The full theatrical trailer for the new live action film The Last Airbender has arrived online almost exactly on time. After last year's disappointing postponement of this very trailer at around Christmas, they gave a date - around February 12 - and it has been honoured. Of course, it is now available for viewing on Avatar Wiki. Shown on this article and in various other places on Avatar Wiki, the trailer features the same action - bending battles and larger panoramas - the previous Super Bowl Ad showed us just a few days ago.

This time, however, there is dialogue, and detailed insights are given into the plot, and the faces and voices of many of the have finally been detailed. Katara, Sokka and even Iroh are seen speaking at some point in the trailer. Shots are shown of the Southern Water Tribe, an Air Temple, and the Northern Water Tribe. Sokka and Yue are seen kissing. Detailed shots are given of Zuko and Iroh. Familiar plot lines from the original TV series are hinted at. Easily, this trailer makes for bigger and better viewing than the Super Bowl Ad, which now pales by comparison.

The reception to this new ad has been overwhelming positive, with sources stating in very clear terms that this is clearly the best trailer for The Last Airbender released to date. Clearly, we all now will wait and see whether the film will live up to the trailer.

In other news

Apparently, a toy line for The Last Airbender is coming. One can obviously expect what these toys would look like, and what toys there would be. Action figures, masks, swords and staffs...

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