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Some more substantive news items arrived in recent days - the most important of which is that Paramount moved the release of The Last Airbender up to July 1st for the United States (for other countries, here is the full list - some countries will not have it until September!). This surprise move, first noted by fans watching advertisements for the film on TV, was confirmed via Twitter by Frank Marshall a few days later. The next day, Marshall also announced on Twitter that the film will be rated PG, which in contrast to the change of release date comes as no real surprise.

More and more TV spots have appeared in the US as the release of The Last Airbender draws near (12 days away as of the writing of this article). There are many, so I've only posted one here. If you have one you would like to have shown on this article, just show me a link in the comments and I'll put it up.

There is also apparently an "Avatar State" marathon on the Nicktoons channel running through June, incorporating showings of episodes from the original TV series with online quizzes for every weekend. (More details are available on the Nicktoons site. Online quiz can be accessed here, downloads here.)

Finally, some news about ourselves - we recently passed the 2,000 article mark! (This figure includes articles about the original TV series, articles about the film and fanon/fan fiction creations.) We would like to thank all the users here for their efforts over the past year for this impressive jump.

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