112 days out from the release of The Last Airbender, Avatar Wiki has finally made the new skin, which had been in development for some time, the default on Avatar Wiki. The gap between the custom main page skin's release and the rest of the site skin's release is primarily due the kinks caused by having three different skins (four if you count the main page) on the same wiki, which is a rarity.

The new skin is active on every namespace except four. These are:

  • Main and main talk (ns-0, ns-1), which are left for the 900-odd articles we have on the original Avatar: The Last Airbender (yes, this means a lot of articles are about to be moved - keep reading)
  • Fanon and fanon talk (ns-112, ns-113), which obviously use the fanon skin created more than half a year ago.

The new skin also means we can finally begin work on creating articles about the film renditions of characters, places etc, and we need to get cracking on these. These will all be in the "Film:" namespace, which was activated here some time ago. For example, you will see that the article on the film itself is now in that namespace - but it has a {{title}} template hiding the "Film:" in front. Something similar will be done for all the new film articles. The purpose of this seemingly pointless exercise is so that we are saved the confusion resulting from looking at articles about the film in an orange skin, while not having this ugly "Film:" everywhere.

There shouldn't be any really major errors with the skin, but if you do find some, try the forums. Thanks.

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