The Super Bowl ad, due to be shown on February 9, has arrived online. UGO posted the 30-second trailer, and it is now available on Avatar Wiki. Shown on this article and in various other places on Avatar Wiki, the trailer features an abundance of action, with bending battles and larger panoramas. The Avatar State has been shown for the first time. The response to the ad so far has been overwhelmingly positive. One concern stated by some fans is that Appa appears to be missing from the trailer; however, UGO believes, and they are almost certainly correct, that Appa is lurking in the background. The trailer certainly still leaves plenty of gaps in our knowledge of what the film will be like - but of course, they will be revealed in due course.

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Yes, Paramount and the people behind the film have updated the official site. It now offers galleries, downloads, videos, updates etc. Glimpses are offered of other characters, such as Katara, Sokka and Suki.

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