After a few weeks of relative quiet, Paramount has released another theatrical trailer for The Last Airbender, the third so far. Running at around two minutes, it includes a plethora of new previously unseen footage, in contrast to the previous second theatrical trailer. The trailer takes a particular focus on the climactic battle at the end of the original Season 1, and reveals the film likenesses of several familiar figures.

New footage seen in this new trailer includes:

In addition, it was also announced that The Last Airbender will also be released in 3D, and that the film's release date would not be pushed back as a result. The film is working with Stereo D, the same company utilized for James Cameron's Avatar.

In other news

  • Frank Marshall gave an opinion on the "Racebending" issue, stating that casting was not intended to be racist. He also explained the casting notices (which implied "Caucasian or otherwise") as a case of third-party casting agencies not being watched carefully enough by the main studio.
  • Entertainment Weekly has issued their Summer Preview edition, with a sneak peek at The Last Airbender, with some of the feelings M. Night Shyamalan had regarding shooting the film.

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