have someone co-write the screenplay he had drafted (to be less "bland") or completely take over it so he can focus on the directing. If he wants to do 3D, he needs to use a proper 3D camera system, so none of this post-processing BS. If he insist on keeping the movies under 2 hours each, he needs to make a fourth movie, so he can deliver a total running of about 6 hours as he indicated in the Bryke interview (link). Most importantly, he needs to kiss and make-up with Sifu Kisu, after he was slighted with this interview. His crew needs to consult with Sifu Kisu again, and study how the martials arts and bending interactions are executed in Korra.

4. How do you think to contribute in the wiki in the future?
I'd like to focus on my spare time working on the film pages with other film fans. It's really a hostile working environment but somebody has to do it. =P Once that's stabilized, maybe I'll be doing reviews on Korra or something. :-/

5. Have you thought to start a fanon? Why?
The closest I have to a fanon is the plot example for the sequels of my prediction page (link). I dare M.Night to do better. ;-) I still need to work on the plot example for the third and fourth movie. Some people just like a new spin on a old classic. ;-)

48px-3287055.png My Fanon
Toph Lover

I apologise to all users who read my fanon, Toph's Story. I promised over a week ago that I would have been uploading the next chapter on that Sunday. Well, it's now Friday about a week and a half later and it's still not up! And I'm afraid I won't be uploading it for at least one more week. I am currently away from home, and I won't be back until Wednesday. I swear that I will write it as soon as I get back! And to make it up to you I did put a preview. But I don't think that's enough. So, at the end of this book I will add an extra chapter (not planned) at the same time as the final (planned) chapter!

AND: Other news, I have added Aang20791 and Skybender101 to editors on my main fanon page and each chapter pages. They requested and I accepted because I believe they are true readers! If you would like to be an editor of my fanon feel free to ask me on my talk page.

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  • Theavatardemotivator, who has made a flying start to editing and interaction on Avatar Wiki.
  • Sirius13, who is quietly but persistently making small improvements to our articles.

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48px-1025281.png Help guides: references
The 888th Avatar

In order to improve our reptutation as an accurate resource, we now encourage assertions in articles to be sourced with references (citations). Unfortunately, a significant portion of some of our articles are derived from information from's older Avatar site, which is no longer online. This guide will teach you to reference information that clearly comes from this source.

  1. (Use source mode for adding references.) Copy this, and place it after (no spaces) the sentence you are sourcing. <ref name="nickold">{{nickold}}</ref>
  2. If there are any other passages of information that are sourced from the old site further down the page, then just add <ref name="nickold" /> after the passage.
  3. Make sure there is a section called "References" in the article, and make sure that there is a template called {{reflist}} in that section.

That's it. Save, and you're done!

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