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48px-1025281.png From the editor
The 888th Avatar

Avatar Wiki has moved into 2011 in considerable style. The popularity of and activity on this site remains high, demonstrated by the speed at which new suggestions are made. The number of new ideas for the wiki and for community events is remarkable, especially when compared to the relative sluggishness of the site exactly one year ago.

However, in our eagerness, some elements of our guiding principles on discussion appear to have been laid aside in favour of voting, a seemingly quicker and easier solution. Consensus through true debate should be sought first, with voting reserved only for when we fail to reach consensus within a reasonable time frame. (Project pages with explicit instructions to vote are of course excluded.) Only through true debate can all the arguments for and against a change be made clear.

It has also come to my notice that we have no current formalised policy on discussing profile image changes. This has led to confusion and several very messy votes. I personally propose a reinstatement of our old profile image policy. Other proposals are of course welcome.

Laying these issues aside, I hope you enjoy Issue 14 of The Ba Sing Se Times, the community newsletter.

48px-3042313.png The Hawky Awards: updates

I would like to start by saying thank you to all who contributed in the nomination process. You have made it possible for the nominee’s to win their award. Now please, continue showing the love, and vote on the recently opened polls!
The Awards have been going strong for three months now, and things are only looking better. After the unfortunate, but necessary skip of January, the Awards are running the planned way, and I’ve realized a few things.

  1. It really does take a while for nominees to be placed, longer than I like to admit. With that said, I am beginning to think about only holding The Awards every other month. This would allow a reasonable, and justified time to place nominees, then an appropriate time to hold up the polls.
  2. I seem to be a much liked person. Not to gloat, but people want to nominate me for categories. I love and appreciate the gestures, but I really don’t feel comfortable winning an award to my own award ceremony. I host The Awards, and that’s good enough for me.

I would also like to remind everyone again, that next ceremony I will not be providing the rules and information on The Awards in the ceremony blog post. Most questions can be answered in the FAQ section of The Awards main page. Also on that page you can find all the information you need on The Awards. I urge everyone to please take the time to read The Awards main page. It can be accessed by clicking on the footer at the bottom of the ceremony blog. Another way to access it is by going to my user page and clicking on the link at the very top.
Thanks Everyone


48px-2050906.png Ask Iroh

The former Fire Nation General Iroh answers all of your questions in our newest edition. If you have any more questions, leave them by our head quarters in the Inner Ring!

Dear Iroh,
My brother, my so called "friends," and my own father all betrayed me! Do you have any ideas to get back at them? I was thinking hiring an assassin to poison them. But then I thought that was too merciful, so I thought burning them to death. But again, it's too merciful. I'm wondering why Im even asking you! My so called "Uncle"! You let them throw me in the crazy house! You let them take my throne! YOU LET THEM TAKE ME AWAY! I SHOULD BE RULING THE FIRE NATION RIGHT NOW! I- Editors Note: The rest of the note is not readable, it's burned, but I did see some of the words little and something foul.....very foul.

Dear Whoever-you-are,
You've got problems.
-Your Dear Friend Iroh

Dear Iroh,
I took my girlfriend to the best restaurant in Ba Sing Se, but things didn't work out so good and I accidentally-inadvertently called someone prettier than her and she didn't like it so much, I think I apologized just fine.....but when I accidentally-inadvertently did it again, she got a bit mad. Now I'm sore and she won't let me down from the tree. Do you have a solution?
-The Sarcasm and Meat Guy

Dear Sarcasm and Meat Guy,
You apologized right? Well you did just fine until you idiotically did it again. I suggest you do something nice for her....if she ever lets you down. I had a girlfriend like that once. She attacked me when I did the same thing. A week later, the Fire Nation Royal Guards finally found me and took her down. So....are you royal? That may help. If not, run while you can, preferably when she's asleep.

Dear Iroh,
In an effort to clean my hair for the first time, my friend (who shall remain nameless) thought it was a good idea to drench me to the bone. Naturally, we had a fight and-well, you run the newspaper and know the outer ring lost lots of money in damages. Anyway, I wanted to know a way to make it up to her. I think I got her madder the way I tried to make it up to her.....I won't say how, but I'll tell you I bought her an poodle monkey that wasn't too happy.
The Blind Bandit

Dear Blind Bandit,
I'LL SAY IT COSTED A LOT! YOU DESTROYED MY ENTIRE SUPPLY OF TEA LEAVES, WHY DO YOU THINK I TOOK THIS STUPID JOB YOU LITTLE- ahem. I mean, you should probably apologize. If that doesn't work you shouldn't be her friend. Be mine and PAY IT ALL BACK YOU-
(Editors Note: At this point, Iroh had to be sedated. I'm sorry, Blind Bandit, but you got him a tiny bit mad....hope you get that problem fixed.....)

48px-1040506.png Interview: Omnibender

I certainly intend to return some day.

Omnibender is one of the oldest admins and bureaucrats of the wiki. He has been here almost since the beginning. “Very knowledgeable about Avatar, remains a prolific editor and maintainer of articles”. Now, unfortunately, he is inactive. However, we can find out about him and if he plans to return to the wiki.

