The Last Airbender 2010 Winter Olympics TV Spot **OFFICIAL** HD00:35

The Last Airbender 2010 Winter Olympics TV Spot **OFFICIAL** HD

The Winter Olympics TV spot for The Last Airbender was shown yesterday, on Saturday, the 20th of February. It is also now available on Avatar Wiki, as per usual. The new trailer mostly repeated earlier footage from the full theatrical trailer and the thirty second Super Bowl advertisement, but there were two brief segments that had not been seen earlier. One is of Aang airbending and moving backwards into another room, and the other is Aang being surrounded by and preparing to fight off a large group of Fire Nation soldiers.

This new trailer is nothing too special, but the release of so many trailers in the same month indicates the Paramount is now building up its promotional campaign for the film's release, just a few months away.

In other news

Jackson Rathbone, who will portray Sokka, recently did an interview with ReelzChannel about his role in The Last Airbender. You can view this interview on a YouTube video.

I should take the opportunity to mention our new forums. Anyone can join, anyone can post. Our new forums should remove most problems people have had with our unconventional wiki-style forums hosted here.

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