On Sunday, the 21st of February, a general meeting was held on IRC. We discussed and resolved many issues surrounding the wiki, but the most important development announced there was the new Avatar Wiki forums, which have now opened at

In summary:

  • The new forums are phpBB3 based, which means that you can use them as you would any other forum on the Internet. This allows for forums to be much neater, much more exciting and much more engaging. The old forums required some basic knowledge of wiki-text, such as "~~~~" for signing posts. Posts often also became disorganized, and it was hard to distinguish where one user's opinion ended and the next started. The new forums will eliminate all these problems.
  • It is extraordinarily easy to register at these new forums, and we recommend you do so rather than showing up on threads as "Guest". If you are an Avatar Wiki user, it is requested that you use your Wikia user name for ease of identification.
  • It is necessary for the forum to have advertisements, which will show up soon. We will try to avoid making advertisements obtrusive and we will avoid putting it on top. We require advertisements to pay for domain name we eventually will move the forums to.
  • We will be moving all forums here to the new forums, including general discussions, wiki watercooler discussions, and help requests.
  • We will close all current forums in operation now on Friday, the 26th of February, 2010.

We hope to see you soon at our new forums.

Other resolutions

  • The Arbitration Committee has been closed, due to inactivity. Users who cannot resolve their differences should contact an administrator in future.
  • I have voluntarily retired from the Standards Council and Vaznock has been removed.
  • Template:Avatar1 and other legacy navigation templates will be removed from all pages and deleted by tomorrow or the next day.
  • The new film skin will incorporate a banner.

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