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48px-1025281.png From the editor: Inactivity
The 888th Avatar

A classic debate that arises on wikis is the question of what happens to the user rights of community members who have not edited for a long time. The previous discussion regarding this matter on Avatar Wiki decided that here, community members who do not edit for a set period of time, three months, should have all user rights removed. This would ensure that all admins, rollback users etc. maintain the confidence of the "current" community.

This does leave a loophole. What would be the course of action to follow for users who are clearly inactive, but make an edit often enough that their rights cannot technically be removed per policy? The Ba Sing Se Times believes that this loophole needs to be closed. A possible solution is to grant bureaucrats greater discretion in deciding which users have been too inactive to keep their user rights. However, this may concentrate too much "authority" in their hands. What is your opinion?

48px-1635895.png Undiscovered fanons and more
Rassilon of Old et. al.

Undiscovered Fanon

If you pay any attention at all to The Ba Sing Se Times, you will have seen small excerpts from The 888th Avatar's brand new fanon, The Six Hundredth Day in recent issues. This issue, this fanon is the featured new fanon. The fanon follows the back story of Iroh, and foccuses not on the referenced 600 day Siege of Ba Sing Se, but on Iroh's personal challenges he faces before the start of Avatar: The Last Airbender. The 888th Avatar has stated on the fanon's page that he wishes to answer questions not addressed in the series, such as; why did Iroh not challenge Ozai for his birthright as Firelord? What was the nature of the relationship between Iroh and Azulon? And many more.

The fanon is beautifully written, and is an emotional insight to the life of the Dragon of the West. The 888th Avatar has done an amazing job at capturing Iroh's personality, and done an even better job of representing Lu Ten. So far, to chapters of the stand-alone story series have been released, and both exceptional. I give my applause to 888, on his fantastic writing abilities, and I hope to see more of his works in the future.


Avatar Wiki Fanon Award News

As you know, the Avatar Wiki Fanon Awards are under way being revived, and hopefully the first award ceremony will begin soon! The first IRC meeting was held last Sunday (thanks to Olorin the White for providing a private chat room), and the entire layout for the ceremonies have been changed and aggreed on, and the results have been recorded. The Avatar Wiki Fanon Awards home page has been updated with new information, so for news and updates, follow that page, or keep a look at my blog for major proceedings. Most nominations have been decided on, with more being added to the lists tomorrow morning, but we still need the cooperation of the communtiy once you have the chance! We still need more nominees for Outstanding Editing in a Fanon Series, Best Main Character (Male), Outstanding Author and Best Supporting Character (Female), so watch the Avatar Wiki Fanon Awards home page, and my blog for updates, and your chance to nominate your favorite fanon series, author, or character!

48px-3321667.png The "Credits" Project

A couple of month’s back, a relatively unknown user called DesertDog (DD) initiated a project which I now like to call “The Credits Project”. Yes, I know I released a blog outlining what this was about but in an attempt to get more users involved, I’ve come to the BSST.

This all started when DD took the initiative of compiling all of the credited voice actors and crew from A:TLA episodes into a single spreadsheet. After this painstakingly boring task, he tracked down various IMDb and Wikipedia entries and started double checking his spreadsheet. He then proceeded to get advice on the creation of templates from The 888th Avatar who then went and made one for him. This was when the project really got into full swing.

It was just about a week before this point that I joined the project. DD started to create pages for every single credited individual, adding links and also invented a layout that we use on all actor and crew pages. After a minor setback and a forum dispute about the project, he started adding a bit of information as well; just so it was up to Avatar Wiki standards.

Now here’s where the rest of us come in. I go through these pages and add images, info and links wherever I can. It is my hope that we can get the rest of the community involved. DesertDog has gone to a lot of trouble starting this project as have I in helping him out. So, if you could contribute any amount of info, or even a single image, I know that the AW community will appreciate it. If you would like to see the pages DD has created, there is a list here.

