I'm pleased to announce that Avatar Wiki has finally entered the first page of results on Google searches for the terms "avatar: the last airbender" and "avatar the last airbender". The two are the most popular search terms for the topic of our wiki, and this is definitely good news. (Avatar Wiki already did extremely well in Avatar topic searches such as "Aang" or "Katara".)

I believe that this triumph can be attributed mainly to our hard work in the area of search engine optimisation, but also because of the sheer weight brought by the wiki merger. Because of the merger, the wiki is more vibrant and is larger than ever. One of the key goals behind the merger has been achieved rather quickly, and I'm sure that this will result in a cycle where more users come in, and help raise our profile even further.

I'm also pleased to say that in the past week or so, our traffic has taken a large spike, and we've jumped to 58,000 unique people visiting during June. Our ranking globally also jumped a few thousand places to around 36,000. This spike only became particularly pronounced in the last third of the month. You can see more details on Quantcast.

I believe these results are cause for a few smiles as a sign our hard work is indeed paying off. Congratulations, and let us work even harder to make this site the best it can be.

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