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March is always a slower time for Avatar Wiki. In the past three years, activity and traffic has been lower over March than through February, the previous month. The reasons for this phenomenon are fairly clear - people return to work; homework intensifies. Many regulars are so intimidated by the demands of their lives that they visit the wiki much more infrequently, or even cease being an active contributor.

However, The Ba Sing Se Times believes that Avatar Wiki can still remain part of the lives of busy people. Users can "follow" the pages they care most about (the technical term is "put on watchlist"), and receive an email every time those pages are visited. Users can check the War Room forum from time to time - only the most important discussions are there. Also, users can subscribe to this newsletter.

Of course, the northern summer will come and visits will rise exponentially once more. But let us keep Avatar Wiki strong during the few months before that time of year.

48px-2050906.png Forums and stuff
Olórin The White

The forums have been down for many, many days and have been plagued by spam for many more days. However, just recently, one of our users took action and made a community vote about the future of these forums. The forums used to be on this wiki, however they were eventually moved off the wiki and onto an external URL. On an external URL, they did not prosper, so the user decided to propose they be moved back to the wiki so that they would be more easily accessible.

Three alternatives were offered: open them on wiki again, make a new namespace, or stop using them altogether. After a short vote, forums were reactivated on the wiki as a result of a landslide vote in favor of bringing them back. So, come on down and post on our brand new old forums.

Avatar: Journey of Korra Cancelled

As many users have noticed, my fanon Avatar: Journey of Korra has been delayed many times. After much consideration I have finally decided to cancel the show. It is for many reasons that I do this, mainly the delays, the fact that I have lost the will to write it, and also I was never really satisfied without he way the chapters turned out.

I will soon be writing a blog describing the events of the show in greater detail (after my inactivity of course).

48px-3287055.png Avatar Confusions
Toph Lover

After watching Avatar through a number of times, I realised that there was some stuff that made no sense at all!

For starters... In Tales of Ba Sing Se "The Tale of Toph and Katara" as they reached the spa Toph recited the name as if she could read it. Well, one she is blind... And two she can't read anyway. Katara could have told the name before they left but, why did they not show that part? Because perhaps if they did it would have made more sence. And I wouldn't be babbling on about it today.

And Jet's "Death". It was said by the creators that he died... But I wouldn't have known that unless I had read it on this wiki. So perhaps they could have made that clearer for people who do not have the advantages of the beloved wiki.

48px-1025281.png Chapter preview
The 888th Avatar

The freezing night was silent but for the sound of shuffling feet. The wind that had blown all day, the wind that had caused the dust storm that had delivered victory, had finally gone.

Defeated, demoralised, an Earth Kingdom General led a small detachment of wearied Earthbender guards through columns of Imperial Firebenders. Above, perched on a mountain of rubble, a detachment of Fire Nation archers stood at the ready.

The general came to a stop before Iroh. His grey beard and hair were unkempt, his cloak ragged. The general knelt down and attempted to bow down to him, but his shoulder was stopped by Iroh's hand.

"We are equals. There is no need to bow."

Excerpt from the beginning of the next chapter of The Six Hundredth Day.
48px-3068994.png Another Lonely Day: Katara’s Journal

Well, here I am again, sitting at home in the South Pole by my lonesome. Gah, sometimes it’s so frustrating when everyone is busy with their own lives and I’m just... well... here. This is like the third week already. In case you missed my last few entries, I’ll tell you what you’ve missed so far.

Gran Gran got married with Pakku, it was so beautiful. But they’re off honeymooning now, didn’t even say when they’d get back even though it took them like a week to pack. That makes me think they’re gonna be gone a long time…sigh. Dad and Sokka got in a fight after Gran Gran left; it didn’t go well at all. Sokka took off to be with Suki and the Kyoshi Warriors to explore the Earth Kingdom and offer their help rebuilding. Dad’s doing the same thing with our warriors right now, so he was a little hurt that Sokka chose Suki over him. I think the two made up before they left but... I kind of didn’t get involved in it. I feel so bad for both of them.

I haven’t heard from Toph or Zuko in forever. They both showed up for Gran Gran’s wedding, which really surprised me, but we didn’t get a chance to talk much. Toph’s taking courses at the Ba Sing Se University... I was shocked to hear that, but apparently it’s because she wants to prove herself to her parents or something – she kinda didn’t give me the full picture. Zuko though; he’s got his hands full running the Fire Nation. He left immediately after the wedding with only a quick goodbye.

Aang... he’s off doing more Avatar duty for the Earth Kingdom. Well, before he even got to do that Zuko told me he had to interrupt him for a riot. Totally not fair; I didn’t go with Aang because of Gran Gran’s wedding! Still, it’s so sad he missed it. He’s been gone for so long now... nearly a month, that’s the longest he’s EVER been gone. I hope he’s alright.

And so here I am by my lonesome, other than my little polar bear dog, Kesuk. Well, not so little but still he’s all I’ve got. Life sucks being left all alone... I miss everybody.

Oh... wait, a messenger hawk just arrived with a letter from Aang. I’ll write more later! =D –Katara

Best of wishes to every wikian out there…right now, we have a fair number of our friends busy with their own reasons, some known, some not, much of it involving family or schoolwork. One thing we have to be aware of, (like Katara :D) is that while we may miss each other – life comes first.
For those of you who are busy with life – Don’t forget to drop us a line a time or two! :) It can bring a smile to our faces to see a friend thinking of us.

48px-1635895.png Undiscovered fanons
Rassilon of Old

This issue, the Featured New Fanon is Corruption and Redemption by newby Kilo99! The short story follows Azula after her defeat in the War. One month has passed since Sozins Comet, and Azula has escaped from her mental hospital. Starting on a journey through the Earth Kingdom, Azula will have life changing experiences, she will face the vengful Dai Li, and even make a reunion with Ursa.

Each chapter is profesionally written, and the personalities of existing characters captured well, but could definitely be better. The first chapter, The Trial involves a great court room scene. As I am doing Legal Studies, I found this scene to be very interesting, even though the procedures might be a little incorrect. Four chapters have been released so far, and I look forward to the other chapters!


Special mentions

  • The Ultimate Waterbender, for editing awesomeness - copy-edits, rewrites, and new sections
  • Aang20791, for a great start on the wiki in the area of anti-vandalism work

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This is incredibly simple. Here is the sample code.

  1. On the page you want to make a poll, press "edit this page" and enter source mode through the button on the top right.
  2. Copy the sample above, replace the first line with the title/subject of your poll, and make the other lines the options you want in your poll. That's it.

There are several things to note about this feature:

  • Votes can change - users just have to choose a different option.
  • There is no way to "close" a poll.
  • Changing any option on the poll or the title will reset the poll.
  • Never use the poll feature for important votes. People not logged in can vote.

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