Over the past year and a half since the Avatar Fanon Wiki became part of this site, the volume of fanon articles submitted has been phenomenal, and the readership for fan fiction has been on the rise. However, with this energy, there has been a steady stream of fanon and fan fiction submissions that I believe have detracted from the quality of this site. We have tried to implement policies to clean out these articles periodically if they are not fixed, but I'm concerned that this measure is not enough. Just click the random page button a couple of times, and you'll see what I mean.

With consideration to this situation, I'm proposing a further tightening of our site policies in the area. Specifically, these changes include:

  • Immediate move to user space of fanon articles found to be substandard: This would replace the current thirty day time limit for fixing or finishing of pages. We would also make a new template to notify users on their user talk page of what has happened - this would be a kind and polite notification, of course. I'm starting to find it ridiculous that people are allowed to draft and slowly construct their pages in a very visible namespace that is accessible through using Special:Random, and is part of our article count. We end up having articles with vast walls of text, and articles with not much else but a couple of headings that "will be filled out later". Like other wiki sites (and this includes Wikipedia), we should force users to make their drafts in their user space, and then shift it to a content namespace when it is actually ready to show everyone. That way, every article that we show to the outside world is at least to some basic standard.
  • Ban the use of the "under construction" template on fanon pages: This is closely related to the preceding proposal. Fanon articles can never be "under construction". Anything that is "under construction" really is a draft, and drafts should be in the user space.
  • Force all fanon article titles to be structured in the same way as detailed in a previous blog post by Vulmen: This stops the wiki from looking like a mish-mash of very different ideas, and introduces some professionalism. This can't be too hard, based on the number of articles created each day. If a user is unaware that titles should be chosen in this way, then it is relatively simple for a more experienced user to move the article to the correct title.

I'm also suggesting a number of styling changes to fanon articles. Template:Property has irritated me for many, many months - not just because of its colour, but because of the way it just pushes down content, using up an unacceptable amount of screen real estate. We now have a rail between the title and the article text; surely we can use that thin line for story attribution. I suggest a template to go where the icons normally are for canon articles, saying "by [insert user name here]". I also suggest that fanon templates move away from the black and white colour scheme and go for softer colours that are only subtly different from the rest of the site's theme.

I look forward to your feedback.

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