Article comments have proved to be a very popular feature on Avatar Wiki. However, while many interesting and relevant discussions are facilitated by this feature, there are a large number of comments that are, in my opinion, harming the quality and reputation of this site. While I'm supportive of article comments, it is my strong belief that they should be a feature to complement our resource, and not something that detracts from it. Therefore, I'm proposing a number of tighter guidelines on article comments.

The following types of comments on articles should be deleted on sight.

  • Comments that are irrelevant to the topic of the article. This includes unsolicited advertisements (e.g. "check out this blog post"), social networking (e.g. "good morning everyone!"), and comments on the wrong page (e.g. "i luv katara she is so nice!" on an article titled "Aang").
  • Comments that are inflammatory and can be considered as trolling (e.g. "M. Night is RACIST!!!"). If you wish to make an assertion or a criticism, it should sound reasonable and should be backed up with reasoning and evidence.
  • Comments that do not adhere to readable standards of English (essentially, standards that should be expected of a person at least 13 years of age).
  • Comments on shipping on articles other than Shipping and Fanon:Shipping (e.g. "katara should have ended up with zuko!!").

Enforcement should be very easy - we have around twenty or so active users with the ability to delete comments. While such measures may sound unnecessary, I believe we need to take a very firm line, so that article comments can be truly considered an asset to the wiki.

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