1. First of all, how are you? How are you in your studies?
R: I’m ok-ish. 2010 was an exhausting year that just went by in a blink. There are ups and downs with college. For one, there were some really hard, yet very interesting subjects and group works that among other things secured me a lab internship this year, one that I know will teach me lots of things. For the other, I had this… less than desirable calculus teacher, which makes the oh-so-lovely-subject even more execrable, as well as the internship I had from July to early December, which was good for nothing. But I think the hardest part of 2010 was losing my grandmother. It happened in October. It’s very weird, because I think I suffered the most before she actually died.

2. Have you thought to return to Avatar Wiki some day?
R: I certainly intend to return some day. I don’t have a set in stone chronogram, but my idea is to start editing again when more of Legend of Korra info is available, definitely becoming a regular again once it starts airing. Like I said in one of my last edits, the main reason I left the new “features” added to the wiki. Before that, I always thought that the reason I’d leave the wiki was going to be fanon entering the wiki, because I’m not very fond of fanon, but then the merger of the canon and fanon wikis happened very smoothly, and that surprised me. It was the article comments and the badges that pushed me away. If the decision was mine alone to make, those would be disabled never to be used again.

3. What do you think about the information released regarding Avatar: Legend of Korra?
R: I’ve seen very little. Aside the stuff that was already out when I last edited, the only new things I know about is the animation showing Korra fighting, Dante Basco playing another character (something I quite like, because Basco did a very good job as Zuko), and the episode title “Skeletons in the Closet”, or something like that. The moment I saw that title, I could see people going insane from a possible exposition of Ursa story or background. The one thing I hope LoK is very careful about is the shipping. I’m not a big fan of shipping. I understand that it adds a certain drama, but there are other sources of drama.

4. What do you think it’s the solution about the excessive amount of fanon articles that are not edited frequently and its authors are inactive?
R: From a logical point of view, there are two reasons why a page wouldn’t be edited. Either the author is lazy, no longer active or the like or the page has nothing more to be edited. By that, I mean that the fanon is complete. If a fanon page, for example, chapter page is complete, I see no problem in leaving that page there. If it’s just there taking up space because the author is lazy and doesn’t edit, doesn’t bother to complete the work, I think all that is necessary is a strong deletion policy regarding unfinished fanon works. Give the author a mean to say “hey, I won’t be editing for about x time because y reason”. If that doesn’t happen, or is abused in some way, delete the page. Perhaps make a “complete template”, to stamp a fanon page as complete, and therefore no more likely to be edited. It’s one way to sort those two types of non-editing.

Avatar Book 3 Pros and Cons of 2010

In about 10 months from now, Avatar will once again be in the spotlight, and finally for the right reasons. After the heartbreak that occurred many users had in 2010 with the last Airbender fail. However what many users overlook about is that 2010 was an great year for the wiki and for most users. According to the users on Avatar Wiki jumped 200%. Also the number of active spiked during the summer to higher than it ever was. Avatar Wiki also experienced some setbacks (as all good things must do). We of course, had our entire site ready for The Last Airbender, and after the major flop that occurred, many users, including myself, were scared that that was the end of Avatar forever. But it wasn't. Just days after The Last Airbender, the creators of Avatar announced that that they were working on a new series, The Legend of Korra, and that it would premiere in 2011. 2010 may not have been the greatest year for the Avatar franchise and Avatar Wiki, but it gave us hope for a great 2011. Happy New Year.

48px-2209134.png Anonymous vandalism

Watch out for all vandals! As Courage stated in the previous issue, the new year is bringing new users, which is a good thing. However, it is also bringing some vandalism along with it, which is a bad thing.

Anonymous users tend to bring more vandalism. Most of this can be seen at the Wikia Central. There are many reasons, but I personally think the top reason of so much vandalism is that people are ban evading. Most people can do this by either changing their IP, changing their hostmask, and then going anonymous. Some people do this just to be cruel and rude.

Wikia prefers people to use an actual user name. It's not hard, just create an account. It is not "against the rules" to be anonymous, it's just prefered by the wiki.

All vandals, please stop vandalizing! Instead, try to reduce vandalism on the wiki.

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Special mentions

  • Suggest users for this to the editor! This section is for users who have made some significant and creative improvement, have acted as a voice of reason or even have simply been kind to others.

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48px-1025281.png Help guides: colours
The 888th Avatar

Users have been wondering what colours are suitable for templates and other items on this wiki. Here is a guide to some of the colours already in use that I recommend. The letters and numbers inside them are their hex codes.

Water Earth Fire Air Wiki theme
#294364 #005A00 #930706 #FFA500 #8B4513

Also commonly used is the colour white, which is code #FFFFFF. To use these colours, you should specify them with their hex codes. If you are unsure where colours go in page elements, you should read the "inline styles" section of this page. If you are unsure what I am talking about, you should peruse this HTML tutorial, noting the section on elements in particular. You should also learn how to do tables on wikis from Help:Tables.

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