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Next Saturday, the 26th of June, at 22:00 (UTC), we plan to hold a general IRC meeting. All are welcome, but we urgently require at least all admins and experienced users with rollback rights. Topics that urgently need to be discussed include:

  • Additions of new features onto the site to encourage user participation, such as article comments, badges, etc.
  • Whether we should run any special events, promotions or contests for the release of The Last Airbender on July 1 and afterwards.
  • News coverage for the release of the film - as I (The 888th Avatar) will be absent, we need someone to cover this. We could also arrange for several of us who are seeing the film to write a few reviews.
  • How to improve and expand our factual coverage of the film - The Last Airbender could do with a lot of touching up, as could our organisation of film images.
  • And anything else you think is worth bringing up.

Below is a rough guide to what local time the meeting is for you (please check, experience tells me that I'm unreliable).

  • United States/Canada West Coast (Los Angeles, Vancouver) - 3pm or 1500 hours, Saturday
  • United States/Canada Mid-east (Chicago, Dallas) - 5pm or 1700 hours, Saturday
  • United States/Canada East Coast (New York City, Washington D.C.) - 6pm or 1800 hours, Saturday
  • Eastern Australia (Sydney, Melbourne) - 8am or 0800 hours, Sunday (unfortunately)
  • Great Britain/Western Europe (London, Paris) - 11pm or 2300 hours, Saturday

If you are a regular here, please give prior notice if you are unable to attend at the time proposed.

Please feel welcome to suggest topics in comments. We'll add it to the list.

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