Hello, all users of Avatar Wiki. Today, Wikia has given us user blogs. I cannot fathom why they suddenly changed their minds, but I'm sure it is all for the better.

  • Blogs on this wiki may be about almost anything Avatar or Avatar Wiki related. They could be used for:
  • Episode reviews, movie reviews, opinions regarding movies, casting etc. etc.
  • Announcements from the site administration etc.
  • Appeals for other users to work on particular pages etc.
  • Alerts about certain user-related things such as "Yeah, I'm going to be inactive for a while..." followed by why
  • Advertisements for users to read fanon created by users on this wiki. Excerpts can be transcribed in the blog of course. However, linking to fanon on only a few certain sites will be allowed to prevent spam.
  • There is a page to list all blogs at "Blogs:All Blogs" Can't leave other users out of the loop now...
  • There will be pages listing specific blogs in blog categories, e.g. "Blog:Blogs about Aang", "Blog:Site-related Blogs" etc.
  • These pages will be on the sidebar, under the menu "Blogs", which will itself be a link to "Blogs:All Blogs"
  • Talk pages for various subjects will also have blog categories transcribed in them. This can be a visible alternative for people to use instead of frustrating us by asking irrelevant stuff on talk pages.

A key feature of blogs is that they cannot be edited by anyone else. Only admins can edit other user's blog articles.

I'd also like to invite everyone to upload an "avatar". This will establish a form of identification for a user, and will appear on everyone's user pages, blogs, and blog comments.

If there are any questions, feel free to ask me. A good thing to read before asking me however is Help:Blog article.

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