Avatar Wiki continues to be the only resource that can claim to provide complete information on everything on Avatar: The Last Airbender. More recently, our focus has expanded from that of purely an information site to a more general community site where different kinds of content relating to our topic is also accepted. This, while bringing great benefits to the wiki, such as a more involved user base and a larger readership, has also created new problems for the management of the site that cannot be ignored. Thus, I would like to remind users of a couple of accepted guidelines on this wiki.

  • Editing for points, badges or statistics is not acceptable to the community. This includes the random adding of categories, adding images to articles that already have plenty, and making a large number of edits to the same section of a page within a short period of time. While enforcement of policy against such editors has in the past been lenient, this problem has reached a critical mass where we cannot afford to continue to deal with it lightly. Users who routinely flout such guidelines will be warned, and if behaviour continues to an unacceptable degree, admins will add further sanctions, including blocks. To avoid being accused of this, users are strongly encouraged to read through all of our policies, especially our manual of style. Users are also strongly encouraged to preview their edits before saving, to provide a check on whether their edit has errors in it.
  • Socialising on the wiki is also strongly discouraged. All posts on talk pages and comments on blog articles or articles must be related to the topic at hand. If you wish to socialise with other users, we have a community chatroom and forum. Also, changes to articles must be discussed on talk pages, not article comments. They can be accessed by adding "Talk:" in front of an article title when using the wiki search. Random article comments such as "hi" or "hey i'm jack", proposals for changes on article comments, and social article comments will all be deleted on sight.
  • Personal attacks and inappropriate language are not acceptable. No user on this wiki is better than any other user, including anonymous users. All users, including admins, are equals and must treat each other with respect and must not be seen as talking down to others.
  • Blog posts must have some content or purpose. Do not create short blog posts of a couple of sentences that add nothing to our resource of Avatar opinion. Try to at least make an essay out of it. Short blog posts seen as pointless are subject to deletion an administrator's discretion.


There are also several recent changes to the wiki.

  • We have a new main page, with an image slider.
  • We have a User of the Month contest. Current voting is for December.
  • We also plan to start changing the featured article on the main page monthly. You can vote for new featured articles, or nominate articles to be featured, on Project:Featured Articles/Voting.

Remember to check our Community Messages on the recent activity page for the latest site updates. Enjoy Avatar Wiki!

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