Avatar Wiki, as you are all aware, is hosted by Wikia. Logged-in users may recently have noticed that Wikia is changing over to a new look, which will become default for all visitors on October 20. The new look is stylistically a very big change from our previous site design, and this means that we will need to make changes to Avatar Wiki, including redesigns of the main page (the area of which is increased on the new look), and our skin (we are no longer permitted to have banners across the top of the page).

  • Layout: The sidebar will shift from the left to the right, and its function will also be different. The menu will no longer be on the sidebar, and will be at the top of the page. The positioning is also different for many, many items. With this in mind, I have made changes to the menu. The wiki can't accommodate everything, as there is a limit to the number of links we can place there. If you have any suggestions as to what should, and what shouldn't be there, make it.
  • Skin design: Because the new look is so different, we obviously have to take a look at our colour scheme and design again. If we maintain multiple skins for multiple namespaces as we currently, it will not be as simple as using Wikia's new-fangled Theme Designer. I also tested out a darker theme that might be worth considering (so dark blues for normal, browns and yellows for original series articles, dark greys and blacks for fanon) as the rest of the Avatar Wiki Network's sites (forums,, etc.) use a darker colour scheme. This would mean that we would have to switch around the colours of many of our templates, though.
  • Main page design: As much as it pains me to have to change the main page again in such a short span of time, we will have to, as the width of the new main pages in the new look is wider.
  • Achievement awards: We have had these for some time, but it would be great if users could give suggestions for themes to base the award categories on.

We are looking for input across the entire range of Avatar Wiki users. We would prefer if you made these suggestions at the watercooler forum. If for some reason you do not want to do this, you can also make suggestions here.

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