Recently, prodded by a large number of double redirects and broken redirects that hadn't been fixed for some time, I have started using Pywikipediabot, a program written in Python and operated through (on Windows) Command Prompt, to make fully automated edits and actions on the wiki via the site API. This is as opposed to AutoWikiBrowser, which is a semi-automated program that is more limited in what it can do, and a program that I have been using here for a year.

So far, I have been using the program with my main account. This is limiting as anything that is done that affects a large number of pages floods the recent changes and the activity feed with edits. Therefore, I'm asking the community to approve a bot flag for my unused bot account, The 888th Bot. This would hide any edits made by that account from our activity feeds (unless specifically entered in the recent changes), as well as enabling the use of other bot flag rights.

Tasks that I will run periodically with the bot-flagged account have been tested several times in the last few days. They are:

  • Fixing double redirects and broken redirects - Special:Doubleredirects and Special:Brokenredirects can be cleared quickly every two weeks or so.
  • Archiving talk pages - Currently, only my own user talk page is using the archiving script (cut and paste method), the same script that is used on Wikipedia. If a bot flag is approved by the community for The 888th Bot, you can also ask me to archive your talk pages for you.

There are also other scripts that can be used without the risk of a hitch, including adding text to the start and end of pages, making general fixes to all pages on the wiki, changing images, adding or removing pages from categories etc. Their use will depend on what the wiki needs.


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