Yes, I've already splashed this across the wiki, but I want to tie up all loose ends in case some users didn't get the message.

The Ba Sing Se Times is the easiest way to stay informed about Avatar Wiki, particularly if you don't come here daily. It is issued fortnightly.

The aim of this newsletter is to:

  • Inform users of important discussions and votes to (eventually) replace the slower and more inefficient Avatar Wiki:Voting and Template:Site News.
  • Provide users with a quick summary of happenings in the past week i.e. user rights changes, notable blocks etc.
  • Possibly provide links to Avatar sites the editors have found interesting or entertaining
  • Entertain users if possible, humour would be great.

The newsletter will be:

  • Released every two weeks (this may change) through JoeyaaBot.
  • Only sent to those who subscribe to it, to avoid complaints of spam.
  • Contained within a template that will be collapsible.

On 16 May, the second edition of the newsletter will be released. Hurry up and subscribe!

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