Once again thank you to DesertDog for spending so much time and effort onto this project. I would also like to thank The 888th Avatar who created the actor infobox for us. And I’d like to thank you in advance if you could contribute to this project. Any questions can be directed to DesertDog and myself. If you’ve always wanted to take part in a project like this, now’s your chance. If you’ve never thought about it, join anyway. Even the smallest contribution can go a long way.

48px-3287055.png Korra!
Toph Lover

So, as we all know Korra information has been released! But, sadly now it doesn't come out until NEXT YEAR! Really, that's okay because, there is now going to be more than 12 episodes! What I worry is that Korra won't be as good as ATLA. Everyone bashed TLA, so what if the bash LoK? I hope it will be good, especially with the fact that they may mention Zuko's mother. And, we will hopefully have more canon "shippings" from ATLA. We already know about quite a few. But what about Toph and Sokka? Will there be a pairing for Korra? And, Who will be the antibenders?

All good questions. It's a shame that they weren't asked in the interview. Will there be another interview? I think that they should have a special one for fans to ask questions, just to make us get some sleep at night and stop worrying about what is going to happen.

The Ba Sing Se Times needs YOU.
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Just write a column,
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48px-1025281.png Interview: Rassilon and Vulmen
The 888th Avatar

Rassilon of Old

1. How did you come to be part of Avatar Wiki?
Well Avatar Wiki was the first wiki I ever discovered, back in, 2008? I was still a nony at the time. It was the Dai Li article (sad how I remember this). Next time I visited I read fanon (Avatar: Wanted), then after creating an account on another wiki (Jak and Daxter Wiki) I joined here!

2. What was your motivation to finally transition from a reader to an editor of the wiki?
I always loved the wiki, and used it for information all of the time. But what really caught my eye was the fanon portal, and the creativity of all of those fantastic writers. I had edited on fan fiction wikis before, but I never had ever written any Avatar fanon. But once the first idea came for a fanon, I jumped at it, and created the fanon! That takes up most of my edit count, but after aspiring to take the role of a rollback user on the canon side of the wiki.

3. Which fan fiction story in particular caught your eye when you started out?
Avatar: Wanted was the first fanon I ever read, and it was amazing. I never finished it, but I have always planned to. What particularly caught my eye about it was the spectacular writing skills of Twilitlink, especially in the battle scenes, which were amazing. I used to think that fanon was uncreative as the world and characters are already made for you, but Twilitlink proved me wrong entirely.

4. What would you say are some of the contributions you are most proud of?
I am quite proud of the help I have given to other users on the wiki. By the time I came to the wiki, the majority of content was already created, so there wasn't a huge deal for me to do. But I do take pride in the help I give to others, with wikia code, fanon, or anything in particular. Also the amount of low quality fanon moved to namespaces, with the fantastic help of The Bos. But helping others is what I like to do.


1. How did you come to be part of Avatar Wiki?
I came to be a part of the Avatar Wiki due to having just seen A:TLA and desiring the ability to converse with someone on the topic. Upon stumbling on the wiki, and seeing comments from numerous users on different aspects of the show, I readily engaged in discussion.

2. Obviously, the discussion facet of the wiki is important to you. What is your opinion regarding a number of other wikis discouraging this kind of interaction in favour of a pure encyclopedia?
For wikis that feel they must stick to encyclopedic format and argue against comments, I feel they are missing the latest and greatest trends in light of older styles. Should they accept this new system they must realize it comes with responsibility; you don't just flip the switch and let it be. This is why there is a "delete" capability for comments. Set rules to follow; and educate users with a fitting policy to ensure comments maintain contributive value and aren't simply spammish. The end result is a clean, manageable wiki with on topic discussions. Now this actually serves more purpose than just chatter. This allows for growth; rather than leaving a wiki feeling like there is little to no life on it and little value in returning to certain pages. This can in turn draw many users to the wiki, who can then easily become vandal fighters and share experience with one another to encourage accuracy of articles.

