As you've probably noticed, Message Wall has been enabled on Avatar Wiki following adequate community consensus to test the feature. Here, I'm going to detail some notes about the feature – some changes I've made, how to fix some of the issues that may pop up, problems with it that will be fixed, and so on.

Wait, what's Message Wall? And how do I use it?
Basic information on what Message Wall is and how to use it is available at Help:Message Wall.
What is with ALL these notifications and emails?
You'll notice that you now get notifications by default for everything posted on your own Wall, and every thread that you've posted on. This makes sense as conversations now happen in one place, rather than spread across two user talk pages. By default, you'll also get an email for each notification. But these features – as well as some bugs – can mean some notification/email hell. Here's some advice:
  • Go to Special:Preferences, click the "Email" tab, scroll down to "Email me when...", and untick "...someone replies to a Message Wall thread I follow" as well as "...someone posts a new message on my Wall". If you're checking Avatar Wiki regularly, you really don't need all these emails.
  • Check if you're following a user's entire Wall. You shouldn't be following any users' entire Wall by default, but if you are, you do get notifications for everything posted there. If you decide that you don't have the stalker genes, just unfollow the Wall by clicking the "Following" button on the toolbar.
  • Unfollow specific threads that you posted on but frankly don't care about any more. You can do this by clicking the "Following" button at the top right of the initial post in a thread.
I can remove anyone's posts/comments...?
Yes, you can (through that drop-down menu at the bottom right of each post/comment). This is intended to mirror traditional talk page behaviour, where you could remove someone's post too. Keep in mind that anyone can also restore removed comments (instructions available on the help page), and that removing a post is not the same as deleting it – the comment is merely hidden when it is removed, and an entry appears on Special:RecentChanges. Remember that our discussion policy only allows removal of posts in very specific situations.
How do I put a banner/header/greeting at the top of my Wall?
You can either use the "Edit greeting" button at the top right of your Wall (clear cache if you can't see it, I added this through javascript) or create a page called Message Wall Greeting:My user name.
How am I supposed to use warning/reminder templates now?
Because we obviously can't make the template include both the heading and the message content, I've made some changes to the usage instructions for these templates. Basically, using these templates now involves an extra step – adding a heading. So if you were leaving a warning message to someone who's vandalised Aang, you would enter "Warning" in "What's this about?" and "{{subst:uw-vandalism1|Aang}} in "Post new message...". This is not a big deal. Wikipedia's warning templates never included headings!
All those welcome messages in RC and Wiki Activity are pretty annoying.
They are. But Wikia does intend to fix that: "Yep, that's something we plan to fix. Sorry for the extra noise."
Can we adorn messages with signatures?
Yes, signature functionality work as normal. I would discourage using it as it's mostly redundant, but if you feel the need to, ~~~ (three tildes) is the best way to go as it leaves the signature without leaving a timestamp (timestamps are obviously useless).
I want to do something to my user talk page, but it's locked. Grr.
Don't worry – admins can still edit user talk pages. If you need something done to your user talk page, just message me or any other admin who's willing.
Can I be a super stalker and follow another user's entire wall?
Why of course – it's in the traditional wiki spirit. If you go to someone's Wall (not a thread from someone's Wall – their full overall Wall), you can "follow" it from the bottom toolbar as you would a talk page. You might not be as encouraged to be a stalker when you discover that you'll get blaring notifications for every little thing posted on that user's Wall.
What further changes are coming to Message Wall?
Obviously, Message Wall isn't a finished feature, so we can expect changes to be made to it. One of them is a "mini-editor" that will allow switching between rich text and source mode. Wikia is also considering implementing an admin ability to "lock" particular Message Walls, and has also indicated a willingness to consider changes to the way emails are sent for Message Wall.
You've forgotten something./It's a bug!/I have an opinion on this Message Wall./You're a Wikia lackey.
Leave a comment down below. In the meantime, RIP archiving script.

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