3. How have you found your admin experiences so far?
I have found myself feeling very much like I did as a regular user. The only difference is that I have to take part in decision making and then enforcing policy; some of which can be disappointing to enforce. For example; banning someone for being 11 - two years later their ban expires. Yeah; I didn't like that. Other than that; it does seem to have added to the time it takes for me to catch up on wiki activity each day; which is kind of a downside, but I am glad that I can help to keep things straight around the wiki.

4. It seems that there are some negatives to being an admin. Do you think that adminship really is as big a deal as many people make it out to be?
If anyone thinks being an admin means you're the biggest baddest user on the site; they're wrong. I'm really just a regular user with more duty to have to follow, more reason to watch what I do and say. I've heard a term used to describe the position of admin that I find humorous and somewhat fitting; ”Glorified Janitor”. Very often one can be found cleaning some crevice of the wiki.

5. Indeed. Admins are, of course, experienced users. What would your editing "tips" be to newer users?
I could really sum this up in two words for you: common sense. When it comes to content of an edit, seriously, just follow typical grammar and ensure your edit is founded on A:TLA proof, not an opinion. Outside of that; I'd always suggest using "Source mode" when editing (top right button, 'Source'). Rich Text Editor isn't so kind at times and does make some mistakes. Also, learn how to properly link - and before adding categories get an understanding of what they're used for and how subcategories work. If you learn that, you probably have a better feel for categories. And definitely...don't just "Undo" people's edits if you don't immediately agree with it. Look it over, think about it, and if it is accurate in some fashion, edit to improve it rather than just undo it. Otherwise, when undo-ing, provide a brief summary for why you did what you did. That helps to educate many on your reasoning, for better future edits.

6. Last question: what would you like to see in TLALOK?
Hah. As cliche as it may be: flashbacks. Yeah, yeah, sure I want to see more Avatar, a whole new timeframe and different characters....but, I'd really rather see more of our last cast. Specifically, I want to see how life changed for Katara and Aang after The War, and how they get along - any troubles they had, etc. I have a feeling I won't be seeing all that I would like, considering a comic is coming out that will cover the time following the war. A little disappointed it's coming out as a comic, and not an animated series, like LOK, but so be it. You can bet I will be looking into ”both” of these productions; the comic by Dark Horse, and Legend of Korra.

Special mentions

  • PSUAvatar14, for his very, very hard work in persisting in creating transcripts of Avatar: The Last Airbender episodes.
  • Natsu11, for undertaking the difficult task of referencing as many articles as possible.

Suggest users for this to the editor! This section is for users who have made some significant and creative improvement, have acted as a voice of reason or even have simply been kind to others.

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48px-1025281.png Help guides: Episode references
The 888th Avatar

In order to improve our reptutation as an accurate resource, we now encourage assertions in articles to be sourced with references (citations). This guide will teach you how to use an episode to source a statement.

  1. (Use source mode for adding references.) Copy this, and place it after (no spaces) the sentence you are sourcing. <ref>{{Cite episode |title= |episodelink= |series= |serieslink= |airdate= |season= |number=}}</ref>
  2. Where you see title=, type in the name of the episode being cited after the equals sign (no space between the start of the name and the equals sign).
  3. After episodelink=, type in the name of the episode being cited (again). (This field makes a link to the page of that episode on the wiki.)
  4. After series=, type in the name of the series the episode belongs to. Until we have episodes of Korra, this should always be Avatar: The Last Airbender
  5. After serieslink=, type in Avatar: The Last Airbender again.
  6. After airdate=, type in the date e.g. March 28, 2011 that the episode first aired on. (The dates are listed on episode pages and on List of Avatar Episodes.)
  7. After season=, type in the season the episode is from e.g. Book 1: Water (or just 1 for the first season if you're lazy). ;)
  8. After number=, type in the number for the episode in that season e.g. 14 for "The Fortuneteller".
  9. Make sure there is a section called "References" in the article, and make sure that there is a template {{reflist}} in that section.

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